Saturday, March 33. 1019 THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE the Socialist Party of New York City the Cost of Living and Taxation when it should be evpiaining how the worker is robbed at ltis job?
Tle Je are many signs of the awakening of labor.
SII IKLS are developing which ver on revolutionary action: the trade unions are organizing a Labor Party, in an effort to conserve what they have won and wrist new concessions from the master class. The organiution of the Labor Party is an inunatnrt: expression of a new spirit in the Labor movement: bttt :1 Labor rty is not the instrument for the emancipation of the working class: its policy would he in general what is now the official policy of the Socialist Party reforming Capitalism on the basis of the bourgeois state. Laborism is as much a (hanger to the revolutionary proletariat as moderate Socialism: neither is an instrument for the cotuptest of power.
CAPITALIST IMPERIALISM Imperialism is the filial stage of Capitalism. in which the accumulated capital or surplus of a nation is too great to be reinvested in the home market. The increased productivity of tlte working class. due to intproved machinery and efliciency methods. and the mere subsistence wage which pertnits the worker to lmv back only a small portion of what he prtslnces an ever increasing accumulation of conunulitus. Ilt in turn become capital and must be invested in further production. When Capitalism has reached the stage in which it imports raw materials from nndevelcqtcd countries and exports them again in the shape of manufactured products, it has reached its highest development.
This process is universal. Foreign It tt kels. spheres of influence and protectorates. under the intensive development of capitalist industry and finance itt turn become highly developed. They, too. seek for markets.
National capitalist control. to save itself from ruin.
breaks its national bonds and emerges full gmwn as a capitalist League of Nations. with international amines and navies to maintain its stuiremaey.
The United States no longer holds itself aloof. isolated and provincial. lt is reaching out for new markets. new zones of influence, new protectorates.
The capitalist class of America is ttsiug organized labor for its imperialistic purposes. We ma soon expethhe capitalist class. in true Ilisntarkian ashion. to grant factory laws. old age pensions. unemployment insurance. sick benefits. and the whole litter of hourgeois reforms. so that the workers may be kept fit to produce the greatest profits at the greatest speed.
DANCERS T0 AMERICAN SOCIALISM There is danger that the Socialist artv of America might make use of these purely bourgeois reforms. to attract the workers votes. by claiming that they are vtctones for Socialism. and that they ltave been won by Socialist Political action: when. as. matter of fact.
the object these master class measures is to prevent the growrng class consciousness of the workers, and to divert them from their revolutionary aim. lly agitating for these reforms. therefore. the Socialist Party would be playing into the hands of the American imperialists.
0n tlte basis of the class struggle. then. the Socialist Party of America must rte organize itself. must prepare to canny: grips with the master class during the difficult perrod o capitalist re adjnstntent now going on.
This it can do only by teaching the working class the truth about resent day conditions: it must preach revolutionary industrial unionism. and urge all the workers to organize into industrial unions. the only form of labor organization which can cope with the power of area! modern aggregations of capital. It must carry on its political campaigns. not merely as a means of electing officials to political oflice. as iii the past. lmt as a year round educational campaign to arouse the workers to class conscious economic and political action. and to keep alive the burning ideal of revolution in the hearts of the people.
POLITICAL ACTION We assert with Marx that the class struggle is essentially a political struggle. and we can only accept Ills own oft repeated interpretation of that phrase. The Class struggle. whether it manifest itself on the industrtal field or in the direct struggle for governmental MINI. is essentially a struggle for the capture and demion of the capitalist state. This is a political aft.
In this broader view of the term political. Marx mchtdes revolutionary industrial action. In other words; Objective of Socialist industrial action is DOII ICQI. the sense that it aims to undermine the bourgeois Me. which is nothing less than a machine for the oplll usion of one class by another and that no less so in danoeratic republic than under a monarchy. olitical action is also and more generally used to refer to Inirticipation in election campaigns for the intmediate purpose of winning legislative eats. Itt this sense. too. we urge the use of political action as a revs ohttionary weapon.
lint. both in the nature atul the pttrlmsc oi this form of political action, revolutionary Socialism attd moderate Socralism are completely at odds.
Political action. revolutionary :qu emphasizing the implacable character of the class stnt vgle, is a valuable means of prolviganda. It must at all times stritggh: to amuse the rcvolut. nary mass action of the proletariat its use is hotlt agitational and obstructive. It must on all issues wage war upon Capitalism and tltc state.
Revolutionary Socialism uses Ill: forum of parliament for agitation; but it does not intend to and cannot use the bourgeois state as a means of introducing Socialism: this bourgeois state must be destroyed by the mass action of the revolutionary proletari: The proletariatt dictatorship in the form of a Soviet state is the immediate objective of the s struggle.
Marx declared that the working class cannot simply lay hold of the ready made SltlIc machinery and wield it for its own purposes. This machinery must be destroyed. llut moderate Socialism makes the state the centre of its action.
The attitude towards the state divides the Anarchist (Anarclw Syndicalist. the moderate Soci ist and the revolutionary Socialist. Eager to abolish the state (which is the ultimate purpose of rcvolnt y Socialism. the Anarchist aml (Anarcho oci t) fails to realize that a state is tlvcessary in the transition period rotn Capitalisnt to Socialism; the tnmlcratc Socialist proposes to use the bourgeois I: with its fraudulent democracy. its illusory theory of utility of all the classes. its standing army. police and lntreacrtwy timining and baffling the tnasst. the revolutionary Socia maintains that the bourgeois state must be completely destroyed, and promises the organization of new state 4hr: state of the organized prtulucers the Federated SIH ICIHIII tlteJtasis of which alone can Socialism be introduced.
Industrial ninnism. the organization of thc proletariat in accordance with the integration of industry anti for the overthrow of Capitalism. is a ssary phase of revolutionary Socialist agitation. otc lly.
industrial tntinttism constructs the basis a develops the ideology of the industrial state of Socialism; but industrial unionism alone cannot perform the revolutionary act of seizure of the power of the state. since under the conditions of Capitalism it is itulmssihlc to organize the whole tworking ass. or an overwhelming majority into industrial unionism.
Bet Week in New York City!
Under the auspices of the New York Conference of the RUSSIAN SOCIALIS ORGANIZATIONS Benefit of The Revolutionary Age and Navy Mir Manhattan Lyceum, 66 East 4th Street PROGRAM Monday, March 24, 30 hi.
CONCERT AND MEETING Speakers: John Reed, Hourwieh. Weinstein, Innis Fraina and Jim Larkin Gitlow, Chairman Amiissmx FREE Tuesday, March 25. 30 CONCERT AND STEREOPTICAN VIEWS OI LIFE IN REVOLUTIONARY RUSSIA Admission 50 cents Wednesday, March 25, 30 CONCERT AND BALL Admission so cents Thursday. March 27. 3o CONCERT. AND PART TWO OF THE STEREOP ICAN VIEWS Admission so cents It is the task of a revolutionary Socialist party to direct the struggles of the proletariat attd provide a program for III: culminating crisis. Its prtmaganda must be so directed that when this crisis comes. the workers will be prepared to accept a program of the following character. a) The organisation of Workmrn Cutntcilr; recognition of. and propaganda for. these mass organizations iii the innnediatc struggle. as the form of expression of the class struggle. and as the instruments for the.
tire of the power of the state and the basis of the new proletarian state of the organized producers and the dictatorship of the proletariat. It) Workutrni: control of. Iuluslry, to be usercised by the industrial organisations (industrial unions or Soviets) of the workers and the industrial vote. as against governnwnt ownership or state control of industry. c) chudiatian of all national drblr witlt provisions to safeguard small investors. d) Expropriation of the flank measure for the complete capital.
hrelimiuary vp trialiun or (e) Expropriation of the railways, and he luryc (trust) organisation: of capiloI no compensation to he paid, as buying out the capitalists would insure a continuance of the exploitation of the workers; provision. however. to be made during the transition period for the protcction of small owners oi stock.
if) The nationalisation of foreign lrmlt. ltcse are not the immediate demands comprised in the social reform planks now in the phnt orut of our partv: they are ttol a compromise with the capitalist state. but imply a revolutionary struggle against that state and against capitalism. the conquest of ptnvcr hy the proletariat through revolutionary mass action. They imply the new Soviet state of the organized producers.
the dictatorship of the proletariat: tlt. are trcliminary revolutionary measures for the expropriatimt of capital and the introductioniof communist Socialism.
PROGRAM We stand for a uniform declaration of principles in all party platforms botlt local and national atul the albolnion of all social reform planks now etmutined in rent. The party ntttst teach. propagate and agitate exclusively for the overtltrow of Capitalism. and the establishment of Socialism through a rolctariau Dictatorship. The Socialist candidates elected to office shall adhere strictly to the above provisions. Realizing that a political party cannot reorganize and reconstruct the industrial organiuuions of the working class. and that that is the task of the emnonn or anilations tlutnsclvcs. we demand that the party st this process of reorganimt by a propaganda for revolutionary industrial unionism as part of its general activitie. We believe it is the mission of the Socialist movement to eucourag: and assist the prolctariat to adopt newer atul more effective forms oi organization and to stir it into newer and more vvolntionary modes of action. e demand that Ill: ntlicial party press be party owned and controlled. e demand that otlicially ru ngnizt educational institutions be party owned and controlled. e demand that the party discard its obsolete literature and publish new literature In keeping with the policies attd tactics almve menttoned. demand that the National Executive Committee call an inuncdiatc entcrgency. ional convention for the purpose of ornntlating party imlicies and tactics to meet the present sis. demand that the Socialist Party rcptuliate the Ilerne Congress or any other conference engineered by moderate socialists and social patriots.
to. e demond that the Socialist arty shall elect delegates to the International Congress proposed by the Communist Party of Russia tllnlslu viki. that our party shall participate only in a new International with which are afliliated the Communist Party of Russia. Bolsheviki. the Communist labor Party of fit rmany (Spartaeans. and all other other Left Wing parties and groups.