The American Senate and the case of Costa Rica The Costa Rican matter was finally submitted to the United States Senate and referred to a subcommittee composed of the following: Senators Williams, Saulsbury and Swanson, Democrats; Senators Lodge and Brandegee, Republicans.
On January 29th of this year, the sub committee reported, unanimously recommending that the United States, Government recognize Tinoco, as the investigations had disclosed nothing on which a continued suspension of diplomatic relations could be based.
Not only did our Government pay no attention to this Committee Report but nothing effective was done to prevent the Gonzalez faction from organizing its revolutionary activities in Nicaragua, a quasi protectorate of the United States. Tinoco was obliged to keep an army mobilized to defend himself against aggression from that neighbor, thereby greatly draining te public treasury. Finally, an assassin, presumably sent from Nicaragua, shot and killed Joaquin Tinoco, the President brother and War Minister, thereby depriving the Government of its real, physical leader. There remained for Tinoco to do one of two things; either continue to defy our State Department and ultimately meet his brother fate, or to throw up his hands. He followed the latter, saner course, by departing 159 Este documento es propiedad de la Biblioteca Nacional Miguel Obregón Lizano del Sistema Nacional de Bibliotecas del Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud, Costa Rica.