Page ACTION JULY 18, 1946 wages some sometimes get ACTION STANDARD ON SPADES This Periodical is owned, edited, published, and distributed CANAL ZONE By ace high by the in the interest of the working class.
We have no Politcal Ties whatsoever.
Published every Friday. Printed in La Academia Printery.
By BERLE MCGRATH Quotings from Wesbster earning sub standard Dictionary: Spade, 1) dig. which don meet their barest Registered in Panama according to laws.
Since the benning of World ging implement heavier than necessities could not believe Recognized by the Chamber of Commerce in Panama.
War II the heads of the va a shovel and adapted for being their eyes when they read this.
VOL. PANAMA, NO. rious divisions in the Canal pushed into the ground etc. The agitators in the cities Zone have been requesting the to call a spade a spade, to call of the Republic probably inEDITORIAL so called Silver employees a thing its right name howe cludes President Jimenez, GoLen Goldsmith, International Representative of not to engage in any subver. ver coarse: to tell plain facts vernor Navas of Colon not bad company for the others.
the and of the United Public Workers of sive activities against the Unit in plain words.
ed States Government. The America arrived at the Albrook Field Air ter Silver employees that are med that the staff members evidences of being mindful of We have been reliably infor Governor Mehaffey has shown minal on Saturday, July 13th.
members of a labor union are of the Star Herald were the so called Silver workFor the first time in the history of the Re also contrained not to strike angered by statement er, but they, like other workpublic of Panama an International Representa during the period of their em. that appeared in this column ers. must be mindful of themtive has been sent to investigate the situation in ployment with agencies of the in our last issue. That state selves. No one is agitiating the Canal Zone in regards to the so called silver United States Federal Govern. ment was, The Star Herald against the Governor, we are or jim crowed our initial effort ganizing that all. In Panama worker and to organize them for their struggle It is generally well unders in the ill conceived Color vacations are due after the eleto better the economic and social conditions in tood that a limitation upon the ed Community News section. venth month of service. Does which they now find themselves. right to strike is imposed on We still feel that we were the editor of the Star HeEver since the birth of the Panama Canal, employees engaged in public jim. crowed. Why wasn rald know when a silver the sector of employees designated as silver em utilities, public service and go. a reporter asigned to cover the man gets his first rest leave?
ployees have faced the discriminations handed vernment projets, for stoppage July 4th rally of our Union at It is nice to work 40 hours down by the less democratic sector of Americans of work would be detrimental the National Gymnasium, like days a week but you must eat to public welfare and mainte they most certainly would days you know, 40 times 11 residing on the Canal Zone.
nance of government have done had the meeting cl. or 15 cl. or even 28 cl.
We were forced to cede to the ill treatIt is known to be a fact that taken place on the other side doesn go so far. About ment, not because we were satisfied, but be circumstances over which the of 4th of July Ave. for the being. lucky enough to be cause there was no visible means in the past of large masses of Silver work. purpose of retaining dif assigned quarters. they would putting up a defence against this despotism ers have no control determine ferential? We know of ins prefer having luck with the their wages, their hours of tances when the. Star He National Lottery. Workers without the loss of a job.
Today, after the strugglès and the victories work or not. It may be said rald waged editorial battles in Panama are assuring their of the various Trade Unions in the United States, that the so called Silver em, with other publications. Did old age pension through a Soso called that make enemies of these cial Security tax, Zone Sila ray of hope has been instilled in the minds of Gold employers are equal. apers or did the ovners and ver workers the workers in the Canal Zone. This is one of before the law, but the ine. writers continue to șip cockt cash relief because they the things that led to the birth of the Canal Zone quality of their bargaining ails together? While we neit might possess and odd chair Workers Union.
power in arranging conditions her intend nor expect to be or radio from Sears Roebuck At last we have decided to come together in of employment is obvious. It the drinking companions of the Co. May the Governor and a solid bloc to combat the evils that have kept is forced sale in with the editorial staff of the of the his staff continue to help, but gain not Star Herald we see 10 the workers must continue to us down, mentally, socially, physically, and eco only power over the Silver reason for enmity between us. help themselves by organizing nomically.
employees working conditions, Thirteen years ago during because in the final analysis, It is now two and one half months or more but power over their wages on the negotiations of the Arias God helps him who helps himsince the founding of the Canal Zone Workers which their future fortunes de Roosevelt Treaty, it was with self. So the workers are to Union. Ever since the foundation of the Unionpend as well as over their sa great admiration that we used continue sitting down waiting fety and their very lives. po to read the daily editorials in for due course of time bewe have been advertizing the arrival of a repre wer, moreover, which they did the Star Herald. Today, cause Government actions resentative from the United Public Workers Union not purchase. As stated by Lord however, this is a very dis quire time to cristallize into Now this is a reality, He is here to help Northington, quoted by Pound gusting experience. contri realities? Well in the 42 years. Liberty of Contract in Yale butor to the Mail. Box of of Canal history, there has us organize the unorganized.
He has manifested his surprise at the growth Law Journalisme XVII the Panama American wrote been a lot of cristallizing but of our Union and is deeply impressed by the full truly speaking, free men, but recently that twenty five years sad to say the crystals were cooperation shown by the members he has met. to answer a present exigency, much more of a newspaper little silver lining. They have was always lined with gold, very He has given us some of the important point will submit to any terms which than it is today. The edito and will continue to seek asters in regard to trade unionism and the require the crafty may impose upon rial in the July 13th issue, sistance from elements not ments necessary for the amalgamation of the them.
Canal Zone Workers Union into the United Pub that there is a presing need bent on deceiving, apparently the reason for this is so obIt is therefore quite clear filled with incorrect statements and work on the Canal Zone.
confirm this. An editorial so directly associated with life lic Workers of America, CI.
for organization among the Now the skeptics are out on a limb because Silver workers and any res. silver gold roll division of type of mentallity conceived they are the ones who started the unpleasant trictions would be contrary to human beings, is just shame such criticism rumors concerning the coming of a repre their general welfare and an ful For instance we know of no sentative. Now he is here and this is where our infrigement upon their demo.
cratic rights. survey was conducted to sympathetic congressman, sym.
battles really begin.
prove that the lot of the so. cal pathetic newspaperman led Silver worker has improved even professional labor organduring the last two years. The izer working on the silver Waterfront Activities Man Real thousands of men and women roll of the Canal Zone.
By Pulpo Test marked and so poignant, but found in possession nor in the The has taken Pier 18, Balboa by storm, like the resilience of a rub material things of life, but in Workers, who heretofore had pessimistically predicted that Never in the history of our our movement will be an ignominous failure, are today, membprove that the lot of the so cal the desire to serve and aid ers. This augurs well for the future. Certain members of occupation has the resonance ber ball, we have been able others, to assist those in need, another well known organization have told this writer, that it of the clarion call to every to withstand the ravages of rather than to prejudice is only a matter of time before all of us will be merged as one. alien worker across the bord. time. crushed almost into or adopt discriminatory pracAll this has come about through the unprecedented success of er been more needed than at eternity to emerge again, en tices by endeavoring to estaour initial rally staged on the 4th of July last. It is now up the present time. Like a quar. riched by our own failures, blish that some groups are to us of the UNION to redouble our efforts. The fight has ry scourged to his dungeon, to behold the shafts of malice superior to other groups yet just begun. Let us all get into the thick of the fray. Let us the fate of the alien worker and prejudice recoiling with seeking to minimize the conUNITE: Join the UNION NOW. Support your UNION; not seemed signed and sealed, but contempt by those who would ditions that would yield pe.
only by attending meetings, but also. by buying and reading there has been a grand awake. level them cuniary benefits to the alleyour paper.
ning to discover the failure of in the philosophy of life we gedly inferior groups by means ACCION!
our democratic ideals that all are reminded that the goal for of explotation and other arinen are born equal and free which we are striving is not (Turn to page 3)
TAKE TIME to follow the pursuit happiness.
Take time to work it is the price of success.
The misrepresentation of the Take time to think it is the source of power.
facts of life has at last found Take time to play it is the secret of perpetual youth.
Take time to read it is the foundation of wisdom.
its outlet in the competitive Shoes repaired while you wait Take time to be friendly it is the road to happiness, system of our modern civilization, but is even more proShoes made to order Take time to dream it is hitching your wagon to Take time to low and be loved It is the privilege of the gods nounced in our very midst.
Moderate Prices Workmanship Guaranteed Take time to look arounfl it is too short a day to be selfish. The open assault of the ene.
Take time to laugh it is the music of the soul.
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