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48 THE WORKERS COUNCII. May 1, 1921 Manager Column The Workers Council Vol.
New York, May 15, 1921.
No. མ ARA MOR ti in the school of Bolshevism, will never permit the bourgeoisie to retourn to power. Capitalism is reeling to its very foundations and is daily suffering We greet May day, the Worker holiday. The poor new blows, new decisive defeats. The Soviet inimen, the landless and the propertyless all over the stitution forms the great thought of the Commun world, realize on this day the approach of universal ity, namely, the idea of organizing society accord brotherhood, of international solidarity. In Soviet ing to economic units and to make of these units, Russia, May first is celebrated in every public square, by means of a democracy directed against the bour in every village. For there the workers and peasants geoisie, by means of the dictatorship of the wors own the country and their holiday is the nation holiing class, by means of proletarian democracy, a day.
true united commonwealth, a member of a great In the United States the workers do not own the world wide economic community.
country, nor the tools they work with, nor the jobs The Enterte no longer has the power to shatter that should provide for their livelihood. They do Soviet Russia. The World War ended with the not because they do not realize their power. And demolition of one of the belligerent states, of one their leaders too fail to realize the vast power of of the financial powers and with the military and these thirty eight million workingmen and workingeconomic exhaustion of the other. The worid wonen, when united and consolidated to one purpose solstice is approaching. Whether it comes today or the achievement of their economic freedom. The tomorrow or the day after makes no difference it leaders dicker and beg from the powers that be, incannot be long distant. And in all lands there ap stead of consolidating the armies behind them.
pears among the foremost fighting ranks of the working class the flaming motto which was first This consolidation of the working class is the spirit written on the banners of the proletariat in the of May first. The Workers Council hopes, in its great French Revolution, which was engraved with limited way, to help in that great task, to point the steel upon the pages of the history of old Europe, way that leads to freedom. Comrades everywhere see which constituted the golden rule of the Paris in the Workers Council a needed message, one comCommune and which in time will re echo even in rade writes: Congratulations on your very excellent the ranks of the working class of America, those magazine. It just what we need plain talk, with words in which are contained today as they were no compromises or else no talk at all. Or this from a hundred years ago the longing and the hope and another: am enclosing money order for 50 for the iron will of the working class, the meaning and a subscription to your magazine. endorse your first the spirit of the new epoch: War against palace number and wish you success in your undertaking.
and peace to the huts, death to want, and to am for a world worth while. Or again. Send me idleness!
some copies right away. Will see what can do about The historic essence of dictatorship is dominion selling them.
stark, coercive dominion; without infringing the rights You comrade, who read this, you are appointed and interests of minorities, it is as impossible as the a comunittee to spread the Workers Council. Get ten of quadrature of the circle. The historic justification of friends to read it. See that each one of the your the dictatorship of the proletariat lies in this, that ten spreads it among a group of his own. Send us the dictatorship is exercised in the interests of the subscriptions, send lists of names, send for bundles enormous majority of the population, and that it is at special rates, to sell at meetings. You may earn no more than a means of transition, for it aims at some money in your spare time by selling the Workers suspending itself, at rendering itself impossible, at Council. We want agents everywhere. Write us.
realising the ideal of democracy a free people, in Cut out and mail with check or money order a free land, living by free labor. Clara Zetkin.
The period of imperialism means the division of SUBSCRIPTION BLANK the world between the great privileged nations which THE WORKERS COUNCIL, oppress all the others. Undoubtedly, certain crumbs 80 East 11TH STREET, from the plunder, arising out of these privileges and NEW YORK CITY.
this oppression, fall to the lot of certain sections of the lower middle class, aristocracy, bureaucracy, and Date a privileged minority of the working class. This last Comrades: section, which constitutes an infinitesimal section of Please enter my subscription to The Workers the laboring class, has a leaning towards Struvism. Council for one year at 50 (6 months 85. for it justifies their union with the national bourgeoi You will find correct amount enclosed.
sie as opposed to the oppressed masses of all nations. Lenin.
Name We are requested to insert an appeal for funds on Address behalf of the thirty six deportees with their families now retained at Ellis Island in a most pitiful cor. dition. They are absolutely destitute and the National Defense Committee is collecting money to care for Canadian Postage 50 cents a year estra.
them. Please send contributions to Dr. George Foreign, 00 extra.
Dunaif, Treasurer, 339 Stone Ave. Brooklyn, jaural TO Little Tie up on the Waterfront Communist Difficulties in Germany and Italy City TEN CENTS COPY Two DOLLARS FIFTY CENTS YEAR THE WORKERS COUNCIL, an organ for the Third International, published by the International Educationol Association, 80 East Ilth Street, New York.