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htu sowdocus fraction work was entirely neglected. In those unions which are still in our Contodoration we have absolutoly no fraction.
The weak spot in our position is that no congress has boon alled since 1925 All attacks of the Yellows and of the hostile unions which are represented in our center, that we have the leadership 11legally as we do not want to cell congress, 1t is hard to fight the s6 at tacke, as it is true that a trade union center cannot work 6 years without a congress. It has already been tried in various quarters to forco this congress upon us. Some wooks ago, at the presentation of flag, Machado promised them his support in the calling of a congress, in order to call congress etxuko txart eckt xtxarteich shall unitd the whole labor movement, which he has always been a friend. The yollow unions have several times proposed financial aid to call the congress. thinkt that if the yellow unions and those that are still with us, make any agreement about a congress, it will be the sharpeet weapon against us. The Torsadores will support such a congress wholeheartedly. In order not to create any misunderstanding, wish to emphasize that there 1e no other center beside the Confederation and it is therefore possiblo that the celling of a general workers contress under the domagogie slogan of unity will be BUCcorsful. That such a slogen can find support among the mass was shown to me in the case where that it cost me a lot of work to convince our own comrade, the secretary of the Federation and member of the coc. of the Party, that it is absolutely out of the question to call a congress with the money which the yellow Torcedores union is offering. It is clear slogan congress of the unions at any prico, with or Without the Reds will find many supporters among the MSSOS mot be taken in consideration that the Party as well as the Confederation have already compromized them selves several times through a united front, rith the treacherous leaders of the yellow unions. If then afterwards we call those it from we havo formed a hunited front 1t does not make to tapres a good impression.
It can be soon from the facts shortly mentioned above, that it is a question of first class importance to call a congress. congress of our ow, That it is absolutely high time to prepare already for this congress. If we do not call the congress, 1t will be called by our enemies. As the political crieis will not be solved, the Nationalists will at last came to power, or, 17 the status quo remeins (which is absolutely impossible. those who will not have the porer, will be interested rather to have a yollow, half yellow Confederation and to help strangle us. congress, propered by us under revolutionary elogans, testattetxtktattutte with participation of the province, can lead us out of this blind alley and at last for a clear line of detercation between the revolutionary and the yellow trade union movement. congress called by us, will lead to a regrouping in the relation of forces in the working class in our favor. It will not be an agitational congress 11ke the CSUM had in Mexico, where a grand bluff was made but practically no organization built and here only declaration sof affiliation wore made. The preparations must start already now and this will be our argument against the prepared attack, At the same time with the preparation of the congress we must prepare for the formation of an agricultural workers union, To have now the possibility to do this in connectionsgate with the Zafra. sex send you through other channole a manifesto about the Zafre which we will use in our paper for this agitation, wrote already previously about the general secretary of the Confederation, Pfler Herere, a Negro, non perty port worker. He was quite good as an agitational ligure, but for a quiet time and with a firm Berty leadership. He has taken a position of benevolent neutrality towards the Party. The united fronts were very desirabl. to him Home very flattored by the rolo ho played in them. very sont Imental guy, ambitious and bureaucratived. When the Party demanded a break with the Comitet Conjunto he obeyed only under great pressure and sent privato letters to the Yellows that it was only put through by a majority of votos and that he personally is against this left tastic. The Wollows very càoverly made use of his ambition and always told him that he 18 a victim of the Comerniato. Nobody in the Party was to tell what no one http: soydoc. rusarchives. ru