TUR THE NEW INTERNA TTONAL JOURNAL OF REVOLUTIONARY SOCIALIST RECONSTRUCTION Vai No OCTOBER 1, 1911 Pria, SC The Arrest of Fraina Our Editor Faces 22 Year Imprisonment and 20, 000 Fide Thunday evening. September peared secretly before the Federal There are a number of important New International and one of three 27th, a meeting of Conscientious Grand Jury, and secured indictments issues involved in the Frains Cheyney editor of The Clan Streegle.
Objecton was held at the Labor against Frina and Cheyney on the cax. The first is the reneral one of Defense Council is being orgia Temple, New York City, under the charge of conspiracy, and on a new freedom of speech, which has been ized, which at the time of writiny auspices of the League of Conscien charge of violating the criminal See: brutally trampled upon during the consists of Anna Strunsky Walling tious Objectors. The speakers sched tion of the Espionage Act. The new past six months. Then there in the Louis Boudin, Joseph Schlossber uled were Arturo Giovannitti, Louis charge alleges that the defendants test case of the criminal section Algernon Les, Scott Nearing. Eliza Fruing Charles Sonnenachein, and did kwewingty and feloniously, when of the Espionage Act, which it at beth Freemaa, Mary Marcy. Austin Estward Ralph Cheyney, chairman. the United States wu awu, attempt lowed to stand will strike terrific Lewis, Ludwig Lore and RutThe menting was perfectly orderly, to can haberdination, didayakty, blow at the freedom of criticism.
its purpose being to create public Datiny and the newl day in the The most important issue is that of seatiment to compel the government military and url force of the the Conscientious Objectors Fraine, The Defense Council calls upon to consider the care of the non United States, and the place of who is samod u principal in both you to adopt protest resolutions, or religious Conscientiou Objectors. the United States and their dignity, indictment has been leading guia: protest meeting, and contri Towned: the end of Fraina ad contrwy Section the Act figure in the Conscientious Objector bute to the Defense Food The. com domy medjut us be had said, They June 15, 1917.
moreaneat of New York. The govern must be fought to finish. Al money, cannot conscript the Conscientious Objectors; they cannot conscript. to Tot indictment of Frains and Chey then came the wearekin on, come seal. S. Ja. Roster92. West End pent, appareatly, refuse to conside, and copies of motion should be because we have made up mindent New York seader the criminalitet en meer!
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