Advisory Board who emPage ACCION Saturday, January 11, 1946 Congress Fitzgerald Howell at. EDITORIAL (From Page From Page Continued from Page 2)
tion, UPW steward Allen the government of the Panama Canal Zone and attended the hearing as a wit considered a simple and just matter when applied the Panama Railroad Company.
ress, and Brother Howell himBe it enacted by the Senate and House of self was present as the aggrie to others and not themselves. The simple affair: Representatives of the United States of America ved employee.
a slight rental increase. Purpose of court action: in Congress assembled, that Section of the Pa Friday, December 13th, which Administration to order increased rental deducTh ehearing took place on to question the authority of the Panama Canal nama Canal Act (Chapter 390 of the Laws of turned out to be a lucky day tions from employees salaries without the indi1912, 37 Stat. 561, Title 48 United States Code, for Brother Howell. The memSection 1305) as amended by Chapter 470 of the bers of the Navy Field Grie. vidual employees consent.
And so Uncle Sam finds himself a victim of Laws of 1937, be, and the same is hereby, amend vance ed to read as follows: heard the case were: Chair aggression from his own. While the TC. en The President is authorized to govern and man, Commander Winie genders hatred in the hearts of native workers operate the Panama Canal and govern the Canal Henry, Chief Clerk, Miss as a result of their unfair employment practices Zone, or cause them to be governed and oper Ballance, Assistant Chief Clerk, it now decides to persecute, with similar relentated, through a governor of the Panama Canal Mr. Lemuel Presley, Foreman lessness, the administration that has certainly and such other persons as he may deem com Mr. Morgan Stone, Inventory errors of this wayward group. As a consequence, Labor Transportation; and never made much of an attempt to correct the petent to discharge the various duties connected Supervisor. In addition, the fol Uncle Sam words abroad are sometimes regardwith the care, maintenance, sanitation, operation, lowing government, and protection of the Canal and management were present: Mr. ed as the dreams of some wanderer who has no Canal Zone. If any of the persons appointed or Gramling, Senior Stora such a thing as the will power to make a serious Mr.
employed as aforesaid shall be persons in the Strick, Stores Officer and the ge Supervisor, James attempt to realize these dreams.
IS IT NOT CLEAR THEN THAT THE military or naval service of the United States, official who originally dismis METAL TRADES COUNCIL IS THE REAL the amount of the official salary paid tto any sed Howell, and Mrs. Sherwo DANGEROUS ELEMENT IN OUR ISTHMIAN such person shall be deducted from th eamount oa, stenographer.
of salary or compensation provided by or which its heartfelt gratitude and ap forts be nullified by so selfish and bigoted a The Union wishes to express COMMUNITY? How long must Uncle Sam efshall be fixed under the terms of this section.
preciation for the eminently group? How well would this group welcome reThe Governor of the Panama Canal shall be ap fair and just manner in which ciprocal action as regards their standards of livpointed by the President, by and with the advice Commander Winiecki and and consent of the Senate, commissioned for a Board conducted the hearing. ing? One certainty is that the working mass here term of four years, and until his successor shall tives a courteous reception and and abused, nor is it of a mind to hope and have They gave the CIO representa as elsewhere is no longer disposed to be harried be appointed and qualified. He shall receive a ample time in which to argue faith in a system of deedless promises. The selfsalary of 10, 000 a year. All persons, other than all angles of the case. In ad ish American must realize that all people canthe Governor of the Panama Canal, necessary dition, they themselves asked for the care, management, maintenance, sanita many pertinent questions in an not be deceived forever and that the smart and tion, government, operation, and protection of facts of the case. No one could out having some of their wisdom absorbed by effort to bring out the true bright people cannot exist among others withthe Canal and Canal Zone shallhave been fairer.
those who are watchful. There must be a drastic (a) Be appointed by the President or by Fitzgerald Howell was his authority; pleyd as storekeeper at 66. change in policy, both towards the common sil(b) Be removable at the pleasure of the per hour, after four years ser yer worker and the government of the Canal President; and vice with good ratings. He was Zone. Failure to change can mean only one thing: dismissed on September 20th the utter destruction of the philosophies of this (c) Receive such compensation as shall be while he was in the hospital group by public and government ostracism.
fixed by the President or by his au undergoing a surgical operathority until such time as Congress may by law tion. On his return to work Ocregulate the same; and such persons shall be em that he was dismissed for uninformed Weinstein Coming.
ployed and shall serve under such conditions of satisfactory workmanship be(From Page 1)
employment, including matters relating to tran cause of discrepancy in invensportation, medical care, quarters, leave and the tory of items he was handling: all employees receiving more than the minimum commutation thereof, and office hours and hours At the hearing it was brought of labor, as have been or shall hereafter be pre ventory was normal due to con Department and Director Weinstein have been out that the discrepancy in in wages. This is a very big job and the Research scribed by the President: Provided, however, ditions which were not the spending a great deal of time on it. When finishthat salaries or compensation fixed by the Pre fault of Howells.
ed, the facts and figures will be included in a sident hereunder shall in no instance exceed by The Union believes that this more than 25 percentum the salary or compencase will do a great deal to Brief to be presented to Governor Mehaffey and sation paid for the same or similar services to improve the morale and effi to the United States Congress next month.
Director Weinstein has also been working persons employed by the Government in con Naval Supply Depot, for now on proposed legislation to be introduced into tinental United States: And provided further, that the employees see that Congress next month to try to get a law passed that nothing contained in this section shall af they can get a square deal can whic will guarantee a minimuhm wage of 40 fect the application to employees of the Panama get justice, they will be enCanal of the provisions of Section 23 of the Inde couraged to do a better job for cents per hour in the Canal Zone. The UPW The Union em legislation is printed elsewhere in this issue of pendent Offices Appropriation Act, 1935 (48 phasized to the Board that in Accion.
Staat, 522. And provided further, that notwith asking for justice on the job The International Executive Board of the enstanding any provisions of Law to the contracy, and higher wages and better the minimum basic wage rate paid to employees working conditions, it realizes tire UPW CIO will meet in Washington on Janof the Panama Canal, Canal Zone, and Panama members must show by good Strobel has been instructed to send a comemployees and Union uary 13th and 14th. International Vice President Railroad Company, who are paid in accordance work and cooperative attitude plete written report on the state of the Union in with local native prevailing wage rates for the that they merit consideration.
area in which they are employed, shall be not The Union believes in a fair the Panama Canal to the Executive Board meetless than 40 cents per hour for a 40 hour week, that its members must give a by Director Weinstein, and the Board will day wages. It also realizes ing. This report will be presented to the Board and wages paid for time in excess of 40 hours fair day work in return if marshall the entire strength of the Union in the of employment in any calendar week shall be they get a decent wage.
paid at the rate of one and one half times the employees, retired, could not bers of Local 713.
States behind their Union brothers who are memregular basic rate of compensation. Nothing in be provided transportation for this section shall be deemed to prevent the pay repatriation Director Weinstein will speak at mass meetment of rates of pay in excess of the minimum Meanwhile they were informed Pacific and Atlantic sides of the Isthmus, and to their homes, ings of the membership of Local 713 on both the as setforth herein to persons customarily paid at they must leave their Zone will give the membership a full report and tell rates higher than the basic wage rates for com of time for them in quarters, them what the CIO in the States is now doing mon laborers.
and hopes to do in order to bring victory to the 713 BOX SCORE.
Samuel Walsh, 28898, ob underpaid and poorly treated employees of the tained agreement to increase Canal.
UŠO; Lola James, Bolivar USO. ment to his job.
pension. Joslyn Hammond, de.
Robert Weinstein is top man of the UPW1 BACK PAY CASE: REPATRIATION CASES: nied disability retirement, ob CIO in charge of all organizational work, and is Fitzgerald Howell, Supply Storehouse No. 1, re. Crick, 37409; Fitz case. Mrs. Murrell, wife of the second in command elected officer next to ceived over 300 in back pay Holder, 20762; Steven Reid, former employee in hospital, UPW CIO International President Abram after Union won his reinstate. 27029. AL four of the above obtained pension for her. Flaxer. PENSION CASES: Naval Isaac Carrington, 24443; tained agreement to re open BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL ERNESTO CASTILLERO