Paraphrase of Cablegram received from the Department of State by Consul Chase, August 31, 1910, at 40 AMERICAN CONSUL San José.
August thirtieth. The Department hereby directs you to see that it is publicly known, without delay, that the United States Government cannot in any way consider Mr Quirós as in any way authorised to act as President of Costa Rica.
You are also directed to promptly communicate to the Department all that you may have done in connection with the above and also all happenings resulting there from. This information is to be advised to the Department by cable to avoid delays.
Mr. Francisco Aguilar Barquero who was elected as Designado under the legal Constitution of Costa Rica at the election of Alfredo González Flores, is the proper man now in San José to take the Executive Power. Mr. Barquero should at the very, earliest possible moment hold free and open elections, for the office of President of Costa Rica under the Constitution by which he was elected as Designado.
If this is done it would seem that the proper steps would have been taken to restablish a legal Government in that country which would be worthy of recognition by our Government. firmado) LANSING. El anterior ultimátum fué entregado al señor Presidente de la República, General don Juan Bautista Quirós, por el Cónsul americano en 75 Este documento propiedad de la Biblioteca Nacional Miguel Obregón Lizano del Sistema Nacional de Bibliotecas del Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud, Costa Rica.