IThe New uni national. November I, III I. 321 J. Pas e5 Inn. new :111 1131111 T1011llli37. Published by THE socmusr PROPAGANDA. ILI :AcUE St: Corr iI Louls FRAINA. Press Committee: Rutgers Davis Axelrod Freiman II a. WWIVyI INI. V, 31. 00 Year. Editor Address Communications3246 Kingsbridge Aveana. New York City. I FEMININE IN ENGLAND.
humor of the following open letter sent. regimental paymaster memorandum. Re 48034, Bristol. Pte. Hggons. to sign the necessary army form to the two birth certificates to this office. so that thildrens allowance may beI. issued to you in respect of your chil. dren. Whilst separation allowance Is not adm ssible to you in respect of your. self owing to your husbandIhaving re.
fused to sign 4l8lB. the regulations permit allowance to be issued to you in respect of your children only.
Will you. therefore, please. forward. these birth certificates as soon as pos. sible. Hewleiulm Col. Children Allowances, Il beg you to vait until ash before offering me allowances paid by the War Office for my children. lknownosuchmanasPte.
Higgins. My husband is Mr. Thomas Henry Hggins. aged years, going bald headed, having put in 30 years for industrialism. E E113. Sir. ln reply to yours of the 17th re ber these words being read: Those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder. always have had an aversion to soldiers, and its impos sible for you to make me the wife of. our husbands, but theycan forcsusto bring more children into this country under conscription, so reckon that lthcyandlwillbequitm. The clear children already have will work for, independent of. military fly. and In spite of my being a chronic dyspeptic for l5 yearn Yours faithC: fully Mn. Higgins i (A very conscientious objector) Yorh City, Joseph arm, nitti and Carlo Tresca, are fighting axtraétiont and are seeking trials separatefromthoseof tlIehW. men. Theydnthis thegroundthat theyarsnotmembers thaLWHW and were not actively associated with :itduringtheperiodspecifisdintha. Mml indictments. They at. no we preirniicialtothainterestsof thel. to the British War Office in reply to a. I. peltitors were destroying each other in a a FJizabeth Gurlcy Hynn, Arturo Giovan The American Menace tO3 Peace HE capitalist interests in the United words do not rule the world. Peaca States not only are against a vie. witlI6ut victory became peace withtorious Germany. but against a victorious. England as well. What is wanted above all is the continuation of the war. and the United States at present forms the greatest obstacle to a peace in the near future; Phor to its own participation in the. war, in the period of fabulous war pro ifts, coined from the blood of its present. Allies, there was but one dark spotx the bright heaven of capitalist prosper, ity: peace might interfere, had to interfere some day and then a breakdown. vsas inevitable. peace ru meant a drop In the stock market and a curse Our readers will gpprgcigle the ung on the lips of the Wall street profiteers. class, under any conditions.
Not only were golden profits filling the coffers. but at the same time comfight to a finish leaving no powerful power. Peace without victory meant Igmblg «par tion. ou nce to be peace wthout a victorious rival for the. sued to you, will you please forward UM. States, and him! on mutual. destruction for those involved.
But it is not enough to gather profits.
since the productive forces of the United States by far surpass the demands of the national market. and the problem of Ireinvesting profits is already a burning issue. American capital needs expansion.
permanent expansion. world expansion. and therefore world. power.
Not only has there been a physical lack of military force. but still more a lack of natonal spirit indispensable for succes of Imperialism. The prepared ness campaign did not fulfill the expectations, the Mexican. Invasion had to be given up since the militia proved totally inadequate. Wilson League of nations to enforce peace, which would have made it possrble to saddle a military organization upon the workers under the pretext to enforce peace, did not find response either abroad or at home, and it became evident that the only hope to create a war spirit was through actual develop very rapidly. The longer, however, the war lasts, the more chance of creating a war spirit characteristic of modern patriotism, the more chances also to build 1 one now. Governments can rob us of I thoroflah equipment of military action.
power, unequaled in any nation on. earth and superior to the European powers. weakened by mutual destruction. Forthenexttwoorthreeyeamthsinterest of the United States Capitalists is for continuation of the war and every move towarcb peace will find the most bitter opposition here. although. no doubt. American politicians will continue to claim their humanitarian love Ifor peacc.
When the Russian slogsn peace without annexations and indemnities. which in its vague and indefinite form is very near to Wilson peace without victory, threatened to become a basis for peace negotiations, the Amer.
out autocracy in Germany. Evidently Mr.
overthrow of the Kaiser will o ve some respite and. if this calamity should hsppen untimely, the future slogan is easily constructed. revolution In Ger manylwould result in a terrific in ternal struggle and a state of affairs even more confused and unstablethan Russia presents to day. The future slogan of American Capital, no doubt. ll be no peace without a stable to keep its promises and treaties: no peace with a. revolutionary working The United States not only constitutes the most dangerous lmperialiIstic force of the future. the most imminent danger for the next world conflict. but also Madam As your husband refuses European rival In the struggle for world the great menace to a proletarian revolution in any part of the world. At 3reprInt of Dr.
imperialism, the World War and Social Democracy contains an appen dis from which we translate the last paragraphs: The weapon of the Social Revolution in each separate country and in all countries is the organized action of the m.
For this purpose all the revolutionary socialist workers will have to unite in the New International, along national and international lines, during and after the war. In Germany, France and Eur land the revolt will break out and other countries will follow. The groups of the New International will lead the way everywhere and will transform the revolt into the Social Revolution. For thisp purpose they will have to separate from the reformists and also definitely from the radicals (of the type Kautsky)
When we were married well remem war. And even then Piril did not unless the latter joinI the revolutionists in time.
As a preliminary to the struggle, the revolutionary socialists workers will adopt internatzonally the following program as a basis for national and international Guarantee of a compensation to all workers, who are unemployed or whose wages are insufficient. Repudiation of national debts. Confiscation of war profits. Taxation of capital and income only.
Expropriation of Banks.
Expropriation of all Big Business.
Equal political rights for all inhab: tents without discrimination of sea.
nationality or religion.
Democratization of all mutative. bodies. Abolition of Seuates. Herrenhousm.
The Republic.
Abolition of all protective tariffs.
Abolition of the military system. WIlson. feels confident that thegovernment in Germany, strong enough Itherefore greater 4 crate. This makes the responsibility of The Revolutionary Action 3of The New International. Herman Gorter thantoknowtheyarenotdecertedig. atioatotheattention ofyourIfrianrbI. and enlisttlreirurppomActatoncel IW. :I icanslonlL hadtobadroppedThe:. Thearmedproletariattrainedinthis Popshshisendeavortostrengtheahis war, byendorsing these demandsandInternational position. skillfully used the enforcing them through, mass action, verywordsofPrssideatWIlsoninhis whslastssstillsnpossssssoaofthe proposaLonlytoprovsoncamorsthat weapons, canovereomethacapitaists MadisoaStWGIIcanlll l, present American money and American industrial and economic influences are 1 active in trying to mail. the Russian Revolution. backing. up whatever counter revolutionary group seemacap able of getting the situation in hand, and just the same but with hundredfoldI energy the United States Capital. ists will help to crush any revolutionary movement in Europe, using the con scripted American workers against their. European comrades. American autocrscy.
is more modern. more efficient and future of the international working class than even the Prussian autothe Amer can working class a heavy?
one. We have to redouble our eoeh gies in the class struggle. not onlyfor victory at home but also to prevent our exploiters from becoming the dominant reactionary force allover the world. i and inaugurate th Socialist. Commer. i Iwealth, at least as II as Western EIuropeI 33 is concerned.
socuusr ENSE rum.
The national off of the SocialistI ATE.
party has issued the following appeals. There are scores of comrades whoI have been tried and convicted by jurie prejudiced by the capitalist press. These. comrades are. entitled to be defended. We don expect the profit mongers to contribute to our defense WWI II legal defense cannot be had without 33 money. lfyouwereintheplacaofthose indicted, wouldn you expect every.
champion of justice to contribute every 3 available penny to keep you out of. if. prison? You would justly be entitled to. their help. So then. weippeal nm. to treat Iothers who are Editing your 3 battles as you would expectI to be. treated by them. The cases where convictions have beenreturnedlaustba appealedtothe. higher courts. In other cases people are 1 under indictment and aretsoon to bs tried. era are still other cases involv freedomofthepresaWeinsist. I, that his, thsonlymeansofcommunich g3 tioaopentothecommonpeople, ahall not be denied. I. i eea trum. ruiuusi 000tomeetthesituationforcedupon.
us. Nothing moungeg, comrades, more, enseialmoments. Weappealtonoutocometotbs aidoftlrosewhoareslatodforprison by officialdom gone mad with power.
MunrmaumuirsuunIn pz. doatleastthis mIIIch. Thisisanextra. 33 ordinaryappealmadsnecessarybyaa IunmualconditiomBringthisgraveaitss The fate of these active workers de penehuyomDon tdeseItthsnIfl Make all remittances payable to: Adolph Germer. Secretaryy 003