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OX po them you that 24 016743 17 JUN 1991 confidential, TOKYMERTUKOBE KOD TO THE CARIBBEAN BUREAU OF HE CI. The Latin American Secretariat of the BCCI considers it necessary to make certa in zemarks concerning the first number of the organ of the Caribbean Bureau El Communists (for May)
published by you.
OBECKOVINO The Secretariat thinks it advisable to delete the word official from the heading of the paper. While recognising as correct the line of the paper which was indierted in the article The Role and Tasks of the official Organ of the Bureau and also recognising the political line to be correct on the whole in the other articles, the Secretariat nevertheless notes the following mistakes in the articles Our Actual Tasks in Cuba and Our Imediate Tasks in Nicaragua and Honduras. In the article on Caba: a) For tactical and conspirative reasons, note should not have been made that this article is a commentary on The Instructions of the Caribbean Bur sau sent to the corp cube.
This artiele should have been published as an article, and not as a commentary on the instruet ions. because it is not necessary for anyone except the OP to know the contents of the instructions which it receives.
ДОКУМЕНТЫ СОВЕТСКОЙ ПОИ b) The chief mistake of this article (and probably of your letter, a copy of which we have not yet received in spite of our requests) is that you do not distinguish between the nationalist party on the one hand and the national movement which Romano 183 Документы Советской элии http: sovdoc. rusarchives. ru