ой эпохи TGIJOS ДОКУМЕНТЫ СОВЕТСКОЙ ЭПОХИ bilowdocrisarchivos The Convention legislated a number of things. The buying of agricultural lands, the erection of factories, the launching of a new Steamship line, etc. etc. But the most important decision was the raising of 600, 000, 000 dollarg in the period of 10 years, to put the program into effect. Tho Convention also decided to edopt the following name for the organization: The Universal Negro Improvement Association. of August 1929) of the World. This is to distinguish it from the I, A, Inc.
The number of delegates to the Convention was approximately 145.
The composition of the delegation according to Nationality and country is as follows: Representation Representing America. 73 West Ind leg Central America Nationality American. 57 West Indians 75 40 Jamaica Canada Africa СКОЙ Canadians. і ОКУМЕНТЫArrican, TCTO Эпохи 136 Il sovdOGUS Total The balance have not been able to chssify. It is significant that not one dole gate come from Africa and not even a letter or cablo was sent to the Convention. The delegate representing Africa was a missionary there at one time but left Africa many years ago.
Due to change back to Africa he fact that Garvey bday the centre The most important phase of the Convention must be taken note of: Due to changed conditions, the policy and program of Garvey is being altored. The back to Africa idea is slowly being pushed to the background. This in spite of the fact that Garvey has advanced new theory, that of African or race imperialism. Today the centre of attention is the West Indies. Painting a glowing picture of Negro domination of the West Indies, where they are the vast majority of the population, Garvey has been able to divort the attention of the delegates from Africa. But the reason behind all this is the fact that Garvey is going in for practical politics in the Island of Jamaica. He has organized the Peoples Political Party. In the coming election in January he w111 place candidates for the legislativo Council in the fourteen oloction districts. He is also a cand idate for the legislature. His ambition is to dominate the Island politically if he can get enough support and elect his candidates. To this end ho has come out in unmistakable terms in favor of capitalism, In a recent article Garvey says: Capitalism is necessary to the progress of the World, and those who reasonably and wantonly oppose or fight against it are enemies to human advancement; but there should bo limit to the individual or corporate use or control of it. Not only this, he has come out in support of one of the most labor hating candidates, though his platform is tinged with liberalism in order to deceive the masses. The planks in his political platform are: e to who leg 12 Political Platform of Marcus Garvey: Representation in the Imperial Parliament for a larger modicum of self government for Jamaica. Protection of native labonte nuBa nox http: soydoc. rusarchives. ru