StrikeWorkers Federation

SOMOCrusarchivos American bosses have begun to flood the markets with their products so that the local supply of fish has decreased only very slowly. This 18 naturally made the strike considerably harder and drawn it out.
Now a 11ttle on the organization of the Viveristas and on the course of the strike the workers in this line are organized in the Union of the Fishermen of Havana Harbor. This is under our leadership.
The union joined the Red Aid enmesse, has a fraction of 15 members, the leadership 81 most exclusively ours. The union is a friliated to the confederation and in adaition to the Federation of Habbor Torkers. The Harbor Workers Federation is composed of six unions of which three are ours and three ere yellow. Ours are the fishermen, Metal Workers, and Shipscarpenters (carpenteros. The yellow ones are the Brazeros, Estibadores, and Calafatos. The Harbor Federation is also affiliated to the Confederation.
Besides, the union there 18 also a Commission (Commision de Inteligents18. This Commision is fought by us but the yellows have their base there. That is a short sketch of the organizational core. When the strike broke out the Strike Committee was elected at a general meeting and the Committee worked together with the leadership of the union. We have the influence over the course of the strike. What are the yellows doing?
When a meeting of the strikers decided to appeal to the SUUL for a solidsrity camps ggn to see to it that no fish be loaded to Havana, the representative of the Federation in the Commission rushed immediately to the police and announced that the red leadership of the strikers is trying to give the strike an international character and that this is against the lan of June 1924. The representatives demanded that the police take action against the union. The matter was handed over to the courts. The representative of the harbor workers are Alfredo Padrone and Carmelo Jarcia.
At the beginning of this month there is a big storm in the harbor, two fishing vessels tore loose from their anchors and were rendered almost useless. Immediately a further complaint of sabotage was made against the union although there was no evidence that the striking fishermen did it.
It is thus obvious that the strikers in the union are being fought from many sides. In order to advance this strike a meeting of the strikers decided to call out the harbor workers on a 24 hours solidarity strike. The yellows of the Federation found themselves forced to confirm the decision so that in principle the strike is already decided. We have decided however, that it is not to be any burocratically proclaimed strike but instead we shall make use of it agitationally. It was therefore decided to put out an appeal to all harbor workers (the appeal has already been distributed)
and to organize meetings in the harbor oursà aves. Yesterday the first meetings took place and were very well received by the workers. We shall hold such meetings throughout this week and then announce the day of the strike.
If we were to rely on the decision of the Federation the strike would inevitably suffer defeat. Shortly before the strike we will give out one or two more appeals. The campaign is not so easy. The Brezeros who are the ma in mass of the yellow unions. are very backward. They belong to half savage religious sect which is alled Nanige. Their membership in the union is only formal, the customs of their sect 13 much more binding on them than any decisions of the union. For this reason a careful preparation of the strike is necessary. Also because harvest strike without the participetion of the Brazeros (Dockers) 1s no strike. The metal workers and the ships carpenters have also decided to do no work whatever for the companies where the strike ds on. In connection with the strike preparitions the authorities have already begun to take action. Proposals of negotiations to avoid the strike have already been made. The Confederation on its part is taking a very active part in this work.
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