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The New Internatiool, October 1, 1917 Page The and Industrial Action THE essential of the principles and action, no doubt, is the industrial mc power and that the economic power fighting his instruments of power, you Cannot fight a urny without fighting ist Propaganda League can be formulat has our unrestricted and fullest support protected by the organization and inster and anihilating its peine, ito arooplasma ed in short us: The overthrow of the Wo slo recognize, however, the im ments of power of the State. The fight and submarines. Although tre capitalists systea by man action of the portance of other forms of Dan act on: to change or to overcome or to dio that there are only deed instrumente worker. Mas action to bei organized. demonstrations based on a local groups. Orkanize the instruments of the State: worthless if not backed up by me democratic action of large groups of ing of workers including morganized militarisa, police, courts, laws, churches, power, it would be a rather dangerom clau conscious worker.
and non industrial proletarians and even schools, corruption, intimidation, charity. lactic to figt the men only and leare Clan consciou because the action middle class sympathizers, reneral pro is considered an important issue in the the instrumenta of destruction mmolest bas to be towarde victory of the tests through series of meeting and de daw struggle. Political action is a part edon the ground that they will be workers.
monstrations, etc of this fight, but can be only effective come harmless us soon as we have cap Democratie because we only believe We furthermore look upon the present when backed up by man action. tured the men that handle them.
in action under control of the many State as the organ zed instrument of the We do not want wait until the We believe in a reneral clan fight and not of few leaders. We believe capitalist class to keep the workers in capitalist State dies by lack of econo against our masters in the factories and in action of the musses directly and submission and therefore consider it im mic power, we want to take a band against their powerful instruments or not in strong men policy, even when portant to fight particularly those mani in its downfall and to hasten the pro ganized in the modern State. This wity advocated under the name of direct festations of the State that are most in ces. We capect that it will be possible of action constitutes our reveral of action the way of the emancipation of the work. to overcome the capitalist Stale before political clau fight, of which parliamen Organised because only. concerted ing clase.
the industrial unions are so strong that tarism is only pert, the importance of action in a definite direction constitutes Although the capitalist State is based they can take possession of the in which decreases with the growing impo power and because only organized action on the economic power of the capitalists dustries in defiance of the tremendous tence of Parliament, but which on the can produce the elements for new and has to fall when the economic power instruments of power of the modern other band can have a special interest society. is lost, it is not less true that the Imperialistic State.
in the fight for free speech during The most effective and basic man capitalist State backs up that economic You cannot fight an enemy without periode of utmost reaction and war.
The Pardo, the paper of Levis Lenin on the War The American justifying the por tion of the e such a war would mean la reality. war other than the fraternization of the wednatele mele de capital in den soldiers at the front.
Golden Heel sional government, Lenin writes in the old and not a war in favor of the What is required is our quick, coerPravda: Capitalists of particular country. retic, reneral encouragement of all The provisional government is in It has been asked: How can we efforts at fraternizing of soldiers of favor of continuing the same war th hasten the cause of peace in practice both warring groups at the front.
and the Left Wing Socialistain was started by the bloody Czar. It is since it is impossible to end the war by This wus written before the der favor of paintaining the secret simply putting the bayonets into the perate Russian offensive put and end to Russia, published the following dio treaties without consulting the will of earth?
the successful and to the bourgeois of closure about the ul fated Rmring of the people and witbout publishing their Our answer is: it is impossible to both group, equally hateful fraterniza feasive in July: contents eod the was simply by the refusal of tion at the master frout. Rather than We are opposed to this one of the warring countring o we have the war und in democracy in the. On June 27 anoting was bald We advise all peoples without a time fighting. The direct practical way outlined by Lanie, the rulart of the Russian beadquarters attended ception to put in ead to the war with method to end the war (unles of course the world ordered their Rusim com. by Bruilof and other Ruina jenerale, ou annexations, that is to conclude by victory of the revolutionary work freres to sacrifice sew the workers and Ministes Terestchenko, the, America. real democratic pesce, giving free en over the Capitalists) can be mo peasants in a hopelen offensive Senator Root, the British Ambassador dom to all nations without aception.
Buchanan und the American General We want to make it clear to the Terrorizing the Workers Scott.
people, that in order to get such Ta thousand charges against 166 Even the New York Time has to peace, it is necessary to lodge power The decision for offensive was aclusively in the hands of the Cous LW. ers certainly means record and admit the charge of German gold cils of Workers, Peasants, Soldiers and to ask 1, 625, 000 bail shows how against the W. purely un lavee only takes nader strong pressure of other delegates.
valuable these workers are eren to the tion. Contrary to general belief, ro President Wilson, who had faed. For, as long as the power is in the cap taliste. No double the army of class direct connection has been shown thus the ultimate date July 1st, Brentals bande of Capitalists and big land ownes conscious workers appreciates the fighe fur between the leaders of the coeto call off fundal negotiations can ers, the carrying on of the war depende lero is their cause higher than the spiracy and the German corruption of reful upon the ruling class and all promises enemy does and will po to the limit to fund. The noble soul adde, however, of peace without annexations remain back up the defence. Send money! that this led to the belief that the full: As the economic future of Russia promises, the distrust of the working scope of the conspiracy operations has preatly depends upon the financial sep Danes is inevitable, which means ton not yet been revealed. There evidently port of the United States, the Russian The Washington Adeninistration in tinuation of the war.
will have to follow conflacation of were forced to agree to ua offensive, he has been asked: if in Russia the rushing a committed to Arizona, to in couple of tons more paper and doct after which decision Root, la sccordance power would be in the hands of the vestigate whether the w. is ro ments to construct proper frame up.
Council of Soldiers and Workers, but placing the F. organization in the The New York Times make another with instructions from Wlans, paid five much. revolution is not accomplished in mining field, and what can stop this important discovery: Se fu yet million dollars to Minister of War Germany. revolution namely which calamity. Certainly there could be so determined there was no single control Kerensky.
not only overthrows Wilhelm, but also more definite condemnation of the fing head. group of some size, the evidence indicates bus directed the pro American money king in trying to the German Big Capitalists and Junkere tactics of the AF. what will be our position under such The President has declared in a paganda and the outraget. put their golden book on the neck of circumstances?
bemorandum that he is very much in That canctly the trouble. If they the Russina workers we wrote in our Our answer is: The power in the terested in the labor situation in the could only take a few leaders in jail or issue of June 2od, and we warned that hande of the Council of Workers and mountain region and on the Pacific pay then bribe, but what about a there wu not much time to love it we Soldiers means the power in the hande Coust, and that he is desirous of met conspiracy embracing all the members of the masses of the working class, the ing some kind of working arrange and sympathizen of the W. W, the wanted to prevent our platecretá create workers and peasants. And these groups ment arrived at for the future, particu membership of which prow benfold madering the Russius revolution. Sooner the indeed have no interest in annexations; larty during the period of the war, on the oppression we could aspect and through the direct not only in words but in fact do they basis that will be fair to all parties. He action of our Government, young denounce aggression, they actually to therefore, rendo committee of per Senator Walsh of Montana, after fuse to build power for the defense sobal representatives to lend sympathetic, thorough investigation, has discovered volutionary Russia was recretly struagled of cop talist profite counsel and said to the State Goverze the Preamble of the LW. and the rope was paid for by the taxe andere ouch conditions we accepement in the development of a betterAnd he decrees that there is no place in of American werken, spoeling in the slogue of a revolutionary war against understanding between laborers and cor the American tysten for noch an open, the capitalists of whatever country, for players ganization wither in ponce. in war.
control of this democratic republic.