continue to su. and manual terested is to colproto and nationality, are taking his has got to be so because of the man.
It is most unfortunate that the. Negro the race with the greatest amount of workers knows least abcut things as they are in the world of today. The world of, any other period, is confronted with an economic issue based day, more than at on the most scientific premise that history has ever recorded. By PIETRO NENNI, The scientific economic principle of premise referred to, is that the great mass of the people, there ciety than determined to do ovy Delegate of the with the is only one means of defending the thing to win the war and ti.
International Brigades.
and Frederic Engels for the solution of what has proved for country and that is by fighting produce the necessary con.
centuries, to be a wanton injustice to the intellectual, technical, against the capitalists, landowners, for the society of the future. workers of From the Madrid Front, Feb. clericals, Fascists and reactionaries Government has had to sayo 1937. After six months of civil war of their country. It is possible that and must Although Marx and Engels, like those who are truly in.
in the economic betterment of the worker today, were the essential facts of the Spanish this or that politician harbors the against this political dilettantis ng persecuted; and although it took many decades before their problem are still the same. That idea of diverting Spain from the which has deep roots here to labor bore fruit, the fruit is now ripe and is now diseminating say, the political and social fu revolution and social emancipation exacerbated individualism, to its juice of socialism with the most fragrant aroma in every ture of Spain is completely bound by concentrating all efforts against gional and municipal particu kris up with the result of the war. the national enemy. But this na the parochialism, and an extra. part of the world where workers are found. Unfortunately, Nevertheless, a new and important tional enemy is not a metaphysical which sometimes and even if manual, are less familiar with the facts than another group of however, the Negro working masses, intellectual, technical and element has just arrived in the or abstract entity; alongside Hitler serves as a screen for Fascio pr.
foreground the struggle for the and Mussolini there are Spaniards; vocation.
independence of Spain.
behind Franco there are classes, The teaching of Marx and Engels has changed the world into a battle ground of two social ideals collective action of In his speech at Valencia Señor clearly defined interests, clearly It may be said that the real the masses for the preservation of their mutual interest, against Azana, the President of the Repub incarnated in one political party or gress of popular Spain os bair: asured on:1.
the machination of the capitalist class with its consequent perlic emerging from a long silence another, or in one or other of the Republican Spain is nicious effect on the masses. This, in other words, means emphasised this character of the social categories. If the Spanish more by what is actually dance.
war with force and energy. war People Front has spread in lective action of all working peoples, without regard for unify and organize the army ani race, of invasion, he called it, a direct portion as Fascist intervention from economic system than by ona mii color or nationality, against the exploits of capitalism. The Negro, therefore, wherever he finds himself, should endeavor attack upon the independence of abroad endangered the existence of tasy episode or another on the acquaint himself with the cause of the working man. He Republic the Labor Parties here same time, and for the same reaSpain. Before the President of the an independent Spain, then at the that front.
should remember that his race is predominantly a race of Today the issue is clear and jr especially the Socialists, Commun sons, the criminal character of the tically all the cards are on their workers, and that in addition to that he is not a worker by volition but because of force of circumstance.
ists and the Unified Youth organi Fascist adventure has been strongly What does popular Spain need a zation had already emphasised the emphasised in the eyes of the order to win? It should rigorously Up to recently, the greatest problem confronting the Negro anti national character of Franco masses, with the consequences that apply the policy of which theo was that of color. But that is not the same today. The color issue is fast becoming unimportant. Under the influence of adventure. Today everybody here the gulf which separates popular ernment has traced the guidin Communism and Socialism, which are fast becoming the gennot erally accepted doctrines of all working peoples, color, race, only the political and social re Fascist Spain, has become widened lines: unify the army, liquidate se disgime in Spain but also the existence This has happened in such a way ciplines, plan production, sirchsththe new order of things, of the country as an independent that it may be said, as during the en discipline from the top of the nation.
scientifically discovered fact by the world greatest economic early days of the war, that popular military and civilian scale to the Certain people have been dis Spain has conducted its democratic bottom and restore everywhere the and social students that, opposition to the Negro because of his turbed to see the national side of revolution and its social revolution spirit of responsibility and authoricolor can only serve to defeat the cause of the white working the war in Spain emphasised with side by side, both bound up witin ty.
so much force and insistence, and the result of the war of independiOne of the reasons for the traditional failures of the Negro This depends upon Spain, its is his inability to make, and use allies for his cause among other regardicas a tran devoncion partai tie plažn, what certain sections of pub people are doing, surmounting and have protested against what they ence.
ernment and its people. This papiWhat has been difficult to exlar Spain, its Government and its an outstanding proof. Because Abyssinia was pre occupied civil war which, according to them, lic opinion have not yet properly the difficulties one by one ano with religion it was impossible for her to have made a forecast of future probabilities. She was so completely absorbed in threatens to disappear in a union understood at the present moment, overcoming one by one the rezisttheology that sacrée. All this is nothing but is the subordinating of the demo ances inside the country.
borders. Not only was she unmindful but she was ignorant of philosophy and science had no place within her puerility, verbiage or provocation. cratic and social revolution to the the trend of modern politics. She thought humility The present events in Spain con war. Hence a certain political di thing else as well. If it only had But popular Spain needs someand prayer would have been enough to protect her against any and all adfirm that for the great masses of lettantism more fertile in the la to deal with Franco, the requeter versities and only realized the contrary when the inevitable the population of the country, for boration of plans for a future so and the phalangists, if if it inte har to deal with reactionary was too late. She hadn enough time to make friends and would already be tasting allies present type of Negro leaders in which is domgnothing but is probable that her leaders did not really know to what cate blinding the eyes of the common Negro working man against of victory and the delights of pic202 But it has to deal gory of the world classes the Abyssinians belong. The Negus acts as they are. Socialism and Communism are endeavoring with icterns velas aristocracy, not remembering that a chain can be tional Fascism, with Mussolidar still be laboring under the illusion of his to do the greatest amount of good for the greatest number.
to imThey are the only two doctrines that are endea munism and Hitler. It must be defended less prove the standard of the working people.
international Fascism and protett iş no higher than the class to which he belongs. So when the against the foreign troops while prejudice, dice nation, and immigration barriers against all (not begging) for the abolition of race time came that Abyssinia needed help her leaders resorted to Fascist dictators send into sa the most gigantic organization of bluffs and arch swindlers, working people. These doctrines are seeking unlimited freewhom they placed all confidence, with the hope that they dom for all peoples, and the Negro masses should refuse to terests but Mussolini and Idiler would be saveu. They realized the uselessness and folly, howpolicy of encircling France, continue be fooled by a few parasitical Negro so called leadever, at a price that we all regret, but it was too late for her ers who neither have the courage nor understanding of politics ing the Soviet Union, underinius the democratic regimes and and too late for the only people who could do something for and sociology to lead. All things in this world is a bargain, and the Negro will not get his share until he is able to bargain ceeding, in the direction of ber the proletariat of the world the organized workers of the world the Communists and Socialists to have organized for it.
This does not depend upon.
themselves to help her.
alone; it depends upon the Eubcia The cause of the Negro can not be fought uni laterally. The WOMEN IN THE STRUGGLE democracies and upon Labor success of the cause of the Negro the cause of equity, free Socialist Europe. If the Sea dom, and justice can only be achieved through united action problem is examined from a side with others sympathetic with the welfare of the class of world Of one thing the modern working class can boast; namely, the same conclusion is als the courage of its women.
reached, a conclusion which I, in society of which the Negro, in the vast majority, is really a part. The present Negro leaders do not know this and conse To the emancipated worker, his womentõlk are not just my part, already drew in these ani Quently are, at their best, only retarding the possibility and slaves of the kitchen or fluffs of pretty nothingness. Women cles weeks and months ago.
progress of a solution of the problem. Any Negro who thinks of the free working class are, like the class conscious worker Popular Spain owed it to popul: or who endeavors to make the Negro believe that the Negro himself, free of mind and spirit.
cause can be successfully fought without co operation with The wars of the Middle Ages gave us one Joan of Arc. But Europe to confront the Fascist.
ger and to dcfend by force of others so that in turn we may have their co operation, is noththe class wars of the twentieth century have given us a myriad ing but a stupid ass with criminal tendencies.
army of women fighters.
its liberty, its independence, it pe sent and its future. It did se There has never been a time when there has been as great with their men. In Flint, Michigan, wives and mothers and In Spain, these women have gone out into the trenches is doing so, at the cost of sac yil: an opportunity for the Negro throughout the world to take of which the defence of Mzd:id stand against oppression, injustice and discrimination as there sisters are out there fighting the thugs, the cops, and the milivery difficult conditions is the air is today. The working classes of all the other races have realtary, side by side with their men.
ized, and by scientific analysis, that race, national, religious, More power to you, sisters! You are harbingers of a new 2st and most dramatic exprerad Popular owed it to Europe ow world with equality of race, creed, color and sex, and color prejudices are all designs by capitalism to make the ar Spain to mount guard workers world leaders of bindeble in the interest of Spanish frontier in order to piers: DEFEND THE SOVIET UNION class people under the banners of Socialism and Communism have The international Fascist inte!
Sion. An attempt has been mod against these evils because they have realized that to encourage The latest pronunciamento of Mr. Stanley Baldwin should obtain this result by means them any longer is to defeat the cause of all workers. There convince even the most dubious that Britain sympathy (that have revealed themselves fore, it is for the Negro to familiarize himself with what these is, the British ruling class) is far closer to Fascist Germany quate. We have now entered n: two new doctrines mean, what they are fighting for, and what than to working class Russia. This, despite the fact that Hitler and decisive phase.
they are actually doing. It is not enough for us to sit by and has done nought but spat at Britain, and the Soviet Union has ime we must succeed, the more done everything possible to look respectable to the democratic is in order to succeed it is on to enthe opinion of a few timid men, posing as leaders, who are of the economic threat that are always being capitalist powers.
ossary to wish to do so, and hurled by capitalists about suspending the munificent prile So long as Russia is in the hands of the working class, the succeed would be for demo a leges now being enjoyed by Negros. These men have not been capitalist class of the world will give it nothing but undying Surope worse than a mistake, manly enough to investigate for their own benefit much less natred. And this includes democratic capitalists as well as han a crime it would be suice!
the benefit of those whom. pretend to be representing anybody else The Soviet Union has but one friend the international ctology. Consequently they know no gainst the greatest malaabout the vorking class. The capitalists will embrace the Soviet Union ELP US FIGHT FASCO class struggle of the world workers Only to choke it. Only the unleashing of the class struggle on dy that society has suffered from capitalism. They know all fronts can defend the Soviet Union.
BOYCOTT GERMANY nothing about Socialism or Communism except what their The Soviet Union will be able to look to Britain, France, bosses, the agents of capitalism, tell them about them. So eve: ind America as allies only when the workers are on the road ITALIAN GOODS if we have to be brutal, we must challenge the activities of the Go or in possession of power.
Spéis, the trais man Socialism are il. stupid and exo ете politieke centres gigantic