Official Organ ACETON This is your of Local 713 UNION PAPER UPW CIO SUPPORT IT!
Non political Vol. No. PANAMA, SATURDAY JAN. 11, 1946 Cents Congress to Get Wage Minimum Proposal WEINSTEIN DRAWS UP Isthmus Wide LEGISLATION FOR 40 CENT Unity Parade January 19 MINIMUM WAGE IN CANAL Robert Weinstein Coming to Canal Zone For Jan. 19th Celebration Washington, Dec. 26. Robert Weinstein, International Director of Organization of the UPW CIO, today informed Local 713 headquarters in La Boca that he has drawn up proposed legislation which if passed by Congress will establish a minimum wage of forty cents Washington, Dec. 26. International per hour for all workers in the Panama Canal.
Headquarters of the United Public Workers of The legislative bill will be introduced in the 80th America, CIO, today informed Local 713 that Congress of the United States in Washington Robert Weinstein, International Director of OrD. Congress convenes in January 1947.
ganization, will arrive at Balboa airport on JanWeinstein stated that the United States Conuary 16th to take part in the January 19th celebgress in the past has adopted a law requiring ration to be held by Local 713.
FITZGERALD HOWELL private employers in the States to pay not less Director Weinstein recently returned to than a rock bottom minimum wage of 40 cents Washington from an important nation wide orper hour in the States. Yet the Goverment pays ganizational trip, during which he visited Calif CIO Wins Job Back wages less than 40 cents to its own employees in ornia, Minnesota, Illinois, Utah and Arizona, as for Member at the Canal Zone, which is highly inconsistent.
well as other places. In addition to assisting the 3rd Stage Navy Weinstein pointed out that not only the UPW UPW local unions in these areas on organizationwill support this bill in Congress, but also the al work, he consulted with them on plans and Hearing entire CIO with a total membership of over six campaigns for wage increases and other benefits La Boca, Dec. 23. Fitzgerald million members will throw their weight beliind and participated in the negotiations meetings Howell, IC No. 36118, member this humane and necessary legislation.
with employers.
of UPW CIO Local 713 and Weinstein will take personal charge of the Because of the fact that our Union in the Storehouse No. 1, Balboa, to Union legislative campaign in the halls of ConCanal Zone is of the greatest importance in the day received a real Christmas gress.
minds of the International Officers, on his return present reinstatement to his job The full text of the UPW CIO bill is printto Washington he immediately got to work on from which he was fired Sep ed below: the problems of Local 713 and made airplane re tember 20th. Further than that. NOTE: The wording at the end of the servations for his trip down here.
he received a second Christmas bill which is underlined is the amendment Under Weinstein direction the UPW Re amounting to over 330. 00 in a present in winning back pay which the Union proposes. The part that is search Department in Washington has been pre lump sum.
not underlined is the present wording of the paring facts, figures, arguments, cost of living All of this came to Brother law, to which the Union wishes to add the budgets, and comparison of wages in support of Howell through the cIo. At necessary wording setting the basic wages. the UPW proposal for establishment of a mini the first stage hearing under AN ACT mum wage of forty cents per hour for all Pan the Navy Grievance Procedu To amend the provisions of Chapter 390, ama Canal employees and similar wage raises for repHowell was represented by Section 4, of the laws of 1912 as amended to pro(Continued on Page 4)
vide for a minimum wage rate for employees of and Allen. The same two stewards represented Howell at (Continued on Page 4)
the second stage hearing. The decision which handed 713 BOX SCORE down at the second stage granted Howell additional pay from LA BOCA SCHOOL LIBRARY September 20th October 29 members with grievancessary; Fitzgerald Howell, Na idth and admitted that proper FOR COMMUNITY USE have found that it pays to be. val Supply Storehouse No. 1; procedure had not been follong to Local 713, UPW. CIO. Stephen Edwards, RFA, lowed in this dismissal. HowC. Barton, Librarian Headquarters reports Cristobal; Eglantine Angels, ever, the second stage decision that 29 grievances have been Ancon Laundry: Percy Seales, did not order Brother Howell The fact that only a small would avail himself the satisfactorily settled thus far: Motor Transportation Division, to be reinstated to his job.
12 REINSTATEMENTS: Cristobal; Victor Jimenez, Post At this point, the Union de percentage of the Canal Zone portunity of borrowing the 12 members of UPW. CIO Engineer, Fort Davis.
cided to appeal the case to the employees take full advantage books.
have won their jobs back af. CLEARANCES CHANGED, third stage of the grievance seems to be an oversight on working ideas to assist his vothe community libraries, Every artisan would find ter dismissal or reduction in making employees eligible for procedure and under this pro their part. Perhaps it is neces cation; the bookkeeper or the force, after their cases were rehiring: cedure a hearing was held by taken up by CIO stewards or Bernice Dingwall, Balboa the Navy Field Grievance Ad sary to state a reminder here, clerk could gather valuable inorganizers: Bernice Dingwall, Clubhouse; William Dawkins, visory Board. At this hearing, that the libraries are open to formation for his line of duty whether old aged, as much as the leisure time Balboa Clubhouse; Andrew Munic. Eng. Div. Cristobal; Howell was represented and his middle aged or young. The La reader who would enjoy some Miller, RFA, Cristobal; Char. Pearl Richard, Bolivar Uso; case was argued by Stro Boca library for instance, was of the latest novels and bestles Lowe, RFA, Cristobal; Hormina Webster, Bolivar bel, International Vice Presinot intended to serve only the sellers for his recreation. The Reginald Walker, RFA, Cris. USO; Myrtle Reece, Bolivar dent of the UPW CIO; by Edstudents of the La Boca school, La Boca library is a public tobal; Reid, Marine Di USO; Clothilda Davis, Bolivar ward Cheresh, UPW Regional but rather to benefit the pa library, YOUR library. Come in vision, Cristobal; Ceferino Ce. USO; Adela Wilson, Bolivar Director; and by Reid, rents and other relatives as every Monday and Thursday ballio, Tivoli USO; Myrtle USO; Dora Carrington, Bolivar UPW CIO steward.
well; in fact, these libraries evening.
Smith, Balboa Gold Commis. Continued on Page Continued on Page will serve every person who was to Local opof In, addi BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL ERNESTO CASTILLERO