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Núm. 51.
VIA LIBRE ENGLISH SECTION The Call of the Russian Revolution By. Zilda Kahan Coates at the estabı the United his meaning of the to break out as they are allowed by another to a thoroughly grasped knowledge of the last great attempt at the establishment of a working class republicnamely, the Paris Commune of 1870. the second Russian revolution became a splendidly organized attempt With the present issue of VIA LIBRE we are starting an English Section for our numerous at the establishment of a real work.
English speaking readers. The first is a most valuable article bearing upon the meaning of the Russian Revolution, reprinted from the leading socialist paper in the United States. The New ers republic.
York Call.
The Bolshevik coup of November We expect in time to be able to improve this section with direct contributions. But in the meantime, we shall give special attention to furnishing our English readers with select socialist shook the world as it had never been literature.
shaken before. It became the starting point of a new era. Small wonder that When the first revolution broke one set of masters as against the there were shrieks of dismay from the out in Russia in March, 1917, it was other. It was evidently pure class hailed by the so called progressive and instinct which bourgeois governments of the whole led the imperialist world and cries of disapproval from democratic forces of western Europe Milinkoff, who had always striven Socialists imbued through and through as a great, beneficent event. True, not to be in opposition to his majwith bourgeois morality and modes they said and even Socialists said esty (the Czar. but to lead his majof thought. Pacifists opportunists, to this the revolution was somewhat esty opposition. to declare in the whom the very word revolution is untimely; the war of libération, the Duma before the first revolution that anathema, repudiate the Bolshevik war to free all the small nationalities it victory should mean revolution use of force to crush their enemies.
oppressed by Germany and Austria he would rather the country were (Would these goud souls have had the was for the moment even more impor defeated.
Bolsheviks fold their arms and allow tant than gaining freedom from Czar Naturally! Even though circumthemselves to be slaughtered by indom, and should have been fought to stances might thrust upon him the ternal and external White bands, we a successful conclusion first.
role of a leader in a mild bourgeois wonder. They deplore, moreover, the Nevertheless, as everyone was revolution, once such a dangerous abolition of the bourgeois parliament convinced that the revolution simply element is let loose there is no knowand forms of democracy. They do not signified the downthrow of Czarist ing where it might not lead to. There see that the change from a society absolutism, in order to establish upon is no knowing what the horny handed based on the exploitation of one class its ruins the absolutism of the bour sons of toil might not get it into their geois, whether in the form of a heads to do if once they are allowed by another to that of a society based on the co operative work of all its constitutional monarchy or bourgeois to break out! And so, indeed, it republic, the world the bourgeois the world the bourgeois members requires machinery of a turned out!
quite different nature. The bourgeois world and its Socialist patriotic and November 7, 1917, the world was parliamentary system has to be smashdemocratic hangers on regarded the startled by news of a new outbreak ed, not because we are against derevolution with equanimity on the of revolution in Russia. The Kerenmocracy, but because such a form of whole. After all, the Czarist regime ski government had been playing democracy is unsuitable for a working was so corrupt that even the great about, fiddling, while Russia was class republic. The parliamentary mawar to end war could not be carried almost literally burning. The workers chine, with its electoral rights based on successfully. With the government and peasants demanded peace and on directly in the hands of the bourgeois, bread; the revolutionary government residential qualification and its electoral divisions, was an excellently however, war and imperialism could gave them a renewal of war and slow going machine, exactly suitable be pursued much more vigorously, the death penalty (which in the first to the needs of the dominating class.
while the Socialist patriots and those flash of the revolution had been With money, the press, the schools and to whom Socialism and revolution abolished. The Bolsheviks did not were but ideals of the far distant carry out their revolution pulpits at the disposal of the bourby force; geoisie, with the possibility of nursing future, also thought that, with the it was the masses who forced them constituencies for years by charitable bourgeois regime firmly and comfort to interpret their intense desire not to ably established the Russian Socialists allow the fruits of revolution to turn and other means, the workers can be consoled with the appearance of powwould be able to settle down, like into Dead Sea fruit. The Bolshevik er without ever having a chance to their Western brethren, to the not revolution was a real mass revolution too strenuous but interesting, slow a revolution demanded by the will taste its substance.
and steady propagation of ideals. and the life interests of the workers. To be continued)
But all these idealists, together soldiers and the poverty stricken peaswith the Russian and Western bour ants. Left to themselves, the masses CAREYERIA de Fco. HUEZO geois, reckoned without the hosts of might have broken out into a series La preferida del turismo y las gentes de the Russian peasants and workers, of sporadic revolts which would have buen gusto Surtido completo en objetos de Carey. MONEY EXCHANGE.
who, having suffered for ages under been repressed by the Kerenski rev.
Calle del Comercio. Puntarenas. Apartado No. 122 the yoke of absolutism, landlordism olutionary government with blood and, more recently, capitalism; who, and iron in the time honored fashion.
Botica Nacional worn out by the terrible privations But led by men and a party of conPaso de la Vaca endured in the war and its misman vinced Marxian Socialists, with a Depósito permanente y exclusivo del faagement both at the front and the clear knowledge of the roots and moso VERMICIDA INFANTIL. Salvador rear, were not prepared to lay down consequences of the class struggle, de nillares de niños atacados del terrible mal de lombrices.
their lives again merely to strengthen with an understanding ot history and OSTAVIO SABORIO, PROP IETRIOA