pap. Dc. I My. s. TheNswlntuasnonaLNov Imerlnfl Sept. simultaneously throughout the country, federal raids were iffmadsonLWWheadquarterssnd halls, In the alleged search for evidence of German gold. Twenty three days after a grand )ury returned I66 indictments against I66 members. on grounds of Seditious conspiracy no German gold having been discovered end wholesal e arrests: began. Up to the i, present time, 82 have been arrested.
They are: Chicago, George Andreychine, Richard Brazier, Ralph Chaplin. EdWard Hamilton, Clyde Hough, William Haywood, Vladimir Lossieff. Bert lprton. Herbert Mahler, Paul Pita. Curler Plahn nd Chas. Rothfuer; Waukeegan, John. Pencuer: Rockford, Harrison Height and Fred Nelson: Springfield, Joe Usapiet: Loy Angeles, Angeleo Vini cent Azuara, James Elliat. Chas McWhirt and Glen Roberts; Duluth. Charles Jacobson and Fred Jacokola: Minneapolis, Sigfried Sternberg. Carl Salteen. Dan Buckley, Forreit Edwards. Ted Frazier. Ragner Johnson and Gm. Lambert: San Francisco, Geo. Speed. and lstgi Parenti: San Jose. Peter Mco. Slovick. Akron. Samuel Scarlett: Butte. Peter Kerkonnen; Providence. Francis Miller. Huron, Alexander Cournos. Arthur Christ and Otto Justh: Phila. delphia. Edward Doree, Walter Neff and Joseph Ettor: Scranton. Joe Graber, Albert Prashner and Salvatore. Zumpsno: Pittsburgh, Harri» son George and Jack Law; Denver. Meyer Friedkin: Boston, Roy Fan ning: SaIt Lake City, Giltnct. Chas. MacKinnon, Fred Ritter. and Grover Perry; Spokane, Humphrey, Wm. Moran, James Rowan Evoy; Stockton. Wm. Weuh: Bemidji. 7, Archie Sinclair: St. Paul, Pete Deiley. Portland, Chas. Bennett, Peter Green, Alton Super and , Beyer: New York City. Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.
Aurturo Giovannitti, Carlo Tresca and John Baldazzi; Buffalo Manuel Rey: Detroit, and Don Sheridan: Seattle, Harry Lloyd and Jas. McDonald: Belling ham,»WaIker Smith: Tacoma.
Doran; Raymond, Jae. Thompson.
Cleveland, Geo. Hardy and Jae.
Youngstown, Da ve Paterson, John Avile; Tulsa, Arthur Boose; Muskogee, Munson: Enid.
Welter Render: Jacksonville, Stanley Clark: and Wm; Gourland. place of resident not given in mm Doree.
le, Neff, Giovannitte, Flynn. Ettor sndTrescaarsoutonbail. hglenceattheebovelistwilleoa vinceonethatitisthroughly international. Despite the newspaper attempts tomekethaLW. outtobelarger Austro Hungarian, onewillbe impressed inthsabovgbythslargenumberof. Americannames, liksl lamilton, aiaphmfifllmmw Georgs. etc. lswillalsobsimpressed by the Scandinavian, Swedish, Finnish. Russian. Mexican. Spanish, Italian, Irish. iabrief. bythsrelativelyfsw uetonic names. The are truly The.
Industrial Workers of the World, with a nembershipofallnstionalitiesandwith international ramifications. In re. lngar: hearings of Speed. Parenti and McEvoy.
YawyerR. Royca. said. The is affiliated with the union movements of Italy, France. England and Russia. And the commis sioner may be certain that the proceedin gs of this courtroom will be reported to these organizations and will also reach the Council of. Work. men and Soldier Delegates in Petro grad These are matters. of public pol cy of which the government should be informed. Another glance at the above list will shdw cities and states that are the strongholds of huge industrial trusts. Seattle.
Spokane Tacoma. Portland. Bellingham. in the state of Washington, stand for the lumber trust: Duluth. for the steel trust: Butte and Salt Lake City.
for the copper trustail TulsaLMuskogee, and Enid. for the oil trusts: San Jose.
fruit trusts: Minneapolis and St. Paul.
metaL machinery and agricultural trusts, etc. In all these cities and states the conducted strikes against the trusts (who are reaping untold profits from the war) for more wages and less hours. The assert that back of their prosecution these interests most likely may be found. final glance at the above list will show a wide diversity of occupations and skill; fruit pickers. harvest hands, construction workers, metal and coal. miners. railroad Iworkers (operating division. textile workers, transport workers (Iongshorernen, sailors, fire.
men. etc. auto builders, machinery construclors, and others too numerous to specify.
organizing, oratory. editing. poetry.
historical research, etc. is also included in the list. In fact, the brain, the brawn, all the aspirations of the workers are represented in the above list.
So are all schools of politicsi economic thought quite a few of the imprisoned being graduates of the Socialist Labor Party and the Socialist Party Haywood having, at one time, been a member of the national executive committee of the latter.
The answertothe seditioiu conspiracy charge Is very simple. They hold the greed of the war profiteers responsible for the obstnsction. These profiteers refused to listen to, even governmental suggestions of concessions.
The also point to the fact that the of Lhas done and is doing the very things thatthey are chargedwithdoing. Theywanttoknowwhy itisnotprosecutedastheyareilsit the policy to first convict the andthengoaftertheA. . ofLwith theprecedentinhand. ltlooksasifthsA. ifoeared such a result. Washington news despetches report it as preparing to have lawyersatthel. trialstonots theissuesraised hedespatchesread.
inpart. asfollows. TIIeAmericanFederationnfLabor officials now fear an attempt to destroytheridtttostrikeduringthe war.
ThsLWHWareprepann gaodsfend their emberswell. Aeablslegelstaff asbeseesecnrsdceo. Vendsrvser. whoh wide range of ability, inbecame favorably known for his handling of the Everett cases. chief counsel. Oto Christensen, who aided Judge Hilton in the defense of Joe Hill. is first assistant. John Matz an will be socond assistant, with a record yet to make. They announce that they will be ready to go to trial on the first of January neat. general Defense Committee has also been organized, with headquarters at l00l WI Madison St. Chicago, III. This defense commutes urges the organize tion of local defense committee by labor organizations when and wherever possible. local defense committee have aL ready been formed at Boston, Omaha.
Osicego, Seattle, Spokane. Portland, Cleveland, New York City, and other large points. The New York Defense Conference meets every Sunday afternoon at oclock at 74 St. Mark Place. It is very successful. raising almost SI. 600 In a very short time. If the desire to help the federal prisoners that exists in York is general. they will be found :10 have at. my friends all over the country.
Whattheoutcomaofthetrialswill he. nonecantelliaadvance. Somebelieve, that. having killed the higher.
mcn and miners strikes, the authori. ties will remain content with this achievementandletlhsl. Wsdowneasy. Others believe that thel. willbe outlawed Haywood, in his bulletins to the membership. following the raids on Sept. hints at such a possibility being on the program.
a. whether freed or outlawedthe. believe economic, social and political tendencies, at home and abroad. in Australia and Russia, are working.
in their favor. So they calmly face the future, convinced of their irrespressibility, now more than ever before.
Like the Socialists. their belief in the tides of evolutionary fates moving towards the. ends. makes them undaunted and unafraid of the outcome.
Heres hoping that their beliefs are well founded as, indeed, they seem to bel Items of the The is more sinned against than sinning. Instead of committing I0,(XX) crimes, l0, m0 crimes are committed against it. The never lynched a capitalist. But the capitalists lynched Frank Little. The W. never do ported mine owners and deprived them of all rights. But the copper captielists at Bisbee. deported 1, 200 amid deeds that shamed the Prussian dcportetions in Belgium. The never terrorized thousands of innocent men and women. But the commercial clubs, citizen s, and other leagues, did that. and worse, to by the hundreds. in Washington. Oregon. etc.
The ten thousand crimes are merely a stop thief cry to hide the ten thousand crimes of llaw and order.
In the Frisco federal cases against members Speed. McEvoy and Parenti, there are some curious features about the complaint sworn to by Special Agent Rathbun. It is charged that the defendants had conspired to violate all of the statutes of the United States con.
ceraing the conduct of the war and particularly the Acts of Congress of May tau. int June Isa, but. the an. of the alleged conspiracy is given as May l5th, three days before the passage of one, and twenty eight days before the passage of the other of the laws mentionedConspiracytnviolatelawsaotyet enacted Is certainly a new sort of crime and one to be committed only by the In the face of the nation wide attack ontheLW. , Chas. Moyermakes himselffidiculouswbenheeellsthel. atoolbfthsmnployers. Thet Moysrissllowedatlibsrtywpuldia «Breathetthechergeeaamorsreasoeablybemabagaiadhh. Lawyer Royce is right. The a thorities chargethel. withl0. crimes in order that they may be able prove one. at leastl THOSE SABOTAGING SLEUTIIS.
We would hate to accuse the sleutha of the bureaucracy of the terrible crime of. sabotage, but the evidence is all against them. They seized the effects of thel. inSeattleend hImpedthe whole works, death masks. waste paper, due stamps. blanket rolls, membership records, spittoons, literature, laundry. When. adding machines, and gen. eral paraphernalia into big miving vans without any regard for order. This conglomeration was taken to the police station and unloaded in a way that mixed itupmorethaaever. Theaitwaspiled back into the vans helter skelter and carted to the Federal building, the stirring up process. was repeated. In I, eachcasetherewerescoresofpoliosand sleutha accompanying the moving.
drdnotswoopduwnwiththeirGerman. riflesandregainpossesston ofthaasrpidomTheenfinprocesaaeanedhbe designedtomake theyoblestforthe investigators The ladldrial Warkl.
In a second letter to Saniud Gompers.
James Maurer, president of the Peer sylvania State Federation of Labor again demands a reply to the question whether certainactivities of the Alliance for Labor and Democracy, of which Gompers is the President have been financed whollyorin partbytbewidely recogn zed enemies of labor with whom M(G )lfl llt lybeelappeaa ingoathspletform snchmeeasElihe RootandGovernorBumquiscilasksd yonandaskyonaow, whopaidthsae penses. ofthsspecial train from New; YorktoMinneapolis, therant of lulu sic Thé lW. W. Arrests and Trials a y