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workers who am in three shops: orlons dissolted nag already lasted worse. It is impossible just to send in any comrade; we have to find people who work there and the trip from here to the next work place costs 30 to 40 one way. However, rather more favorable conditions are to be expected this year than in the past. The Immigration of foreign workers Is now almost completely stopped. Formerly workers from Haiti, Jamaica, Santo Domingo, etc. were contracted. Besides the many difficulties such as finances, distance, military supervision, there was still another great difficulty that these workers who have been brought in did not understand any Spanish. Many spoke French, others English, and in these languages it is almost impossible to make even a leaflet for them. This year It is possible now that only Cuban workers will be working there that some sort of connections can be made more easily. wanted to go myself to the neartest center and talk things over with the friends there and investigate the Psituation. The comrades here however, forbade it since in their opinion At is too hazardous. Soon however as get back what sent to Panzon will perhaps manage to go. It is a most important question and you must think over how to find means for this work. The next important question is the question of a present strike. In connection with the strike thete is som ething extremely remarkable. have tried to get information on the course of the last strike which took place. In the last months there have been nobix economic struggles and all the smaller strikes were played out.
How played outy The strike of the Lwers has already lasted a year. In the enterprises strike breakers are working who have already been working there a whole year. In the Federation they established a workshop where a few workers are occupied. This is no longer a strike, There are several similar cases. The workers who go on strike seldom ever get back into the enterprise. Thus you have something resembling a permanent strike or somewhat similar to the miners strike in Czechoslovakia there is no such thing 88 a dost strike. Now there is a second strike group, the textile workers.
These are not textile workers who manufacture cloth, they are young women workers who make hosiery. All cloth is imported from the u. The strike was declared in three shops. Soon after one factory was liquidated, another where the workers were victorious dissotted and reppened in a neighboring city, and in the thttd factory the strike has already lasted seven months This thitd factory is going ahead with full speed, all the places are occupied by strike breakers who have already been working seven months.
There are a 175 workers on the street. In addition It must be noted that these few strikes did not take place on economic demands but on the basis of recognition of the union. The last 175 textile workers have been on strike for seven months without a single economic demand. It is clear that even if they wanted to withdraw their demand they would not be able to do that either any more. boycott was declared on the products of this factory, but this weapon has been used far too much here and therefore hes no longer any effect. Every leaflet ends with Buy no stockings.
and so Drink no Tropical Beer. Buy no hats. etc. In addition the boycotts are declared quite mechanically. Now there is a new boycott Eat no satucho. On the question of the boycott of stockings some absolutely ludicrous proposals have been made recently. Perhaps a boycott does do some sort of damage and another manufacturer tried to take advantage of it.
He called in a few strikers and told them that he is ready to give some of them jobs on the condition that the Union declares that all workers and sympathizers should buy only the stockings that he manufactures. had a great deal of trouble to prevent this business alliance of our people with this shrewd manufacturer. He could have had some fine advertising at a very cheap price. also have a suspicion that the first manufacturer who is an American will buy up the factory which we would have advertised and we would then have been advertising making an advertising campaign for the boycotted monufacturer. This argument was more convincing to the comrades (sad to say) than the argument that in our strike tactics we cannot enter COACH Документы Советской эгории http: soydoc. rusarchives. ru are occupied by strikean the street.
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