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JAMAICA Size of Island. 4, 450 2 Square Miles qual to 2, 848, 160 acres Population 1921 estimato. 953, 768. Kungoton, approximately 90. 00 acending to ai canaus che topulatim war derided into the following groups: Bllachd 660. 410, Colored Imepud element. 157. 223 mbete.
74. 476, last Ju dianis. 610, Clunes 696. not statel 693.
Government: The political constitution of Jamaica consists of a Coverner (appointed by the Crown for six years, a Privy Council and a Legislative Counc41.
ЕСКОЙ ЭПОХ archivos The Privy Council consists of the Senior 1111tary 111cort, the colonial Secretary, the Attorney General and eight other persons named by the Crown. This is a Consultative body.
The Legislative Council consists of the Governor as President, five 01TIcio members, consisting of the Senior Military officer, the Colonial Secretary, the Attorney General, director of Public Works and Collecter General, ten nominated members and fourteen elected members. To be eligible as a member of the Legislative Council, a candidate must have an annual income of. 150 (1750) arising from land owned by him and paying direct taxes or import duty to the amount of. 10. 50. The Governor presides over the Legislative Council and has an original and deciding vote. Ex officio and nominated members cannot vote for resolutions and laws imposing new taxation or appropriating revenue in certain cases.
Voting Qualifications. Out of a population of 858, 118 In 1921 there were 42, 267 voters on the list. male voter must be 21 yoars old, owner of property, or receiving a salary or wages of at least 50 250) per annum. He must pay taxes to the amount of 10 shillings. 2, 50. Female voters must be 25 years old and pay taxes to the amount of. (020) per year. No person is permitted to vote who has received relief from public or parochial funds. 1927 28 under (65. 00) 174, 315 2110. 00) 21, 089 23 up 26, 611 Total Taxpayers KOKTOO ГСКОЙ ЭПОХИ 222, 0115 Total properties on which taxes were paid in 1928. 179, 046 Education: Schools 1926 27, 672. Students on Books. 122, 337 Average Attendance. 75, 073 In 1921. those who can read and write. 389, 376 ской эпохи Документы советской элии http: sovdoc. rusarchives. ru