THE WORKERS COUNCIL of the world are urged to organize loosely with autonomy, etc. In this way, presumably, they will be best fitted to meet the solid ranks of the Imperialist nations ready at any moment to clamp an air tight blockade against any Somalist revolution. The miserable failure of the lamented Second International has evidently taught the Hillquits nothing. If he can have his way there Will be no centralized form of organization in the international field nor within the party.
Not a word is said in this report about the Dictatorship of the Proletariat or the Sov1et form of government. Is it possible that since the May convention, the Dictatorship has been embraced as something acceptable to American psycholog Perhaps in another year, the party leaders Wil be Willing to accept the twenty one points.
The party leaders have to their record a series Aran 1, 1921.
of blunders piled upon blunders. Bankruptcy is written large over the entire movement. Only one thing can help to ve it new life, and that is open an unreserved a liation with the Third International.
This one thing the party officials refuse to do, in spite of the expressed wishes of the membership.
They will not even allow a delegation which they themselves chose, to go to Russia, evidently for fear of its being afiected With Bolshevism.
We may quote in conclusion from the Russian Press Review, No. 9, Comrades, make it plain to every worker, that it is not a matter of one, two, five, or twenty one conditions, but that there is onl one real condition, namely: that those parties Whic desire to affiliate to the Communist International, must be real Communist revolutionary proletarian parties, in which there is no room for reformists, social pacifists and waverers.
England and America in Struggle for World Domination By PAvnovrcr While the French press is full of attacks and bitter reproaches towards England and is already bringing up the question of the end of the Entente, the same press is full of praisefor the United States and is emphasizing the rapid growth of the war, marine and economic might o the United States.
France is a country With. a small population, weakened by the war, having in the East an enemy in Germany, which if not today will tomorrow show its teeth again and the only reliable Ally of the Continent is Belgium, not counting Poland of the Schlachta (Landlords. France would never have dared to begrudge England if she would not feel behind her a support of some conSiderable force. Lately the French press is full of articles regarding the English American rivalry. This rivalry is first of all manifested in the struggle for the domination of the seas. The items which the French press has recently printed (Temps of Aug. 8th)
show indeed the tremendous success. of the United States in the struggle for the domination of the oceans.
In the ear 1914, just before the war started, the UnitedV States was in her merchant marine (steamers) behind Germany, France, Japan and Italy. The tonnage of the American fleet was almost ten times less than the tonnage of the marine of the Queen of the seas England. But afterthe period of 1914 to 1920 the tonnao e of the American, steam fleet grew six times and now the United States in its merchant lmarine is far ahead of Germany, France, Italy and aEan and is now occupying the second place after ngland.
In the year 1914 the English fleet was equal to 18, 000, 000 tons, the American 2, 000, 000 tons. In the year 1920 the English marine had 18, 100, 000, the American 12, 400, 000 tons. The English fleet decreased, owing to the submarine war, by 800, 000 tons. The American, however, increased to 10, 380, 000 tons, e. 500. The United States has taken up seriously the question of becoming the dominator of the seas and putting England second. The eflorts of the United States to overtake England in war marine armaments are even of a more intense character. The English Government has announced more than once that the English fleet under all circumstances must always be equal to the combined fleets of two of the strongest maritime governments in the world.
This position is considered the axiom of the English war marine poiicy and has been sanctioned more than once in the House of Commons and the House of the Lords. But the United States decided not to consider the predictions of the Dominator of the seas. In the last report of the American Naval Department we find the following lines. The Naval Department has established a policy according to which the fleet of the United States must become equal in its force to the strongest navy which any country in the world may have; therefore we shall increase our fleet yearly in accordance with our resources. This we must attain by all means not later than 1925.
The French Temps remarks that the only fleet to which the American Secretary of the Navy has alluded is the English fleet which is of course the strongest in the world. Now England is menaced by a danger.
The items which the French press brings up show that America has a chance of overtaking England in the tonnage of the war marine in the year 1923 which is two years before the expected time England will not put forth its utmost efforts. The oflicial organ of the French government concludes with a remark. With deep emotion and apprehension we are tracing the movement of the fleets of both countries.
The struggle for the domination of the seas has begun.
The French press tries to hide its joy over the open fight which has begun between e United States and England for domination of the seas. APRIL 1, 1921.
but it cannot hide the joy, and indeed this struggle will have important consequences. We note why and how the conflict between Germany and England has begun. England demanded that Germany stop naval armaments, having nothing against the arsiaments of Russia, Beligum or France. The endeavor of Imperialistic Germany to create by all means the strongest navy, the building of the greatest number of high type warships, the works over the Canal of Kiel, etc. all this was the most important factor which excited all England and which made the dominating classes of Great Britain join Russia and France with whom however, England had serious controversy in America and in Asia.
Now in place of Germany there appears a much more dangerous competitor for England in the shape of the United States.
The French bourgeoisie hopes to profit by the English American conflict the same as they did in the German English conflict. This is the explanation of the courage and daring with which the French press is attacking England. It is interesting to note that the French press is trying to brush aside the role played by the English and especially Russian army at the beginning of the war and which practically saved France from being utterly demolished. But instead of it the French press praises the merits of the remarkable, heroic American army, which chased away the barbarous Germans. When we read the articles in some French THE WORKERS COUNCIL papers about America army and navy it reminds us of the same articles which were written before the war in regard to the Russian army and the might of Czarist Russia. These articles seem to say to every citizen. Do not be afraid of our conflicts with England.
We play one hundred per cent sure. America will carry us through. By the time Great Brtiain will have made up her mind to attack us the American fleet Will be the first in the World.
In the growing English American conflict French diplomacy sees the best means to raise the world significance of France as a country whose friendship or hostility is of importance to everyone of the rival countries which are about to begin in the near future a bloody war. Bourgeois France begins to feel itself the master of the situation.
but the International proletariat will crush these hopes together with the whole capitalistic biiildin and under the ruins of the latter the remnants o the French, English and American bourgeoisie will be buried. If not we shall soon be witnesses of another world war, where millions of proletarians of all countries of the world will perish again for the sake of the French exchange and for the sake of raising the dividends of dynamite and gun kings.
The English American struggle for the world domination is first of all a struggle for the domination 3f til: Pacific Ocean, in other words the yellow coninen. Home for the Politically Homeless By KARL RADEK The International is an organization Without independent political ideas. It is an organization that is unwilling to carry out in practice the ideas it has borrowed from the Communist International and diluted to its own taste. It is not an international organization of the proletariat at all but aims consciously to be an international loosely joined federation of the various national centrist parties.
How little faith it places in its own power to fight and survive it proves by its desperate cleaving to the yellow Trades Union International of Amsterdam. Nevertheless it would be a mistake to assume that it is unable to exist. If the revolutionary movement in the western European countries does not at once take more rapid strides, if the process of the radioalization of the masses of Labor does not make immediate progress, the 21 International will be able to prevent the vaccilating elements among the revolutionary laboring masses from attaching themselves to the Third Interantional. It will become the home for the politically homeless who are unable to decide for this side or that. To be sure its existence will be but a shadowy one. Incapable of action, incapable of becoming the living, revolutionary advance guard of the world proletariat, it will form the mere illusion of the rear of the proletarian army, unless events somehow force it to the fighting front of the world revolution.
How large these hesitating masses are appears most clearly in the most recent happenings within the Italian Socialist Party. The Italian Socialist Party. used to be regarded as one of the largest and most important parties of the Communist International. The thousands upon thousands of workers who stood behind that party gave proof of their steadfastness in the earlier skirmishes of the Italian Revolution. Their sympathies for Soviet Russia they expressed in terms of action at the time when she was threatened with the ravest dangers. They declared themselves openly 511 the dictatorship of the proletariat. They assimilated the idea of the workers councils and they even tried, in connection with one of their revolutionary engagements, to put into practice the control of production by shop councils. Nevertheless the were as a matter of fact connected with the re ormistic past by bonds the significance of which they themselves do not understand, although these bonds threaten to strangle the Italian Revolution. Because the reformists within the Italian labor movement split just before the war, because the openly imperialistic elements among them left the party even before the war, the majority of the Italian revolutionary workers fail to see the danger which consists in the fact that their leadership contains democratic and pacifistic elements which are posed to the Socialist revolution opposed to the ictatorship of the proletariat.
Ari this mass of workers which considered itself an advance guard of the Communist International when it had to decide between the reformist lenders