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is doing in the Confederation. But he has lately conducted a correspondance with the affiliated unions in Hababa and in the province, against the Party and has half of ficially prepared for the split. es negotiated with the yellow unions to call congress, All failures in the trade union field he ascribed in his private letters to the Communist majority. And finally he gave a declaration to the local government (the governor) that the Confederation acts against the decisions of Camaguey, thet 10 ostablishes connections with the CSLA and that he resigns because in the Confederation overy thing is carried out by brutal moting majority of one group(1. gave this declaration also to the bourgeois press. Clorrly this is a plain provocation, have prepared a political resolution and proposed that he should be expelled from the unien as a provocator. The resolution was for some kind of reasons not put to vote, out he was expelled from the union anyway. In the next few days a new General Secretary shall already take over th work, wo acted very cautiously this time. But this Pilar Herora is under these conditions st111 dangerous for us.
All these circumstanors force us to carry through a big reorganization in our ranks, to draw attention mainly to the trade unions. One of our most important taske, in orderts to take the initiative of calling the congress away from our enemies, to let the workingelass public know about such provocations as Pllar Herero s, scitzeutitestit to defeat the attacks of the Yellons, is the publication of newspaper of the Contoderation. This is at the present moment vital question. One cannot say everything through manifestos. newspaper could help the consolidation of the labor movement.
One must not forget that we are the only trade union center. And the workers mon only 11ttle about the Confederation from the bourgooie press, be the porposal that, until we have the possibility to publish our om paper, thoro Rosa be a special shoot for Cubs in the Obrero del Caribe. That is, there should be a Cuba page in every issue. One could do the same for Mexico and from time to time for the other Carribean countries. But the comrades here are absolutely against 1t. You know, wanted to 111 two birds with one stroke; firstly, the Oabans should have a substituto for a paper of their om, socondly, our little organ should be more popularized. Anyway, considering this situation, 1t is very urgant that the guestion of the congress and of the paper is solved. Until then, you must send more copies of the Obrero del Caribe. The comrades ask oven for 500 copies. But think that 500 is too much. But you should send 250 copies, ou It is voorganshow to solved.
Cribe 18 too much.
To finish up, want to tell you that all these problems have to be solved under extremely difficult conditions. The terror is increasing every day. since have been heren we have now the third assortment of the CC of the Party. The trade union commission with which had prepared a number of important questions to on account of the arrest of a marbor of comrades absolutely incapable of working. We have no con negation with the province. Therrible things are happening there, Porced labor in the ingenios, torror. For the second time drowned workers were found in Habana Barbor, with chained hands, whom the sea throw on the bench. The state of slege was yesterday prolongned for an indefinito time by the parliament. It is clear that work is not easy under these circumstances. But there is also a number of other difficulties. think that Cuba has the best organization in the whole of conto Central America. There is no doubt for me about this. The Party has masses and mass organizations, But the main difficulty is that it has no loadorehip, no active, There is no tradition in the Party and no discipline. In some casos directly anarchist actions. One can never be sure that a directive which has been hashed through in all details, is carried out even to a minimum. In some casos irresponsible, not thought over reports of the comrades who work legally have resulted in wron directives, In my situation dopend absolutoly on what the comrados toll me. In the beginning believed the comradas everything. But onforutnately soon found out that all reports can only be takon quite relatively. am informed on something, the next day, when there 19 a dotoat, one gives diftorent motives. It speaks for itself, when tell you that about 15 of the comrades in Habana City have procedures before the Control Commission! Or the following case, The goneral secretary of the Party, a tobacco workor refuses to publish an appeal pt the fraction in the tobacco workers union. When we criticized this wrong action in the CC and explained him that such an appeal mast absolutely be pub11ehed, he voted for this proposal and the next day. sent a les note that he CKOKOLO Документы Советской эпохи TE http: soydoc. rusarchives. ru statut