seudogrusarchivos inis factory the other marke, the boss even to ne sotzed de cided the stories in this is the boss who haons can be used in early into any business alliances and trade agreements. few days later this factory for which our comrades wanted to propagandize was really bought up by the other manufacturer. What means can be used in this strike? Seven months strike, the boss who has bought up practically all the factories in this line refuses even to negotiate. We have decided therefore to make a little scandal. We organized demonstration of the strikers before the gate of the factory, broke a fer windows, wounded a few strike breakers, and smashed a machine. when the strikers came there the second time they found out that the factory was guarded by the police and the demonstration did not take place. Nine workers were arrested. Afew had arms and were inhumanly beaten and fatally injured (2)
with great difficulty we succeeded in finding where the arrested ones had been taken but one of them we have still not been able to find and we have no idea what they have done with him. This bloodily suppressed unsuccessful attempt at a demonstration made a very bad Impression. The workers know that the government will not stop at anything. This demonstration was not organized by textile workers but by the Fishermen and Hatmakers.
In order to concentrate attention on the strikes we formed a united propaganda Committee of the three strike groups and all the strikers take part in the various strike groups. Despite the bloody manner in which the former demonstration S suppressed we are preparing another one for the next few days.
The couts of this strike of the Fishermen (Viveristas) is altogether different. little on the former working conditions. There are 900 workers tx(about) nearly all Spaniards. emphasize the nationality because the straggle is much harder for foreigners. When a foreign worker is caught doing anything ageinst the ler he is immediately deported. These workers are employed in several companies. They go out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico often going to Progreso (exico) and back. Such a trip lasts month. When they come back to port, the boats are repaired which takes at least two weeks. Since the fishermen work on piece work, these two weeks that they remain in port are starvation weeks. The wages which they earn in the 30 to 35 days of the ttip has to last them for the two weeks or more in which they remain in port. This wege 18 for 50 days 30 that is, less than an unskilled worker. The average is 60 for an absolutely unlimited work day. In the 11ght fishing craft in the gulf. The strike broke out as a defense measure, as the companies wanted to cut the rates. The rate WS for a pound of live fish weighing not less than three pounds and 5é dead for the same weight. Fish weighing less than three pounds are not paid for at sll. The companies wanted to cut off a cent for a pound. The woekers are responsible for the fish until they are taken off at the harbor so that every fish that dies on the trip means a decrease on the rate. Since the bosses are in no rush to take the fish off the workers sustain still more losses even after they have brought the fish into the habbor alive.
Besides the demand to maintain the former rates the workers brought forward a list of new demands. These are in part as follows: The fish must be taken ofe in the course of three days (formerly it might take up to 20 days. the scales of the worker or of the union must be accepted by the bosses; the workers are not to be forced to buy their provisions in the bosses stores, then an exact list of the kind of work which the fishermen are supposed to do so that the bosses cannot use them to take the place of other kinds of harbor workers, etc. The workers are ready to carry through their strike and not to give up any of the demands. They live under terrible conditions, they live in Communes, eat very primitive food that consists almost entirely of fish. The wage is so low that they lead a miserable life. While they get for a potnd of sarucho the same fish is sold in the harbor for 12 to the wholesale dealers. One third is taken off the wages for nets, boat repairs, and other expenses. From the first moment of the strike the North Joxyment CoBecko Onou http: sovdoc. rusarchives. ru