A Real Dangerous Element Page ACCION Saturday, January 11, 1946 OFFICERS, UPW CIO LOCAL 713 Francisco Arauz. President WATER FROM THE CIO Graham Lewis 1st Vice President Alfonso Alexis.
2nd Vice Pres.
An oldtimer finished his good. You better let the CIO Teodoro Nolan.
Secretary Treasurer day work in the gold town keep giving you water.
Cespedes Burke. Recdg. Corresp. Secy.
of Pedro Miguel a few weeks On his way home Oldtimer INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES ago. What he had just done thought much about the man J. Strobel. International Vice Pres.
was something most men would remarks and of the years of not care to do. He had just service he had contributed to Edward Cheresh.
Regional Director completed the clearing of a the Panama Canal. In every clogged sewer line. This was respect his services had been ACCION CHRISTOPHER HAREWOOD not the first time he had done for the welfare of the AmeriBrother Harewood was el.
such a job. During the past 30 can people on the Canal Zone Published every week by Local 713, United Public Workers of America, CIO ected an officer of the Red years he had done such work and in the United States of Tank Chapter at its first meet. Miguel District of the Munici keep his family alive had rethroughout the ParaisoPedro America. His every effort to Teodoro Nolan. Acting Editor ing last October and later at Frank Thompson.
Circulation tended the first Isthmian Con pal Engineering Division. sulted in labor for that great. Drawer Balboa, vention as a representative of customed to the whole affair, how about himself? Within a government.
Aptdo. 1709, Panama, By now he had grown a ac and good But that Unit. At the Convention What would be a repugnant very short time, and his tired Vol PANAMA, No. he was elected to the position ordeal to the average citizen old bones kept reminding him of Trustee.
EDITORIAL the sight and stench of it all of how short the time was, he was merely a monotonous rou would be retired from the serv tine in his life. Like dozens of ice of the Panama Canal and scavengers on the roll of the would be granted relief DisDuring the past month much water has Health Department whose du ability Relief it called here.
floated under the bridge in Panama polities entailed the clearing of And how much would that be?
tical relationship. And with this running stream muddy trenches or old graves 25. 00 per month at the most The many an issue has passed under review.
or septic tanks, Oldtimer ap barely enough to pay for stream has always been there, though the water pearance was beginning to sug a roof over his head in terrigest his occupation.
tory outside of the Canal Zone has not always carried the debris. The issues, for On this day in question his since he would not be allowed the most part, have always existed, though not job was well done. The inha to remain where he lives as an always protruding so glaringly. But this past bitants of the house were re employee. After paying that month there has been a marked difference and lieved at being able to enjoy high rent there would be nothone which shows no signs of returning to the PRUDENCIO CORDERO once again the benefits of a ing left for food and clothingPrudencio Cordero is one of clear sewer line. No doubt, they That is to be his reward after old normalcy as regards public interest. Never good before have so many players taken part nor has the earliest organizers of Local were thankful for the quick serving the great and 713. Having aligned himself United States of America.
the gallery ever been so crowded.
cipal Engineering Division with the movement in its early That is one of the wonders of understand many things.
Oldtimer found it difficult to He The politicians of both countries found days, he worked tirelessly in the Canal Zone; strict health had known that the Municipal themselves discussing bases in Panama; every section of the Pacific regulations and quick service Engineer, who had just comvisited each other countries on the subject; side of the Isthmus and organ to all gold towns.
pleted his 25th year of service, made significant statements. But this was only ized the Gamboa and Chorrera But Oldtimer was glad too. Thº had paid glowing tribute to him the base, and provided much food for thought. the organization of the Paraiso quick and satisfactory service and others like him, of such Several groups on both sides passed fervent or and Red Tank Chapters. was just what he was supposed fellows the Municipal Engineto contribute in order that his er had said: My success in nonchalant opinions or resolutions on the rights foremen would be known as carrying out the 25 consecutive and privileges of either. For the most part, only WRONG BUT LUCKY trustworthy and efficient pu years of service with the Muthe outcome mattered much while the rest could Division Mrs. Eglantine Angels, IC blic servants; that any praise nicipal Engineering be classified under labels from the wasted efforts 36854, has GOOD would fall his way was out of has been due to the untiring department. However, in the eyes of many, a LUCK crown this week. After the question. There was no rea and satisfactory service which freedom loving old timer suffered from internal having worked at the Ancon son for gladness there. But the so many of your fellow counwounds while he fought desperately abroad for Laundry during the past counterpart was ever present. trymen have rendered to the sudden, Municipal Engineering Division the things for which he has long been famous. The one morning in an argumenta unpleasant prominence should of the Panama Canal under my old timer UNCLE SAM. His aims: freedom tive mood. Mrs. Wiggins, su there be delay or failure. And direction. look back over the from all manner of fear and want. His ailment: pervisor, made a routine as is not that something to be years during construction days poisonous matter within his intestines which signment, found worker Angels avoided? It certainly is. Why of the Panama Canal and often formed a formidable part of his inability to make talking about trousers and not decline from a position where relate that today the standard shirts. One thing grew out of you get very little to one in work among our younger gemore successful and conclusive his labors.
another and soon Angels was which you get less? So Oldti neration bears no comparison In this remote area no one had any trouble on her way home with a clea mer began gathering his tools, to the men who, like myself, identifying the poisonous matter, the real dan rance in hand. She had pres thirsty, but glad that here was received their training and early experience by hard, ungerous element to the welfare and continued pro sed shirts and trousers that another job well done.
Now, Oldtimer had met dif tiring work, with little regard gress of the old timer. THE NARROW MIND had come and gone; but it was ED AND SELFISH AMERICAN CITIZENS to press them forever.
apparent that she wasn going ferent kinds of people while to the time devoted to the work performing his work. Quite of or the climatic conditions exist COMPRISING THE METAL TRADES COUNing.
In a jiffey Shop Steward and ten the occupants of the houses Yes, Oldtimer could agree CIL OF THE For years this element has Organizers rush in which he worked asked ques with the words of the Municicombined rudely, and been obstructing the old man housekeeping, ed to the rescue; found Super tions, kindly or they him pal Engineer and felt he dethereby undermining his efforts. But the man visor Wiggins interested. There sometimes ner of working this group has adopted and the CIO is interested, not only in that old Mrs. Here would give the indifference of the younger were not many arguments; the things, He could remember served such tribute. But only the tribute to himself, but also effects produced from time to time are a more protecting members when their him sandwiches whenever serious set back to the nation than but few rights are violated, but also in worked at her house and that generation on the silver side can imagine.
helping when it is neccessary Mrs. There never failed to ask of the fence. These kids had heard from their parents most As representatives of Uncle Sam in this area, and possible to put a misguided him about his family. And of the sacrifice they had made worker back on the right track, sometimes the little white chilthis group has consistently and systematically Worker Angels did not deny dren would sit nearby in the early construction period and fostered a program of discrimination against all charges of negligence, disobe watch him work for hours. He of the Panama Canal. Yet, how persons in this territory who are not white Am dience, etc. All concerned were sometimes managed to get a ded? How well had the repreericans. This course they have pursued relentless in complete agreement that the drink of water when the thirst sentatives of the great Amerily and have never lost an opportunity to expound worker had erred. Would she was more than he could bear.
But on this day the tenant can Government kept faith with them?
their determination to dominate and remain su to mend her ways? The super of this particular house did not perior. Patriotism has been a handy cloak which visor said she would. It was re ppear curious about his work Oldtimer experienced a terThis type of has provided them with an immunity that works called that the employee had but sometimes observed him rific headache.
even when their actions work against the inter served well enough to hold her with an air of haughty indif thinking was too confusing. It ests of their government.
Oldti was not in him to blow hot and job for years. At times she ference. Instinctively, But this group has not been contented with always her work was could be most trying. Almost mer refrained from asking for cold at the same time. But as drew good. a drink of water. There was no home, his power that fills them at the expense of others; it Yes, she would be given an evidence of kindness about this thoughts began to grow clearer now feels itself strong enough to lift its head other trial; but management gold employee. His thirst and a firm decision began to take definite shape in his even against the very government that has care could not tolerate a repetition would have to wait until he armind. Now he knew what courrived at his home.
of this unpleasant incident.
lessly allowed it to grow. It is now found necesse he must take. One AmeriDays after, the Shop Ste Having gathered his tools, sary and possible to foster court action against ward reported that all was well Oldtimer proceeded to leave can had just betrayed the bitthe government on what they have previously again; there seemed to be no when he was arrested by the terness he felt at the thought (Turn to Page 4)
further need for anxiety over voice of the tenant. You didn the case.
ask for water today. That is (Continued on Page 3)