USE THIS PAGE TO HELP MAKE WORKERS PARTY CONVENTION HUGE SUCCESS FOR THE CAUSE OF UNITY! HE unification of all revolutionary elementa in America working class is on the way. An historic Unity Convention, with thia purpose in View, has been called for December 23 26, to be held in New York City.
By revolutionary ele ents we mean those accepting the leadership of the Third (Communist)
International in the struggle to establish an American Workers Republic.
THE WORKERS COUNCIL OF THE UNITED STATES has been active, thru its membenhip mdofidakinbringingthisefiorttowardmityto asuceeatultermination. Wubitaatfiliatedorganintiona it will have about 50 delegates in the Unity Convention.
Wecometoourmenibersand sympathize toenlisttheiraupportinraisingasuficientfunrlto meetourshareoftbeConvention sexpenm, and tomeeutullyfinaneetheleunchingoftheopen Workers Party after the Convention is over. This is a call to you from the National Executive Committee of the WORKERS COUNCIL ACT NOW! GET AS MANY CONTRIBUTIONS AS YOU CAN IMMEDIATELY AND SEND THEM IN! THOSE NOT WISHING TO SIGN THEIR NAMES, MAY SIGN FRIEND.
Km ADDRESS Doll ll Cell!
13m. in this list, filled, not later than December 27th. 1921. Send all contribution: and make III checku and money order: payable to LOUIS ENGDAHL, 0 Secretary, Workm Council, Room 233, so Em 11th Street, New York City.