sz. revolutions arise. These events are not blazer ed to the world until they break.
loose in formidable activity. but they alone are of supreme importance. The. Cerman proletariat is preparing to act. And the temper of this arising mova merit in Germany is gauged in the minor.
ity Socialists. In Dresden a number of.
them were imprisoned for distributing leaflets urging the workers to strike and proclaimingthe Social Revolution. The Independent Social Democratic Party is increasing in strength, having some months ago l20. 000 members in good stnMing, as compared with ZWJXJO for the majority. And while the independent party increases in strength. the majority decreases. part of the Left, Wing Socialists in Germany are in the Independent Socialist Party. stiffening it and imposing a revolutionary. attitude upon it in accordance with events: while. a considerable number of Left Wing Socialists refused to join the new party, and are locally carrying on an intensive revolutionary propaganda.
Still less is known of what is going :7 on in France, but the little is significant. in itsel. the French characteristic of acting imand, significant in relation to pulsively en masse. clear and sharp. The government has been adopting more and more stringent measures against the tpacifists. The Bolo Pacha episode has been used for all it is worth to disé credit the advocatesi of peace. Thousands. upon thousands of agitators against war have been imprisoned, but still the agitation increases in scope and intensity. atnnd against the. Left Wing papers are continually supi pressed. and our comrades imprisoned.
But all to no avail. Herve in La Vsctoire declnrea that he receives letters from soldiers in the trenches asking him why they shouldn make a. revolution in France as they1 did in Russia. The sentiment against war was strongest infrance in the years preceding l9. and it is stronger to day.
It matters not that Guesde and Thomas an with the government; it matters. inot that the minority captained by Jean Longuet is not auficiently aggres. sive. Tlsere is a powerful Left Wing group: and then the proletariat of France has a magnificent habit of thrusting aside its leaders In crisis, taking things into its own hands. and making a revolu. tion. It Is comingl In Italy the situation is apparently. stillfunherdcvelopedThcnewsofthe. Italipn aasters at the front appeared simultaneously with the revelation of widespread revolutionary activity. Riots broke loose during the summer in Turin and other cities, and there were clashes. fthtlnuoopainwhichnlargsnumber of people were killed. It is rumored that thereisnnagitationinthearmyforthe. organization of Soldier Councils as in was. Lnnari followed this up on SeptemberIZwrthaletterthsaalient features of which follow. You know the opinion expressed by our comrades in tha 0Iamber against a third winter of war. Our party must honorably and determinedly keep to its given Word. Because of their direct influence upon the populace, the local governments are surely a mighty political weapon. Those that we have won.
by our votes must send. through a united acts of protest to victory. Befmtbawintsrthsrsmndbspascafi This is the policy about which there must be unswerving party unity. The means of accomplishing this are in my opinion two. I) To bring about the tum: it mere talk, and has realized itself in nearly every essential of Left Wing Socialiun. The London Tsmea holds out the prospect of an impending civil war, and thus describes the situation. f There exists at the present moment a revolutionary movement in this country wh. ch gathered considerable momenaalong passed the stnge ol: formidable action. There has been no immediate dismissal of Socialist officials. iri numbers, by means of universal and equal political agitation, in order that your carrying on of your offices ihall not contribute to the continuation of the war. which can bring no solution for certain problems and is merely multi plying the economic and moral deprirations of all the nations. 2) by handing in your resignation and that of your entire common council upon a girlen signal.
These actions were discussed in parliament. action being urged against the traitor. Lauari was cited before the authorities. but the government dared not prosecute him. and Lauari is still at liberty carrying on the propaganda. The Italian Socialist Party, which since the beginning has taken a splendid war. is being driven into even more aggressive and revolutionary tactics. The Left Wing group is developing increasing action and de: manding more decided revolutionary tactics. In Florence and Naples the Socialists instructed their delegates to oppose the tactics of the party leaders at the Socialist Convention, and insist upon more aggressive action. Caroti is touring the country to arouse revolutionary sentiment, the tour being organized by the Young People Socialist group, which in Italy as elsewhere is intensely revolutionary. It may be inter. eating to mention that last GIristmas the headquarters of the Young People in Rome was raided by the police, revolutionary leaflets seized and destroyed.
and the active members Esprisoned. But the government failed to suppress their activity.
It Is our firm conviction based upon the facts and the situation, that a revolution will soon break in Italy. And thenwillcometheendl The situation in Brgland is less ristinct, perhaps, but more promising than in any our nation. The reason why the world is still largely unaware of the real temper of the English proletariat Is that the movement then is a strictly Russia. According to the New Yogkornass movement. Molding to the Lon. Evening Post there is a profound stirringofthemasses, hastenedbylack offood, eoalandoilandgeneralwar wearineas.
inndtbegovernnrentdaresnotuso drastiemeasuruntwpprusiomCaseral msmmryrsmnormrunusoa.
inlist Party. receotlyissueda circular of.
Soeialist officials and municipnl locals brefnsepaymentofcertaingovernment Ahmandiatbiswnystriksagainstthe ml;. don Trmes. itis without acknowledg.
edleaders. Thsleader aofthepastare talking voluby. and create a wrong in they either ficker about ubinetn mpport the war, or indulge in a sickly propaganda of boorgeois pacifissn. The revolutionary movement ik developing considerably among the organized workers, and among Iha nnorganized: it. sober but determined, nnd tismapping outaprogrsmof xv re volutionary action that squares with attack on the Throne, no rioting inithe streets. no destruction of visible property.
but changes have been already brought about which are thwarting the efforts of the government to conduct the war.
It Is a ferment working within the area of British organized labor. claiming for the proletariat self direction and enioyment of the whole product of industry.
The Workman Council, recently organized and representing ooo. ooo organized British workers. has a program which contains these three provisions. Expropr. ation of private landowners arid capitalists. No compensation beyond ample provision against individual hard.
ship. 0wnership by the State: management by the workers: instead of the present capitalistic methods of production. This shall be applied immediately to the case of mines, railways. chirping.
ship building. and ehgineering, electric light and power. Abolition of the House of Lords.
Substitution for it of a chamber based on the representation, not of geograph ical areas. but of occupations. industrial.
professional, and domestic: labor and professional bodies thus becoming a constituent part of the countryfs government. This is a thorough program. and indicates the deep revolutionary spirit of the workers. It is largely, though not fully, in accord with the new Mass Action and our own Industrial Unionism.
And this revolutionary. spirit is forcing the war lenders to modify their stand in order to save their prestige. It was this revolutionary spirit that compelled Henderson to get out of the cabinet. and itisthnsspntwhich willflame upinrevolt as it did In Russia.
All of which indicates that what the war began and the Russian revolution accelerated, the workers in all nations generate mass action and revolution.
Slowly but surely the forces of the proletariat are gathering for the great struggle with capitalism. And tha revolutionwheniteomeawillbeaainteh generate mass action and revolution.
international aspirations of our intrepid comrade In Russia. Not In a day, not in a month but it is coming!
Very significant it is that everywhq theLeftWingSoeialistsarsthemost «erosive seniors the war. Significant. moreova, isthefact that whereverths workersassertthemselvesinmolumn. stationdheysdwtthprindpluud of the left Wing Socialism. I: ind 0mahsnd tbmisgmr Wk will WWand tactics. aretltllesetimeatlssdetnrminaatfactor.
The New Int emotional. November I,. l9il7. Defense Fund TheGerseralDefenssCommItteaof: the through Haywood. has issued the following appealr Donotthinkthatthoworldwarfor democracy is waged only in the trench.
of Europe. Far from the thunder of the.
gguns the greatest battles, the most impostanttoLabor. arobeingfoughtin.
shop, mne and mill between organized. Capital and organized Labor. liberty and Democracy fusd highest expression in, and are best represented by. Unionism In Industry, and Unionism is on triall For years past the wolves of Wall Street and Commercial Clubs have shown Labor no quarter as industrial unrest was mirrored by larger and larger strikes. They have raised private armies of gunmen, laughed at In subverted all government and spread a network of protected villainy fro coast to coast. They have conspired author ity in strike after strike. bloody monuments to greed stand the names of Cripple Creek. Homestea Coeus lD Alene. Holy Grove. Lawrence, Paterson. Ludlow, Mesaba. Everett, Bisbee, Butte and the Mooney Frame up. In November, I9l6, men rcpresenting Eight Billion Dollars of Corporate Wealth organized at New York City andopenly announced a purpose to crush organised Labor. They selected the Industrial Workers of the World as the first organization to concentrate upon.
Sincethen theI hasbeen subjected to most unbelievable and in.
human. illegal violence. We have thousands of affidavits for proof. Strikers have been deported into deserts and left to die. Franerittle was murdered at Butte. Hundreds of union men thrown into sickening Bull pens, starved, beaten and shot. The climax is reached by the present indictment at GIicagd of I66 officers, members and sympathize.
of the Industrial Workers of the World.
on charges of Conspiracy. The lies of Cermanfioldf spread broadcast by the. serpent press were proven false. The present charges will prove false. Yet.
labor Right to Organize at Stake. it Today it is the tomorrow.
itwillbatheA. orL Th charges against the Li. are. industrial in character and can be. trned are organrzing to complete. The conch. u against y tions of Imperi? lism and war inevitably Capital counts upon clonchng the issue withcriesof Treason, assd sceentuating the petty siffereocm be. mhbormlfFreedos of tires. 1! the Right to Organize the Rightmsoikgmeansanythingtoyou. INF! the spettyrifferencesanda 7. thosemenandwomennowiniailwhoae.
livesprovetheirfaithtolaborinworki; anddeedTheyarswillingtoapusd their livesinprisonhnd leava their jbonesbeneathitswalsrstherthanaee thedeareatrightsofLaborloattoyon.;f. Defenseisnoworganizodandasks 1 yourlselp. Sendfurrdstrrthanrrdsr aignedReceiptswillba itemizedatatementrsnderedat trrals. ltIsafightforLIfaand