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10 10 leaves the Party! That was the general secretary of the Party! Tow students (who do not want to do any work among the students) and one won ker became convinced that an Anti Imperialist League must be founded. They don say word to anybody, write an appeal that an Anti Imperialist Longue was founded, that the Anti Imperialist League is the avant guardo of the prolotariat, that 1t will fight for the seven hour day, that it will fight against Trotskyism and right deviations and Washington. How can such an action on the part of thre. Party members be characterized? At the same time it takes somtimes weeks to publish an appeal of the Party. It is true, the anarchy in our ranks has already partly been liquidated, but we will not be able to root it out to quickly, do not think we should demand the discipline of the WCP in these countries and try to attain 1t by the same means It is a different type of Party member and a different kind of educational methods must be used on them. As you see, there are lots of difficalties with the work here, but we are slowly progressing.
Please consider the questions dealt with and answer at once, 1r possible, have wtitten the letter with an interruption because had a rather bad grippe in the meantime, And you must also excuse the uncloan typing. Firstly, the working conditions are very diffeult, and secondly, am ty as yot a bad typist.
Comradely yours, Ent1 вской эпохи докумЕнты советской эпохи GOS ской эпохи.
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