OU SHOX ОКУМЕНТЫГратской по The economic condition of the workers is most miserable. The great mass of laborers are in a most poverty striken condition. They receive miserably low wages and are compelled to work under the most oppressive conditions. The army of unemployed is growing ever larger and is reaching a critical stage. Being unorganized, they are at the mercy of the employers, partioularly the bis foreign corporations and the absentee lanáholders. The United Fruit Co. one of the largest employers of labor, owing and controlling large banana plantations in the Island and operating banana carrying steamship line, pays their workers who slavo on the banana fields and thoso who do the loading, a mere pittance. The Jamaica Public Service Co. a Canadian concern, Controls and operates the electric power and the street car systems, paying their workers a starvation wage, employing white inspectors, whose ma in job it is to spy on the workers and to turn thom in on the flimsiest charges, against which the workers have no redress and for which they are laid off or fined. Tho workers aro an easy prey to the bourgeoisie, both white and black. To give an idea of the terrible exploitation of the workers, will cite the prevailing rate of wages of a few trades and other occupations: Trade wares MEHTUI COLOMONOXIN Carpenters 25 to 75 per day Painters 12 50 o per day Bricklayers 25 Printers (Linotype operators. compositor)
26. 00 per week Motomen conductors (10 years service and up) 21 per hour Early shift shrs. 20 per day Late shift hrs. 48 less than 10 years Home. 17 servico)
Waitresses 00 to 00 10 to 11 hrs. per day per week Domesties 00 per week Laborers (Construction workers). 75 to 00 per day Banana Carriers (loaders) 43 per hundred bunches clerks (store) 10. 00 to 15. 00 per week hours per day The cost of living, particularly in Kingston is comparatively high.
Most workers are therefore compelled to live in one or two room houses and can hardly secure the bearest necessities of life.
Driven by such brutal exploitation, the workers often go on strice spontaneously and many of these strikes develop into rlots. number of such strikes occurred lately among the longshoromen, construction workers, tobacco workers and even the police force. One of the most important strikes known as the Dadling Street Riot was put down with force. This was a strike of construction workers who were getting 75 cents per day and had struck, demanding 50. The police who were receiving 60 cents per day, stuck and are now getting 50 per day. It is interesting to note that the police were aided by the civilians, who in groups broke into stores and other business placos.
Sinco the Dailing Street Riot a law was passed making it corpulsory стой эпохи Документы советской элоки http: soydoc. rusarchives. ru