a. u rr raw a. I,. WW. y. H. WW Z, Pu in. New Mauricio. l917. 1 The changing character of the revolutionary movements in Russia. when compared with those of twenty and more years ago. is illustrated by the fact, that between l8! and l890 two thirds of the political prisoners were intellectuals. la the period l90l l903 their number had decreased to one quarter and between l906 l9ll to one tenth of the. total number of politiul offenders. Fifteen fellow workers of the in San Francisco have been charged. with having conspired and agreed together and with each other unlawfully willfully and feloniously to make or con. vey false statements with intent to interfere with, the operations for the success of the military and naval forces.
of the United SIaIes. etc! The charge is based directly on memo bership of the that, these people have received cards of member ship and had vdted in mee ting of the :l. We paid dues and distributed literature and subscribe to certain principles which interfere with the succea of iv the military and naval forces and obstruct recru ting and enlistment. Funds to be sent to the Fresco Workers LIbeIi. ation League. 85 Third St. San FranIcisco. Cal. a At a Congress of labor union in Petrograd. July l9lh and 20th, a resolution was passed unanimously by two hundred and ran, delegates In. differ i ent parts of Russia. voicing an indignant protest against the contemptible slander of the counter revolutionists. against worthy leaders in the labor movement.
such as Lenin. Trotzky. Zinovief.
Krmienef. etc. The Congress considers th an attack on the entire working. class and its organisations. similiar protest was adopted at the general meet. ing of the executives of the Councils of Workingrnen and Soldiers of all Russia on uly23rd. lt Is the object of the Russ an Bolsheviki to overthrow the Government of. the Bourgeoisie and the reformists, to conclude a proletarian peace through a European proletarien Revolution. i: g»
For some time there was a rumor that Liebknecht was in a dying condition. which was denied by the social patriotic (provisional) Governmenf does not resemi governtrnental paper Vorwarts.
The german Left Wing paper Kampf (Struggle) answers. The government organ on order from above. tries to create the irnpreu sion that Liebknecht Is feeling alr ght In prison and is properly treated. The Vorwarts knows perfectly well that this is a lie. Unfortunately. Liebknecht is by no means feeling well. it is true that iheisnotillaswasreportdbutifhistorturerslars not yet so far. this is due to the iron constitution of Liebknecht and the power of his will. The intention.
to get rid of him, no doubt enists. for the food vea to him is not only totally insufficient. but inferior in every respect. It was comrade Ruhle who recently shouted in the Reichstagz They starve Lisbkoecht. lf thines develop accoringto thewilloftheGarman. Proletariat. ilt is our duty to end this evil, which iii has become actual on account of the rulers, this valiant fighter for the working class, whose heroic spirit so far. could not be broken by all the tortures behind prison walls. will not leave the prison alive. Fform a Manifesto of the lnternational Organization of Young People sSoctal iat League to Zurich, August, l9l7. Nowadays even a child In the most chstqtt village knows that this Is not a war waged for the defense of any kind of a civilization, but that the armies ot millions, fight and die for the sake of profitafThe cause of this war and of the mutual strangling of the peoples simply and alone the lmperialistic policy of groups of capitalists, the struggle for.
world conquests and world espioitstion by Big interests. And the responsibility for this gigantic blood orgy falls on tlrc Governments; together with the truth erous social patriots. The workers and revoutionary socialists have no part in this war. The most active among them pay behind prison for their faith towards international solidarity and their fervor for peace. To fight the class struggle for the speedy end of the war, is the first and most holy duty of the revolutionary The number of Conscientious Gr.
iiectors in Holland. who have preferred to go to jail rather than to submit. has increased to over one hundred and fifty.
It may be, interesting to learn that even a. general in the Holland armypleads for exemption. partly on purely military grounds. He claim that not only alternative service connected with militnry service should be organized. but writes: It may be expected and it isscnsble that in general Conscientious ijectors for principle sake. will refuse this kind of service. It cannot be approved to treat such men as criminals in a court martial and to put them in jail.
mobiliraton. by some special ruling Food demonstrations In different large cities of Switlerland tied up the street car traff for several hours. kerensky In his final address to the Mosoow Congress said: The Russian net having called this conference.
for although it has not secured practical results. it has given an opportunity to all Russ an citizens to say openly what they have on their min. And that is essential for the State. Better than all crticism these worth of Kerensky himself show the complete failure of the counter revolutionary Moscow Conference. One of the most interesting moves In England Is the preparation of capital to meet the labor situation after the war.
11. cunt Government adopteddIsJunareportoftheSpecial »Committaa. previouslyeommentednpoa in these notes. Cooeurrmtlylwith tha annoucemmtofthiadsdsiomthsam ly of Serbians from Bosnio. deserted as August l6. l9. istic eivilizatioa.
The International Movement ployers nfade it known that they are forming a great combination to prrtect capital and to adjust the relations between employers and employees. The Government IT to establish in each industry a council. in which employers. and employees are represented and will. have an equal control over all matters affecting their common interests, with.
the exception of buying. selling and financesl English capitalists gladly accept thisschimebutatthesametimebuild a strong organization of their own, both to meet their commercial enemies abroad andtheirclassenemiesathomsincasa this new scheme of labor peace midIt prove a failure.
it Is reported that many labor unions (read leaders of labor unions) have also accepted the government rindustrial councils, but that there is conderable opposition from the more radical ele ments in the labor movement.
New conflicts in the class war throw the shadows before, and the days of the old craft union leaders belong to. the past) lndustrial organization. and state capitalism gradually take a more definite shape and character.
The French Majority Socialite refit ed to support the new cabinet of which Painleve was the head. Their opposition largely concentrated against the reign minister Ribot. The latter now has been dropped and the Socialist Majority in France once more will line up behnd the Government. But the intense feel. ng of dscontent among the workers Iand soldiers is rapidly growing.
An Austrian regiment consisting maina unit to the Rumanians. Only through. the most brutal disc pline and wholesale murder can the Austrian army be kept together. It will be remembered in the.
early days of the war. that whole.
regiments had to be court martialed and In some instances every third man shot. I. 43. fiunwmue example of m»
rorizing the cml an population Is report. ed in the Vienna Arboiterzeitung of trial for high treason resulted in sin death sentences and ninety one year of hard labor. mostly for boys and. gir from high school Lem fifteen and seventeen. the only crime being the distribution from hand to hand and by mouth of a resolution without even the intention of actuley influencing polztica. Each boy or girl whorssdthe resolutionandpassedit toafrisndwassenteocedtodeath. These most melting achievements of justicewsrs stopped by the amnesty afterthedeathoftheeldmnperor, but thesenteoeaswillformalastingeoatributiontothepictureof onrlmpenaL strongly remember similar events under certain recent happenings in theUnited. together withtwoarmoredautosap. lion completely destroyed. was completely robbed. leaders. After the advices of Zinovietp gKamjcnew and Trotlky had remained. allmyspeeclsecThefactthatldonot. and Kamienew, which anest is only the. result of: counter revolutionary desAaeyswitnessofthsrsidrecentlyea the headquarters of the Bolsheviki in Petrogrsd gives some particulars which. theGovernmentoftheCaar, aswellas.
States. I One hundred soldiers in four autos.
pearedbeforethsbuildinginwhichthe Bolsheviki have their office. The rifles. xi wenbadedthsmachioegunspointed, atthewindowsoftheofficsaodthel officers entered with drawn revolvers to findiotheoffieetwowomenandoos.:man, whowereputnnderarrat. The womeawerequestionedatthepointof. the revolver. All the papers, books y 1h.
flags, moneyetc. wereconfiscatedand A?
the efforts of several months organiuNotonesinglebomborweaponno any document pointing relax.
tions with German Headquarters was 1discovered. but nevertheless the office TROTZKY AND In an open letter ministers. published in respondence. I5, a stat by Leon Trotsky In rela to the 11 volt in Petrograd on y I6th and th.
Trotsky shows that the demonstration ll developed spontaneously and was not.
even considered opportune by the without effect and the demonstration. actually took place, it was strongly supLported. however also by those who originally were notin favor of the action.
Trotzky further declares: My principleiarethe sameasthoseofLenin.
Zinovief and Kamienew and have always publicly defended those prin.
ciplea in my paper Wperod and in belong to the Pravda and the organiza.
tion of the Bolsheviki does not real.
from diffwe caa pelitscq but is.
caused by circumstances whzch thvided thepaniesinthepasgbutha velad at present my Isa lag. Tretzky then challenges the government as follows: What have here. a stated thaws clearly that there is no if logical reason whatever to omit me in 4the warrant to arrest Znovief, Lenied 3!. r: The continues its activitiea, uiIdaunted by the destruction of their mords and the loaaof typewriters. a sdrhng machinec mailing. lists and. lolfice equipment. New members wereevensecuredwhtlatheraiéwernian progrmaThmoscwidelyknownmeI; bers and officials. practically all the 1eaden havsbeentakentoiail, and stllthsLWWlIallsarsopenand businesscontinuesasnsnaLevanbettu than usuaLSuclIisthsclIarsctsristie of mass ection in Russia, u. the, United States and. lass action is the