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ENGLISH SECTION The Call of the Russian Revolution By Zilda Kahan Coates ing model co operative farms side by side with, allowing the peasantry to work privately as much land as any man and his family can himself manage) and by propaganda.
Of course, the Bolsheviks have In times of revolution, when events the other hand, the only raison etre made mistakes and are learning in change rapidly, more efficient and for the existence of the dictatorship the hard school of experience. Let more rapidly working organs of rep of the proletariat is to do away with he who is infallible among us cast the resenting the workers vies must be all classes in society. In accordance first stone. But for three years they contrived, and, since the needs of the with the universal dialectic law, it have held a whole world of enemies times give rise to the necessary insti contains withing itself the germs of at bay and this in spite of the war tutions, as there arose the workers. its own destruction. So soon as it has weariness of its people; in spite of soldiers and peasants Soviets. The become completely and firmly estab the fact that the revolution started elections to these taking place in the lished it ceases to be a dictatorship, because of the miseries brought on workshop, trade or organization, the for in a society in which citizenship by the war.
electors have their real needs, the is based on work there is no longer a n spite of the fact that neither the real facts of their life ever present class to be oppressed or dictated to, Czar, nor Milinkoff; nor Kerenski, before them when electing represent and the dictatorship of the proletariat could cope with desertion and the atives, and since the electors also is transformed into the co operative unwillingness of the peasantry to fight, possess the power of recall at any commonwealth.
Trotzky has been able to raise a Red time, these representatives really have Another class of critics Marxians army which has so far beaten off all a chance of representing their electors to wit, who, however, have made of comers; and yet, side by side with instead of misrepresenting them. And Marxism a dogma instead of regard this, an enormous amount of educative, it is to the great merit of the Bol ing it as a method for unravelling the cultural, economic and organizing sheviks that they saw the importance facts and processes of history urge work has been accomplished by our of the Soviets or councils at the very another criticism of the Bolshevik rev. Bolshevik Comrades. Naturally, the start of the revolution, and long be olution, namely, that Russia was not capitalist governments could not stand fore they themselves had a majority ripe for a Socialist revolution, that it by and see such a colossal attempt at within these Soviets their battle cry must first pass through the stages of Communist organization work itself within and without the two provisio capitalism an so forth. To reason thus out to a successful conclusion, England, nal governments that preceded the is to ignore altogether the close inter particularly, with its historic, selfNovember revolution was Al power connection of the whole world. The imposed mission of looking after the to the Soviets.
Russian town workers had already welfare of all other nations and, if Of course, this means the dictator largely gone through the school of necessary, saving them from their ship of the proletariat, for it gives no capitalism; they could see clearly, both own selves, as it is now, for instance, voice to any of the parasitic elements at home and abroad, where it was saving Ireland from its Sinn Feiners, of society in the direction of its affairs. leading to, and precisely because in undertook the protection and support Therefore, say unthinking, even so Russia the capitalist classes were not of every White general who cared to called Socialist, critics, you have sim so strongly intrenched in power as proclaim, himself supreme ruler of ply substituted the dictatorship of one their brothers in western Europe, there Russia and rushed to his destruction class by that of the other the Have fore, it was the more easy to throw in a vain attempt to overthrow BolNots have simply taken the place of off their yoke and establish at one shevism. France has done her part the Haves. Nothing of the kind. For bound, at any rate, the first begin toward this undoubtedly, but without the dictatorship of the proletariat is nings of a Communist order. The English support, without the infamous merely the first stage in the abolition size of the country and the fact that blockade of Russia kept up by the of all classes in society.
it could, if need be, be made mainly English fleet, we should not have, Capitalist society is based on the self supporting, were also importart witnessed the terrible amount of sufexistence of a governing and a gov factors contributing to the success of fering gone through by Russian men, erned, an exploiting and exploited the venture. Of course, the peasantry women and children.
class. Within its own framework it is by no means Conriunist yet. But The governing class of «Perfidious could not, it if would, do away with much can be done, and is being done, Albion, with its unctuous professions the exploited, the working class. On by example (that is, by the state work of horror at atrocities while itself TINTORERIA de Carlos Peralta RESTAURANT EUROPA VERME OL CARLOS VENTURA, Propietario Tintas alemanas para Seda, Lana y Algodón Colores bellos y firmes. PRECIOS ECONÓ.
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