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THE NEW YORK COMMUNIST Problems of the Representative of Soviet Russia in America រ By Nicholas Hourwich. social forces. after which, as Comrade ent moment a barometer of the favorable.
FEW day ago the proletariat of Martens has it, the flag, e, political ur openly hostile, attitude of capitalist govAmerica joyously greeted the news of recognition, will follow.
cromerts towards Soviet Russia.
the appointinent here of an oificial We should like to go a little further in this The establistumont of commercial inter represitative of the Socialist Republic of absolutely correct. truly Marxian reasoning.
Russia. Celebrations on this account are We should like to emphasize that comcourse between Russia and capitalist countries, with all its intrinsic advantages for :ill going on. Everywhere mectings are merce itseli the establishment of comthe economic life of Rossia, is on her side being held to greet this newly appointed am mercial relations between Russia and the bassador. Socialist and labor 10 a certain degree similar to the signing of nited States will come only as a result of rganizations thie Brest Litovsk treaty, merely a means to from all parts of the country are sending definite social forces the very equilibrium gain time.
telegrams of greetings and letters, prom upon which depends the success and the salising aid and expressing willingness to help tion of the Russian Revolution in general. All the forgoing, in our opinion, tends to in every way the success of the cause of Wiat, indeed, will guarantee the success indicate a line of behaviour for the revoluricially represented here by him, and equally of 11 Russian roletarian Revolution: Tlictionary Socialist organizations of the Ameri clear to the conscious proletarians of the onSwiet Bolshevist leaders in Russia, includ can proletariat, as well as for Comrade Mar.
tire world the cause of the Proletarian ing Comrade Lenin, have answered that tons as the representative of the Russian Soviet Government.
Revolutim in Russia, the creative construc uestion on several occasions.
tive work of the toiling masses already Comrade Lenin has stated that the final The center of his attention, the everbegun there to strengthen and deepen the triumph or the ruin oi the Proletariat Revocumstant compas directing his activity oandation of the new Socialist communist funtion in Russia depends on whether the here, shonld be the interests of the revolu revolutionary movements of the proletariat tionary Socialist mwement among the system.
and Proleatrian Revolutions in other counBut the revolutionary Surcialist organiza dinerican proletariat, the intersts of th: tries will come to its assistance. Anel in this advanced guard, the hope and guarantee o tions of the American proletariat wivuli!
h:11 made an inexcusably fatal error had phrase ure finds the key for the understandthe success of that movement he Left they with an idea that now there is some ing of the present political situation!
Wing of the American Socialist Party.
one here who, without their aid, could take Ji the revolutionary movement of the care of Revolutionary Russia limited them. Proletariat in other countries triumphs, then activities he may not always, or even fre.
We are fully aware that in his manifole!
seives only to these greetings and promises.
the conquest of the Russian Revolution, the iailing to translate all this into revolutionary hfussian sovint Replies will be saved; grently, be in a position to det under thin and as a result, there will come also combanner of the Left Wing; but he should tak: activity: mercial and trade and all sorts oi ather great care that his attitude does not provide The great significance of the appointment relations. 11. on the contrary, the revolu bait for the Right and Moderate ci: iere oi a Soviet representative consists precisely in that this appointment opens before tionary working class movement in other opportunists, thereby unconsciously to stal Certries isils, it will strike a mortal blow in the back the only bulwark and hope oi the American proletariat new perspectives at the Revolution in Russia. And no cumproletarian Russia those whom it invites to and new pportunities: opportunities of rev: mercial and trade relations can help Russia its International Communist Congresslutionary activity in direct contact and coin that event. Why, after all, should the the Lelt Socialist Wing.
peration with the Russian proletarint and coitalist world. capitalist America included, With these wishes, which are at the same ke Solet Government is inten feed cominercial relations with Socialist time Bolshevist greetings to Comrade Marnificance of this appointment hes in the fact linssia. while the cherished hope of the tens, we conelade our article.
that it represents a great appeal, reminding entire capitalist world is something greater, We believe that the compass recum the. merican workingman that thc namely. to crush the revolutionary re inended by us, and revolutionary Bolshevik mancipation of the workers can be acsistance of the Russian proletariat, tu sup sensitiveness, will help Comrade Martens mplished only by the workers themselves.
Not for a single mom at do we doubt press Socialism in Russia, and then swallow to orientate himself in difficult moments, and the whole of Russia with all her commerce. will guarantee success to his coming serious he great importance of the purely diples trade and natural resources?
and responsible work.
matic, so to say, activity here of the Soviet Under present day political conditions, the We heartily wish him that saccess.
representative. Still jess are we inclined to denbt the magic power of the Russian gull in all countries is the main thing. is the cen.
Tvolutionary movement of the proletariat The Jewish Federation of the Socialist. the influence of this gold on the minds ter of gravitation, is everything both for Party, which is one of the most powerful ind disposition of American plutocracy las ready manifested itself in a most obrinus prietarian Russia and for the einancipation props of the Right Wing, and whose action of the proletariat of all the world. The suc in reorganizing Downtorn Jewish Branch manner. But, with all due allowances, gircess or failure of the proletarian movement, threatens to change a normal Fett Wing ing due justice to all this, we should like to the strength of the Bolshevist movement, in Pranch into an abnormal Right Wirz grund a warning to the American workers Branch, is publishing magazine alled The ad to Comrade Martens himself against countries ruled by capitalism, is at the foreswinne International This magazine, evidently av undte exaggeration of the importance of with the idea of camouflaging its Right his purely diplomatic commercial functions RESOLUTION ADOPTED BY CITY COM Wing tendencies, reprinted in its first noehere. We would consider it a fatal mistake MITTEL, LEPT WING SECTION ber an article by Comrade John Reed from nt purely diplomatic commercial ciforts SOCIALIST PARTY. LOCAL The Liberator beconie the centre of his activity.
NEW YORK, APRIL 14, Comrade Reed gave and gives no permirHowever, as regards diplomatic actir1919 sion to the International or udy uther Rigbi ity. Comrade Vartens himself evidently enWing Socialist paper to reprint his articles tertains no sentimental illusions. In an ia WHITREAS. Emrade Martens The Left Wing endorses only one tewishi serview given by him and published the other has been appointed by the Russian Socialint day, he definitely and uncquivocally stated. Federazid Soriet Republic as ite representa.
paper in New York, Der Kampf, orgin tive in the oi America, and the Jewish Left Wing.
The Russian Socialist Federated Republic does not care about political recogni WHEREAS. the form of government rstion loy the United States. All that we ta! lished in Russia by Workmen, Peasants and On Saturday evening, April the Cena want is trade recognition. Comrade Mar Soldiers represents the highest ideals of the tral Committee of Loal Kings instrutter!
fryolarimary Socialists working men of the tens perfectly understands that in the the Executive Committee to send copies of morld, therdore be it world of capitalistic relations, commerce the Left Wing Manifesto and Program to at in the words of Kuzma Prutkov, is the RESOLVED. that we greet most cordially members of Local Kings; and to eat a tbeir representative, Comrade Martens, and as.
real thing, and all the rest nonsense.
Borough meeting for May to consider sare him of te ondivided mapport. Commerce will create definite socialthe question of endorsing the left Wing economic relations, a definite equilibrium hanifesto and Prognun.