Sept. 20, 1931 Deor Comrades: KYMEHTII COBETCKOMONOX Upon examining the circular of the CB on the recruiting campaign of the 0, Pls.
and El Comunista 14, dedicated to this campaign, the Latin American Secretariat of the approves the resolution of the CB on the recruiting campaign as well as the mothods of developing samo.
The indication of the bureau is not completely correct when it says that the minImam of the literature to be published by the Parties is to be two manifestos to the peasants and the unemployed. This can be falsely understood by the Parties as an advice to put the major attention on the recruiting of new members for the CP among the unemployed in comparison to the recruiting among the workers in the enterprises. Howevor, 1t is necessary to insist on the publication of manifesto addressed to the workers in the enterprises.
MENTOS It is also necessary to stress that the indications on the percentage of the distinot social groups during the recruiting must not be understood mechanically, particu larly when the percentage of workers recruited may be surpassed in cases where the recruiting is carried out successfully (but this recruiting of workers must be done without weak oning the attention given to the recruiting of pensants, for example. It would be very desirable 1, in the future, the bureau give directives on the darrying out of the campaign, differentiating the campaign by countries in accordance with the respective conditions in each one and also taking into consideration tho state of the s.
OLOTOX LAPIN AMERICAN SECRETARIAT Докуярај советской гурки We would like you to send us regularly reports on the development of the campaign Fittp: sovdoc. rusarchives. ru