11 JUNIOR CIO or A N N 0:Sábado, Enero 11 de 1946 ACCION Page Water From the. ARROWS IN THE AIR (From Page 2)
By Hugh Adams By Nelson McBean the CIO. and this in spite of Earle Lawrence Carl, born of his, and a white shepherd fact that this white man had in New Haven, is one of the dog. He and his friend wrote a always the Metal Trades Coun The only freedom which de breaks faith with the people, first blind persons to accom manual to aid the blind.
cil. Isn this a strange world? serves the name is that of pur if it ignores its commitments.
plish many things during his Carl has proven himself to But then, it has always been suing our own good in our own We opine that the Press has life.
be rather versatile. Today, at TO EACH HIS OWN, but only way, so long as we do not at become an enemy of the people high school. While playing foot a rather famous radio broad cessary precautions to preserAt the age of 17 he entered the age of 27, he finds himself after each has taken the ne tempt to rob others of theirs when it no longer thinks of. John Stuart Mill tells us itself as a servant of the peo ball an accident occurred, caus caster with a heavy fan mail, ve his own for himself.
in those few memorable words ple, when it joins hands with ing an injured vertebra to re and the representative of the And so Oldtimer kept walk that inasmuch as we love our tyrants, when it identifies itself sult in complete blindness. Winchester Radio. He frequening towards his home, think liberty so dearly we should ad with their tyrany then it can This, however, did not stop him tly occupies himself as a soap ings things he should have here to the principle of live no longer serve the people it from learning. After complet sculptor.
thought years before. Never and let live. The wisdom of becomes an enemy of the first ing High School he entered the Fisk University. He was and physical deficiencies he has determination to do anything. which have wreaked incalculon the question of his color before had he felt so great a that thought is borne out by magnitude and must be dealt the evidence of disastrous wars with. as such.
the first blind person to enter often expressed himself as not Yes, the CIO must have his able havoc on humanity, rava. but we decry that section of Comercialism is OK with us this school. After years of hard harboring any prejudices or support always. There was not study he graduated with the anyspecial regrets over his in much of a sign for a sudden con whole civilizations. Every war the highest bidder in its lust ged countries and destroyed the Press which sells itself to degree of Bachelor of Arts. ability to see. He has a charm: version so as to provide him fought on this globe since the for lucre or power. We cannot For a time he worked at ing personality and is allergic with the necessary old gauging cartridges and later to personal impressions form protection, as he had never inception the desire to age beginning of time had at its under any circumstance, or set entered the Yale Law Univer ed on the basis of physical ap been given the opportunity to sup of circumstances agree that sity where he was easily re pearances. Of himself he says: contribute towards a pension. their right to life. liberty and those publishers or editors who press; the will to rob others of there is any justification for cognized as a tip top student. My blindness has given me a However, the thought of hav the pursuit of happiness.
His constant companions new sight and a new set of lose sight of the fact that the ing someone were Mr. Stork, a dear friend values.
something In this connection, we find people they sell down river fight for him and others like what appears to be the inhe are, ironically, the same people him was enough. Better still, rent cussedness of human na who have given them palatial the bitterness which most whiture, in its most viriulent form, homes and, incidentally, the te folks from the Metal Tra rampant in these parts where power they are using against NERVES WAR WILL GET YOU?
des felt for him in the CIO all, but a few, of the pampered the people.
gave him more pleasure than and petted American (Gold)
For quite some time several propaganda: many things had given him be employees have lost the breadth Speculation is runnig rife persons, all serving special The criticisms offered are fore.
of vision characteristic of their these days as to the whys and masters, have waged a war of not directed against any spe. The next morning Oldtimer race. They cry to high heaven wherefores of the Central Lanerves in an attempt to dis. cial person or to any direct was back at work. In his eye if any attempt is made to bor Union. American Fedecourage membership in the activity. There is nothing there was the strong challenge; he abrogate their special and pe ration of Government EmploUPW CIO.
except generalities.
was ready and determined to culiar privileges, yet, there are yees fight over the ill conceiOne of the most used forms That which is mentioned meet clogged sewer lines and none as ardent in fighting off ved Mccaran amendment which is the publication of letters and in thepropagand a is on mate. embittered Metal Traders ali legislation which would impro would reduce all Panamanian ke.
articles in which much effort rial with which the member is ve the lot of the Alien (Sil and West Indian employees of is expended to discredit union not familiar. Every union ac ver) employees.
the Canal Zone to grass cutofficials and activities. Thhese tivity is reported to the mem.
It is indeed a sad commenta ters, garbage collectors and have been increasing in num. bership through this paper, the ry on human that peo janitors. The bone of ber and have always been aim. stewards and our chapter meet. but Executive Board officers as breath of life to them should two Labor unions should pool ple whose rights are the very tion as to whether these ed at incidents of which neith ings.
er the members nor the offi. DON LET THIS TYPE OF well. Our Executive Board of go overboard in emulation of their resources to fight the cials know anything.
PROPAGANDA GET YOU. ficers must be made to un practices which have pluriged American government over Here is how you know such IT NO GOOD.
derstand that Stewards Coun humanity into maelstrom of retention of the 25 pay dif cils are just important as wanton destruction and un ferntial; and the government of any other function this fathomable suffering twice in the Canal Zone in efforts to HERE AND THERE union; that stewards speak for twenty five years and may remove the rent increases the members, give them able well be the nucleus of com which becomes effective JaBy Militant leadership on the job, and las plete annihilation of the hu nuary 1, 1947, or be split over tly but not least, hold the man race. Is mankind daft? a piece of legislation which is From time to time, our Stered to handle grievances on the members together and encourso inhuman and undemocratic wards. 0:Councils have been job. But, before they are able age new workers to becone under fire from the outside as to do this efficiently, they must More often than not we pon that the powers that be have members.
well as within. The common be educated for such a task.
der over the apparent machi yet to find a medium of encriticism is that these councils They must know when a grie then, in the minds of our cri call the Fourth Estate. We are the streets asks this one: If the There should be no doubt, nations of this thing which we forcement.
Apropos of which the man on are not what they should be. vance is a grievance; when the tics and others that what the apt to ask These geniuses who are loud member is right or when he is Stewards Councils need, and Estate an instrument of the AFGE is intent on protecting in their condemnations have wrong ;and, above, all how to incidentally, the entire failed, however, to realize that approach their employers. This bership, is a conscious educa people for the people? If the why balk at scavengers and mem people? Was it created by the the American working man before there can be effective last is very important inas tional program. It is hoped answers are in the affirmative janitors? It is the proud boast Stewards Council meetings, much as a harmonious employ that this article will not be then we, in this department, of Americans on the Canal. Zocertain steps must be initiated. er employee relationship is es taken as just another beef; but evident disdain in which the ne that they are Five to Ten The first of these steps would sential to collective bargaining. that the new Executive Board Press seen to ohld the people. times as good as Panamanian be essentially, to educate our Considering, also, the fact officers will give the matter We believe that the primary and West Indian workers. In stewards that our union is new business serious thought and do every function of the Press is disse the interests of economy thereFor months have wondered to all of us, it is imperative thing in their power to esta mination of truth so that the fore and in the interests of why our new local has never that we be educated along the blish such a program in the people may know how to eva.
American workers which this taken any steps toward creat line of trade unionism. This very, very near future.
luate the world in which they union is sworn to uphold ing a conscious educational does not mean stewards alone, live; and to hold aloft the torch why not go the whole hog program for the benefit of its of liberty so that its light may why not import white Amerimembers. In fact, have spokillumine the paths, of all men. can garbage collectors, grasen to the officers of the ExeWe believe that the Press cutters, janitors, sewage work.
cutive Board, individually and has failed in its obligation to ers and such?
collectively, about the establish the people it if reneges on this We, could perhaps enjoy the ing of such a program. But, basic principle of its existence, spectable of a Canal Zone run must confess, they were no It is commendable to men November 25th, a grievance if it prostitutes itself so that with a full complement of whimore concerned about this than tion the many successes that form wa sfilled out and re it no longer serves the inte te workers, but would the are our enemies who would be have been achieved recently quests was made to take up rests of the people from whom AFGE? We wonder.
glad to see us fall apart.
by organizers of the Atlantic this grievance. The Asst. it draws sustenance, if it This is a very sad condition Chapter. Aptitude have been Chief Steward of the in view of the fact that our shown in the execution of their was given full details. nation that are being display. Thei endeavors in this re.
union is being bombarded daily duties, particularly in contact He was requested to make ed by these energetic organiz spect to assist unfortunate soby propagandists who feel that we should not thrive. Such a ing officials of various depart investigation and if success ers, are responsible for the re called silver employees to gain state of affair demands that who have unjustly been dis ments in defense of members ful result was not obtained, employment of many individ recognition of their merits and cur stewards be trained to proceed with stages uals who are members of this years of assiduous toil, should to and The Asst. Chief organization.
becredited by your willing.
hanlde this situation credit charged from their jobs, sus ably before our members in pended failure to acquire Steward discovered it neces. It is a known fact, that the ness to support this worthy deserved or sary to advance to the third complications which have sur cause, the benefactor of all sil the field. Our stewards must compensations be able to prove to the memotherwise.
which brought successful re. rounded many grievances can ver employees.
bers why lour jenemies write To substantiate this fact, this sult. Due to the conference not be handled with successful weekly published report which ensued, fortunately result individually, because in of the activities of these or as they do; why they keep one of the many cases that they hammering away have succeeded in this brother was informed to many instances the cause of ganizers will be furnished this ceasingly; in short, why we are On November 23rd, Ste report on November 30th, to these heinous actions of em column for your encourage.
under constant fire from the phen Edwards was dis resume his work.
ployers or superiors are based ment; therefore we beg that outside.
charged on suspicion, based It can therefore be observed on racial or personal dislikes, you support this labor organ Further, stewards are requi on report of a foreman. On that the courage and determi. or envy.
with your patronage.