16 THE WORKERS COUNCIL APRIL 1, perience good tactics in the matter of propo nda does not consist in turning awa from your a versary a few persons or some of his members, but to act upon the great masses which are still indifferent.
One single new force which is brought forth from nothing is worth more than ten followers of Lasalle who always bring into the party the misery of their false tendencies.
The thing would still go if one could have the masses without their local leaders, but it is always necessary to accept a whole band of these leaders who are bound by their former public declarations if not by their opinions that they professed hitherto, and who must now prove that they have not reudiated their principles; but on the contrary it IS the Workers Social Democratic Party which preaches the true doctrine of Lassalle. This is the mischief done at Eisenach, which was not easy to escape at the moment; but these elements have certainly hurt the party and don know if the party would not be today as strong without them.
If these elements were to receive support should certainly consider this a calamity.
We must not let ourselves be influenced by all this noise for unity. The greatest artisans of discord are those who have this word most often on their lips, as at this moment the Bakounistes of the Jurassien Switzerland, the artisans of all the splits, that do not stop to clamor for unity. These fanatics of Unity are either narrow spirits who would mix all and make of it a shapeless dough, which, when no longer stirred will bring out still more sharply the difierences that now find themselves in the same pot. In Germany we have a very fine example of these people who preach the reconciliation of the workers with the small middle class. or they are the people who unconsciously or consciously want to deviate from this movement. That is wh the greatest sectarians, the greatest braggers an fakirs demand at certain moments with greatest violence, Unity. In our existence nobody has done us greater harm, nobody has shown us greater falseness than these braggers of Unity.
Naturally every party wants to be in a osition to record successes, which is as it should e. But there are moments when it is necessary to have the courage of sacrificing a momentary success to more important things. Especially in a party like ours, where the final success is so absolutely certain, and which has developed in our days and under our eyes, in a manner so formidable, one does not always need a momentar success. At all events, believe that the ca ab e elements among the followers of Lasalle, Will later come to on of their own accord and thus it would not be Wise to gather the fruits before it is ripe, as the partisans of Unity would like to do. Old Hegel already said: party behaves like a victorious party by dividing itself and by being able to stand the division. The movement of the proletariat passes necessarily thru different degrees of development: at each stage a number of people stop and do not continue the journey; that alone explains why the solidarity of the proletariat is being realized everywhere in groupings of different parties Who engage in a life and death struggle, like the Christian sects in the Roman Empire, during the worst persecution. Manager Column The Manager task is usually a difficult one; it 15 the task of makin both ends meet. It is prosaic, and concerned wit common things, payments, money and other such uninteresting details. Even in the bringing out of a Revolutionary Socialist paper, these details are ever present. So the Manager was thinking of making an appeal to ou, his audience, to come and help him in his di culties, 8 Our ap eal is to the Young. Not necessarily to the blond aired and black haired as against the gray haired,. but to the Young in Spirit, in Resolution, in Daring. Our appeal is to the people who are setting out on a great enterprise, who see be fore them a great New World, who are inspired what is to come, and not by what has come. Wye appeal to the great masses who labor and toil, and long for a way out. But we should not call this our appeal. It is not we that ask you to do something for us.
There are neither you nor us in this undertaking. It is only the great Movement of the workers, who are striving to create for themselves a new state.
Translated into terms of action it means effort, devotion, sacrifice. It means for you and me and everybody to get together and give freely of our best to the Movement. t.
And in this Spirit want to tell you about The Workers Council. The ublication of it is a task which has been assumed y the International Educational Association, in the conviction that there are a great many Comrades, attached or not at tached to existing organizations, who feel and think the way we do. We want these to join with us in the undertaking, to help us carry the Workers Council along. U The Workers Council is sold to the Reader at ten cents a copy. But from the Dealer we get about half that; besides the many free and unsold copies.
The actual cost of the paper is more than we get for it. Add to this cost of make up, general expenses, etc. In order therefore to bring this publication to the Reader and to spread its circulation, it is necessary for a large group of people to divide the cost among themselves. Every dollar contributed will pay for ten copies of The Workers Council. Five dollars a month from one hundred comrades will secure The Workers Council for a month in its present shape. One hundred dollars will give us the opportunity to plan work ahead, to create agen cies and supporters in every part of the country. i.
Let the Business Manager hear from you. l.
Address: INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL ASS N, 320 Broadway, Room 620, New York.
The Workers Council Vol. New York, April 15, 1921. No. Sic him, Fido!
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