O O O O 0 O 0 0 0 New Era Dawns for America Working Class NEW era dawns in the political struggle of America working class. In spite of the crushing attack of the exploiters from without, and some divisions of opinion within, the labor movement displays its great vitality thru its ability to re organize its forces in the midst of battle, to prepare for greater and more successful struggles.
This is the meaning of the call issued for the creation of the WORKERS PARTY OF AMERICA, at a convention to be held in New York City, December 23 26, at the Labor Temple, 243 East 84th Street.
The tremendous significance of this event will become more clear with the passing of the months after the convention is held, when the workers generally will rally to its calms.
Two years of intense persecution under the lash of the American white terror lie behind us. Our ranks may be somewhat disorganized But the spirit of lath vanguard remains unbroken, its standards wave unsullied and defiant, while our principles, with a greater appeal than ever, continue to be held aloft beyond the traitor touch. We view the past with satisfaction We press on to more vital struggles and greater victories in the future. t PLAYS BIG PART We cannot emphasize to much the part played by our organization, THE WORKERS COUNCIL OF THE UNITED STATES, in bringing about the unity that must work for the success of the WORKERS PARTY, taking its stand on the manifesto of the Third Congress of the Communist International, when it says. It is necessary to convince the working masses that theComm umsu alone are fighting for a betterment of their conditions, that the reactionary Socialist and trade union bureaucracy would rather see them die of hunger than fight for dim. There is no longer any question as to htin the traitors of the working class, the agents ogf tbs explolters, on theorem: undo, or to debate the question of democracy and. moral nip. Rather they must be fought on the questions of work, bread, wages, housing, clothing. It is only in fighting for the most simple interests of the working masses that we can organize a united front of the workers against the capitalists. It STORY OF ACHIEVEMENT At this time we may review slightly the successful development of the campaisn of activity out lined for itself by THE WORKERS COUNCIL.
One of its first achievements was to vitalize the work of the Committee for the Third International of the Socialist Party, for the purpose of organizing the left wing in the party, educating the party membership on the position of the Third International, and to carry on a struggle for affiliation with it on the basis of the announced 21 conditions.
The policy of the Committee for the Third was to enlighten and awaken the remaining members of the party thru working from within.
The experiences of the Detroit Convention, in June, proved there was no longer any danger of leaving the membership in the custody of a reformist leadership. After the Detroit convention all truly Socialist elements left the party.
It was in this crisis that the Committee for the Third issued its Withdrawal Statement from the Socialist Party, and sent forth its call to the revolutionary elements thruout the country to. ORGANIZE FOR THE PURPOSE OF GETTING IN TOUCH WITH US AND PREPARE FOR CONFERENCE, WHICH WILL BE CALLED IN THE NEAR FUTURE AND WHERE DEFINITE PLANS WILL BE WORKED OUT AND THE FOUNDATION LAID FOR POWERFUL AMERIAN SECTION OF THE THIRD INTERNATIONAL. 1 TO AID UNITY STRUGGLE THE WO RKERS COUNCIL OF THE UNITED STATES was brought into existence for the purpose of carrying on this organization work, not with the intention of building a new party, but with the object of aiding in the struggle to unite all class conscious working class groups into a truly revolutionary organization, into an open po litical organization of truly revolutionary and class conscious workers.
THE WORKERS COUNCIL thus became the rallying center for all revolutionary elements leaving the Socialist Party because of its reformism, while at the same time feeling that the prevailing policies of the Communist Party were a stumbling block in the building of a mass movement.
It also rallied to its support many independent elements taking a similar position.
From the beginning, however, while disa proving some of the existing tactics and policies some Communist elements, the WORKERS COUNCIL recognized that if a new party of action was to be created, these elements must play an important part in it.
It was felt that developments would compel our Communist comrades to drop those methods of organization and tactics that made it impossible to function as a working, revolutionary body, continually recruiting new converts to its growing ranks.
at REACHING OUT EVERYWHERE From the beginning the WORKERS COUNCIL extended its activities in every direction where its influence could be used with effect.
It had associated with it in its work such other organizations as the Jewish Socialist Federation, the Workers Educational Society (Arbeiter Bildungs Vereine. and a strong element in the Italian Socialist Federation It also had the sympathy of the Bohemian Socialist Federation that voted unanimously at its Thanksgiving Conference to send delegates to the Workers Party Convention.
It was, therefore, the WORKERS COUNCIL that began and continually agitated for an open discussion of the question of unity of all revolution»
ary elements, including the Communist Party. The American Labor Alliance was formed only after the WORKERS COUNCIL had begun to correspond with groups and elements favorable to unity, thruout the country.
One of the first organization efforts was the conference held at Toledo, Ohio, last May, when the formation of an open Workers Party was first discussed and endorsed.
The first conferences with representatives of the groups allied with the American Labor Alliance were held on the initiative of the WORKERS COUNCIL. e r: FIRST CALL FOR CONFERENCE These conferences satisfied the national execu tive committee of the WORKERS COUNCIL that there was a sufficient demand for the unification of all revolutionary bodies.
It therefore issued a call for a National Conference to be held in November.
The call was based on a minimum program with which our readers are familiar.
The American Labor Alliance later announced its call for a national convention, and made public its determination to build up a dues paying organization, instead of continuing as a federation of organizations already in existence.
The WORKERS COUNCIL, thruout the succeeding negotiations, took a stand it» a united movement. but firmly stated its frank opposition to certain mevailing tactics among the Communists.
But it considered the cause of unity greater than any differences on tactics as long as there was no fundamental disagreement as to principles. lb CONFIDENCE AND COLO PERATIO We demanded that all elements must genuinely work for real unity. We demanded that the comrades on all sides conducting the negotiations must have confidence in each other.
We demanded that the co operatitm that is necessary to the creation and upbuilding of a powerful, militant open party must be a living reality.
We declared that it was out of this joint confidence and this common spirit of cooperation that the success of the open party would grow, just as this confidence and co operatim has already resulted in the issuing of the Joint Call for the National Convention to be held during the Christmas holidays.
MUST FACE LIFE REALITIES This National meention must issue a program and manifesto recognizing the realities of the open struggle for Communism in the United States. The party constitution must be drawn in the same spirit.
The party. must accept squarely and without mental reservations the spiritual leadership of the Third International as expressed in the Theses, manifestoes and actions of its Congress and direc tions of its Executive Committee.
The party must interpret the leadership of the Third International in the light of American reality and apply its direction to every concrete situation with the end in view to bring the American working class in line with the conscious and aggressive units of the proletariat of other lands, followmg the same lead. 42 a EDUCATION AND ORGANIZATION The expressed and avowed task of the party must be the education and organization of the American workers for the abolition of Capitalism and inauguration of Socialism. Workers Republic where the working class shall rule until class rule is no longer needed, shall be the political means to the final social end.
The party must be an open, above board organization, following the lines of democratic centralization and bound by ties of discipline under the supreme control of the acting thru national conventions and elected national executive committees. SUCCESS IS ASSURED The success of the Workers Party is assured from the start. The Socialist Party, thru the actions of its national executive committee meeting recently held at Cleveland, Ohio, has definitely gone over to labor reformism. This was predicted.
Our prediction has come true. The Socialist Party has been swallowed completely in the swamp of reactionary opportunism.
The Workers Party enters the field without a competitor. It will attract to its ranks all. those workers who have profited by the bitter experiences of the world war and the capitalist peace, and by those who proclaim their solidarity with and. are inspired by the lessons of the Russian revolution.
a: e AROUSE THE MILLIONS These will carry the message of emancipation to the millions of hungry and unemployed, to those who sufier most under the cruel tortures and brutal inhumanities of the present social system.
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