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The New Internat oal, October 1, 1917 Page INTERNATIONAL THE THE NEW In revolutionary. And this wow develop The Stockholm Betrayal neat is all the more significant in that it comes only a few months after By Ratge a, uprising of the Bolsheviki in. Publied by Although the Entente powers are Petrograd was suppressed. That up HE proceedings Stockholms are Lerty opposed to no tancations and THE SCAALIST PROPAGANDA rising, which the American press at the and decay of the Old International no indemnities in a row of the Rur LEAGUE time described u. riots now appears Otizinated by Huysmans and Troelstra, sias Socialists they accepted the promo A Copy from later information to have been 00 Year u being suff. ciently now and flexible formidable revolt that went for toward representatives of the past, it was bound to be falure.
to suit any purpose of conquest and LOUIS FRAINA Editur preserving the revolut on from being directed into reactionary channels, that From the very beginning, it med humiliation. Once the Russians inade Press Commiteest 19 appeal to the Governments of the in its temporary defeat assured ultimate diplomate methods and means of in LK. Dari victory.
trigue. Troelstra even travelled to Ber Allies, they lost the sound foundation of Anled Frien lie and had conference with the proletarian claw power, and the diplom Moreover, the development sig secretary of war, who gave hin matic intrigue turned against their own nificant in that it shows that the revo Addrew Communication some secret information which led Troel efforts. Stockholm turns out largely into 3246 Kingsbridge Avenue lution is finding itself. The Petrograd sr to publish the statement that the a dplomatic move in the struggle for. New York City Council has made a number of almost world would be surprised about the the support of the Russian, and chances fatal mistakes through its tendency to Iberal terms of a German peace. Troel Dow become more favorable to the THE W. ON THE FIRING LINE. become ministers in the provisional intended to cooperate also with the in the near future cooperation from the compromise. It allowed its members to tra and Huysmam from the very start Allien. For this reason we may aspect THEL is becoming the centre government and thereby assumed rer German majority Socialists, the traitors Entente Governments in punt. ng paar of the revolutionary stage in Amer ponsibility for its acts. It talked, while of the Scheidemana type the servants porth, and no doubt the United States ica. It has succeeded in making the rt the government acted. While it issued of the German Kaiser. Stockholm was will then have to give up its stubbona action show its claws. It has struck ter. manifestoes instinct with the revolution not only bound to become a Congress refusal.
ror into the hearts of the capitalist ary asp rations of the Russiad democracy. of Social Patriots, it was essentially to But this new phase in the Stockholm powers. Suppress the with the provisional government acted in become a tool of German diplomacy, businen is doomed us wed by its diplom bayonet and rifle, urges the Seattle contrary manner and struck at the not only to further its imperialistic matic character. It may not tana on Post Intellingencer. Everywhere the rep revolution. The council compromised world interests, but still more to dece ve an Imperial German Conference, but it resentatives of law and order are using hesitated, apparently uw clearly but its own working clos into the belief CanDo escape being euelatially tool the most brutal, contemptible and con was afraid of what it saw and did not that the German Government wanted of Imperialisan in some form. At al spiratory methods against the W. act. The resignations of Tacheyde, peace acceptable to the workers. events it will have nothing to do with The Federal government, engaged in Skobeleff and Tseretelli from the cour The refusal of the Entente Gover the proletarias New Internasional of the waging an unselfish war, for democracy, cil and the election of Leon Trotzky as ments to grant passports to their respec future.
refuses to use its power to maintain the president of the Council in place of tive Socialists, for the first Stockholm We sincerely hope that the Rusia rights of the people, and, moreover, Tacheyde marks the definite defeat of Conference, tended to cloud the immune Council of Soldiers and Workse wil uses its power to assist the terrorizing comprom xe.
will more. The fact of this refusal wus give up its attitude in favor of general of the The remarkable thing The reactionary character of the pro10 outrareous, so brutal, that the fight laternational Congress, including Social about the whole situation in that the for freedom to participate in whatever Patriots and diplomuats. As long all strike of the W. in the West are visional government actions is shown International Conference we might wish leaves the organization of the laternation industrial uprising, and not against the in the comportion of the Moscow Corn to hold overshadowed the issue whether al Congress into the hands of the Dutch wart and yet, beo fact, they are of a ference which it sponsored. It was this special conference served our prer. Scandinavina Committe, the diplomatic political nature a confirmation, hand picked affair and was in wo wypove. If the Governments had not inter character of the Stockholm laburistioned if any were nooded, of the revolutionary, melly representative of revolutionary Fored in their wual deopotie way. not guaranteed failure is so far as probastarina theory that the effective way to pre Russia today: The delegates to this likely the left Was Socialists all over interests and concerned. Lan Wing som vent was is by using industrial power conference were divided as followa 15. the world would have refused to partici cialists should denounce and expose this of the proletariat. The W. in on pate in this Stockholm Intrigue. Even now fraud and demand the aclusion of the firing line, in the front tine treaches from Petrograd aed Moscow Town it was, the German minority Social Social Patriots of all shader and in acquiring revolutionary strength Councilo: from other town councils: its through a letter writted by Mehring But we may still hope that the pro of prest significance. Every class con 100 from the Council of Soldiers and protested most cmphatically against say rum of Left Wing Socialista Europe scious worker must throw his support to Workmos: 100 representing the pense conference, in which the majority Social and particularly of the proup Leia in group that is intelligently and effec aatry, 400 the Zemstros; 300 the com iste should be represented. Lenin, for Russia will induce the Committee tively waging the claw struggle against operative societies; 120 froa industry: the Russian Left Wing, and the minority Soldiers and Workers to take this thing!
200 from science and 400 representing party, the in Holland also in their own hands and to leave a call the three Dumas. This alignmeat spre. flatly refused to acknowledge the Dutch to waite delegates in Petrograd, repro THE SITUATION IN RUSSIA sents the conservative revolutionary and Scandinavian Committee u representeresting those workers who stand nocom HE bus definitely proven its bankruptcy it typical of Russia today. It was out circumstances, there never was held a of proletarias mar action for the over a revolution force. La its com of this reactionary man that Kerensky Stockholm Congress, but the failure throw of Capitalisa promises it has steadily difted toward tried to soatch the power of imposing werved the Germu intereste well, reaction. Premier Kerensky declaration dictatorship upon the revolution. because it strengthened the arguments REVOLT IN AUSTRALIA of republic in an empty thing in it The situation in Russia is shaping of the Imperial Government, that the Australia in aperitacing remered self, a move to strengthen his bando. itself definitely, and the immediate for failure to get peace is solely due to the and secure un apparent mandate for bio ture will tell the decision. It is clear toll in the labor strikes ned riote in boats nor trains are running Australia attitude of the enemy. No doubt, the strike of soldiers and workers Neither that only the Bolsheviki co were the Germany, which in April of this year is demanding peaca ut once and has The Korniloff rebellion dart revolution from disaster, only a commystery. Kerensky apparently had yield plete tearing op of thine Revolutione looked quite promising is partly due forced the release of some of the polit ed to post of the demande of the are dead if they pursue the legalistic to the plotting of the Stockholm social ical prisoners who are boca convicted diplomath.
in the last year. Some of these are militarist Korniloft, and the rebellion, and compromising methods of Kerensky whether the responsibility lies upon Ke and Tacheyde. There can, bortover, It is to be regretted that the Russian members of the W. la july the reasky or Lvoff, or both, was a siniste be no compromise with representatives Committee of Soldiers and Worker government declared the W.
nove against the revolution, the purpose of the bourgeois in a coalition governdid not denounce more emphatically illegal organization in Australie Nova of which was to crush the revolutionary bent. The progren the Bolsheviki. the Huysme. Toelstre Branting diplom ookdiers and workers are singing their power in Petrograd and thereby strike the dictatorship of the revolutionary matc move Instead they concentrated songs and selling their newspapers at the revolution throughout Russie. The proletariat, in the need of Russia. And their energy in forcing the Entente failure of the plot and the expone of this dictatorship would not be for the Governments to paat passports to Som Although Frank Little was banged ito real animating purpose au cor purpose of establishing Socialise, bet cialist delegates.
the strike in the copper wines of Butte spiracy has strengthened the real revo of wing Russia us a revolutionary factor In this they were partly successful are still unbroken, and victory aspected lutionary forces.
in the war, creating revolution in the but at the same time fell into another And if they bang them all who will do The most significant recent develop rest of Europe, and awaring Russia the trap. la their endeavor to convince, the mining.
bent in the control of the Petrogradnout liberal reconstruction possible at the Governments that the peace term Council of Soldiers and Workou her stage of economic development, no annetat ons and indemnities Neither will gloves pon the hangman cared by the Bolsheviki. This, mone That is the program of Luis and the ww acceptable, they degraded their DOON will bring labor down it coca than anyting aloe, shows that Rumia real revolutionary forces formula to now diplomatic scheme aroused to the realization of the strength Act.