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own mind to achieve an end, w111 the laborer be so foolish and silly as to kick him off the world. There is nothing enslaving labor, but labor itself. This is his bia for capitalist support.
As a result of the debate managed to get a few statemonts in the press, but what is most important, some of the workers (Garveyites)
came around asking me to help them form trade unions. immediately seized the opportunity, organized a committee and scheduled a number of meetings. The first two meetings (open air) were called off because of rain. arranged an indoor meeting, distributed circulars and had an attendance of about 200 workers from various trades. The workers were very responsive, they asked questions and participated in the discussion, reporting on the conditions in their respective trades and occupations. Thoy decided to hold another indoor meeting so as to get a larger audience and to take practical steps towards organizing trade unions. The second meeting was held on September 6th with about 300 workers in attendance.
This was a very enthusiastic and responsive meeting and after my speech and discussion from the floor, we proceeded with the formetion of a skeleton organization. We appointed committees of all the trades represented, assigning then the task of carrying on tho propaganda work in their respective trades, with the purpose of forming local labor unions. larger committee composed of the chairmen of these local conmittees was formed. The purpose of this committee is to aid and supervise the work of these local bodies and also to work out plans for the formation of a federation of the local unions to be formed. No definite name had been decided on at the time left, but a suggestion was made to call the organization: The Jamaica Trades and Labor Union.
Ickon: The trades of which committees were organized are as follows: Carpenters, masons, painters, tailors, domestics Laborers (including longshoremen) mechanics, Dressmakers, Sugar Boller Workers, Bakers, Officemen, Clerks, Trairmen.
On September 9th we held an open air meeting with an audience of about 500 people. This meeting was very successful and a large number of workers gave in their names and expressed their readiness to join the union. So far we have enrolled about 200 workers. It must be stated hero that ve had to work almost solely through members of the A, and that a large number of those who attended my meetings are members of that organization. In fact, the chairman of my meetings who is also chairman of the large committee stated above, is one of the Vice Presidents of the Kingston division of the He is an ad laborite and was formerly secretary of a trade union in Jamaica, affiliated with the of It is also interesting to note the statement he made in opening the first meeting. He saia (no doubt referring to tho Convention. We ve had a lot of sentiment and emotion, but tonight we re gathered here to do some practical work and to get some tangible results.
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