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ISOWLOCATI approved our position. But the masses wait and ask; what does the Party think? The demonstration made a very favorable impression. There Is now a feeling that with good preparation we can lead the masses under their own slogans on the streets an spite of the terror. This is exactly the difficult position of the Party. The fascists mele use of our comparative silence and state in their filthy news sheets that the Communists also recognize that all revolts and demonstrations against the government are only the work of the aristocracy and that this movement is foreign to the working class. We could possibly take the initiative of a strike and might also be successful. But now as formerly November) a strike which most probably would have still more bloody consequences than formerly, would also be made use of by the opposition. That is how the situation is.
Any revolutionary movement of the workers at the present moment waould lead either to intervention of the American troops or seizure of power by the opposition. think that you will not misunderstand these considerations of mine in the sense of liquidationist moods. want only to picture for you in a few lines the rather dirricult sttuation in which we find ourselves.
We are acting on the basis of raising the movement to a higher plane through struggling for partial demands. You must know however, that it is difficult to carry out such struggles for partial demands successfully under this terror regime. will have more to say about the strike. It is damably hard to make any deeper analysis since maxkaXeXnABXnxenxxxtxsex there is not even any bourgedusie press The end of this month or the beginning of next we expect manouvres of the American Nevy and Air Force in Cuban waters.
Several hundred (some say several thousand) w111 take part in these mane ouvres. That tx already looks 11ke a preparation for intervention. It is highly characteristic that the government has promised partial modification of the state of siege in those areas where the American troops will land in order that the soldiers can enjoy the affairs, dances, etc. which the population. is preparing for them. repeat that it is not excluded that in the near future the question of our participation or our forcing awr of a strike would become immedlate again. MEKOTOKOLIDNOX There is still a lot of bluff over the Chadbourne Plan. Since the Germans have given their XERERENExtaxtkettrex agreement (apparently)
to limitation of export (whereupon the Cubans renounced the export of 750, 000 tons of sugar. the Germans have now the right to export up to 1, 750, 000 tons) preparations are now being made for carrying through the sugar harvest (zafre. small extract from a government announcement about this preparation This week there will be a conference of the Minister of Internal affairs, War and Marine regarding measures for the harvesting, these measures w111 be much more energetic this year than in the past, for participation in the harvest all military units which are under the direction of the military chters of the Districts shall be drawn in; also the cavalry and some sections, of the air force. The military groups which are assigned have unlimited right to use firearms. The Ministry of the Interior together with the War Department are also organizing a secret service in the sugar plantation districts in order to fight any attempts, etc. This order leaves no doubt whatever that it will be a bloody zafre. We must finally see to it that a union of suger workers be organized in Cuba. We have everything, we have tailors, shoe makers, waiters, carpenters. we have everything but we have no sugar workers. It is clear that if nothing was done up until now in the years of so to speak comparitive quiet, xax it will now be almost impossible. w111 however, do everything possible to try and force some kind of work. But without your support we will not even be able to begin anything. It is a difficult job because ruthless terror prevails there; 1t wes so informer years and as you read, above it will now be still Документы Советской эпохи http: soydoc. rusarchives. ru