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Документы советской эпохи ISOLOTICS for labor unions to register with the state.
While the franchise is extended to all, the fact that a taxation qualification is imposed, reduces considerably the member of workers who are eligible to vote. Despite this, the workers are rapidly attaining political consciousness. In the last few years, there has been a great deal of agitation to elect only natives (non whites) to the Legislative Counc11. One of the main political issues in the last election w89 this question of electing only natives. At the present timo out of the fourteen members composing the counc 11, at least ten are natives.
Realizing the restiveness of the masses and the unreliab1lity of the army which often openly rebelled, the British Government disbanded the Jamaica regiment composed of natives and replaced them by Scottish Highlanders.
The present situation in the Island of Jamaica makes it an excellent field for real work. The workers are ready to be organized, but there is no one there with any real experience to do the work. This As Virgin Soll for our propaganda and our Party must at all cost, immediately take advantage of the situation to lay the foundation OX of a movement thore. Without the actual lonowledge of the situation and the contact necessary one can hardly appreciate the favorable opportunities for comunist work, It must also be borne in mind that unlike the there are no racial problems to speak of.
Garvey racial agitation is artificially stimulated. The white population is very small, composed mainly of officials, business men and a small coterie of clerks. All the work, skilled and unskilled is done by native labor. Besides, the class lines are quite rigid and blunt. The bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie is largely colored. Though the masses are not class conscious, tho class issue is peramount in spite of Garvey racial propaganda.
Under such conditions, our work 11 proporly handled, must be successful. And it is our communist duty to Inmediately tackle this situation and build a strong movement in the West Indies.
ONEET To this end make the following recommendations. As a prerequisite, a comrade should be sent tonediately to the West Indies, going to Jamaica first to continue the work ve started. concreto program of activities should be worked out by the Party at once. The trade union committee or the TUUL fraction, in conjunction with the Negro Department must immediatoly work out a plan for the building of trade unions in the Islands. These committees akoula at once discuss the work started in Jamaica and prepare plans to continue and to activize the work. The Anti Imperialist League, should take under consideration the formation of branches of the League in the West Indies. Suitable literature should immediately be sent to connections in the West Indies. The Labor Unity, Daily Worker and other propaganda literature should be sent for free distribution.
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