:. claim seats as delegates on An )1in 12, 1010 THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE I5 Official Left Wing News LL efforts should now be concentrated on the nomination and election of Left Wing delegates to the Emergency Convention of August 30th. There are practically no States in which the Left Wing would not carry the elections, without expulsxons and suspensions. Several of the most important states are now outlawed, or to become. outlawed, as State organizations, and these States ought to proceed with their elections as if they were still Within the party, using the regular rules and methods. Where the State organization is recognized, expelled and suspended organizations within the State should provide themselves with the regular ballots (printin copies where necessary) and vote for the Left ing nominees. These votes, added to the others, will show the real vote of the membership of the State and will entitle the Left Wing nominees, if they win on the combined vote, to st 30th. Failing the Au ust 30th Convention, de egates thus elected for Le Win representation will be ready to take. art in the onvention to organize a Communist arty.
If the Left Wing candidates are not nominated under the regular party methods, or if there is a State in which these candidates cannot win at this time by combined vote of regular and suspended or expelled members, it will be necessary to form a provisional Left Wing organization for the purpose of making nominations and balloting for Left Wing delegates (on same ratio of delegates to members as in regular party election, but counting only those branches which afl iliate themselves with the Left Wing. These delegates, if elected by a minority of the membership, can have no claim to seats in the party convention, but can act as fraternal delegates and be ready to claim full participation in the Convention to organize a new party, if this becomes the program.
There can be no rule which covers all the varieties of local complications, but the main thing is to get to work at once to work out the problem of bringing together at Chicago, August 30th, a full and fair representation of the arty membership as an entirety. Or, to state this in the alternative, if the party convention is called off by the rump or most of the membership is thrown out of the party, the problem is to bring to ether a proportionate representation of the revoiutionary Socialists throughout the cow My. There is not a day to lose on this all important matter. There are only a few weeks between now and the convention. It THE PARTY EXPULSIONS Statement issued by instruction of Lord! Boston, Socialist Party, in General Membership Meeting assembled, June 29, 1919. We refuse to recognize the expulsion by the National Executive Committee of the Socialist Party of the State Organization of Michigan and Massachusetts and the suspension of the Hungarian, Let tish, Lithuanian, Polish, South Slavic, Russian and Ukrainian Federations. We note that the members of the Executive Committee respons ble for this action charge that the language federations made plans to vote for a slate. Such procedure has always been recognized within the Party as a legitimate method of giving effect to majority opinion in elections. As a matter of» fact, James Oneal, one of the objectors, was himself elected on a slate as State Secretary of Massachusetts a few years ago. Another charge is that five federations issued a statement that they would not assist in the socalled Amnesty Convention called bv the National Executive Committee, and even affirmed their opposition to such Convention. The purpose of that Convention was, in our judgment, to use the So cialist Party as an instrument in securing the release of the bourgeois conscientious objectors and then to abandon the imprisoned victims of. the class struggle. Therefore we declare that the five federations in this matter adhered to the Party pledge, while its National Executive Committee violated the third paragraph of that pledge, which reads as follows: am opposed to all political organizations that support and perpetuate the present capitalist profit system, and am opposed to any form of trading or fusing with any such organizations to prolong Qiat system. The members of the outgoing National Executive Committee who voted to hold up the tabulation of votes upon national membership referendums rendered themselves liable to expulsion from office under Article XIII, Section 4, of the Party Constitution, which reads: Any officer who attempts to interfere with the processes of the membership shall be expelled from office. The State Organizations of Michigan and Massachusetts were expelled without even the decency of a hearing. Those members of the National Executive Committee who were responsible for this outrage are now straining every nerve to prevent an appeal against their action to a referndum vote of the Party membership. Even in capitalist courts the accused is ven a hearin and a trial, with right of appeal if convicted. he guilty members of the National Executive Committee are seeking to deprive the accused comrades of rights such as are granted to Socialists by a hostile capitalist civi lization.
Comrades! The Socialist movement of the world is everywhere swinging to the left. Sweep out of your path the handful of fossilized officials wholare trying to stop the swing in America!
For Local Boston: Louis Henderson, William Goldberg, Leon Golosov, Colyer Authorized Committee.
It MASSACHUSETTS EXPELLED Another State gone. Massachusetts is expelled for adopting the Left Wing program at its State Convention and ror refusing to recognize the FN. act of suspending the Federations. For this ter offense, Pennsylvania is now threatened with excommunication, and very likely Ohio will meet She same sad fate.
It is a race against time: will there be anything left for the rump to expel by August 30th?
Even Milwaukee is slipping. Think of it Milwaur x! The sanctum of smug petty bourgeois reformism which perverts the name of Socialism for the winning of a few public offices. Yet, in spite of The Leader and the Berger cohorts, if all the members of the party were allowed to vote in Milwaukee, its delegates to the Emergency Conference ould be Left Wingers.
The party splitters will succeed only in splitting themselves off from the mass of the membership.
But every precaution must be taken to offset this program of destruction by definite alignment of the Left Wing forces.
OHIO STATE CONVENTION The most important event in the party history since the National Left Wing Conference was the Ohio Convention of June 27th 28th. This Convention lined up Ohio absolutely in accord with the program and policies of the National Left Wing.
The delegates from Ohio to the Emergency Convention of August 30th stand instructed by the State Convention to insist upon the seating of all delegates elected by the votes of all the membership, Ohio itself refusing to recognize the E: orders of expulsion and giving the vote to all members of the Federations. In case of Right Wing control of. the Emergency ConventiOn, by carrying to the final extremity the tactics of bringandage, the Ohio dele«
gation will go into the convention to organize a new party. FERGUSON, National Sec y.
Greater New York News The mass meeting scheduled to take place in Manhattan Lyceum last Monday evening had to be postponed at the last minute due. to the fact that The Revolutionary Age carrying the advertisement did not come out on Thursday as expected. but came out on Monday which made it manifestly impossible to advertise the meeting in time to fill the hall. Rather than have a failure the Executive Secretary called the meeting off and changed it to the following Monday evening at the same place, Manhattan Lyceum.
The Revolutionary Age will carry local Left Wing activities. Branches should send in the date :and address of regular meeting place to Maximilian Cohen, 43 29th St.
Notices as to special activities should be in the mike by Tuesday morning every week. Branch organizers and secretaries should send in the above notices immediately.
Branches wishing to hold open air meetings and. desiring Left Wing speakers should send in notice a few days ahead in writing, if possible. Speakers wishing to be booked in New York City end vicinity should communicate with Maximilian (alien. Executive Secretary, 43 29th St. stating terms and dates they can fill.
Schedule of Open Air Illeefings in the 17th Monday night 110th St. and 5th Ave. Speaker: Coldstein Tuesday night 106th St. and Madison Ave.
Speaker: Alex. Goldstein ednesday night 102d St. and Madison Ave.
Speaker: Rykind A S E T N Manhattan Lyceum. 66 East 4th Street FRIDAY JULY 14 New York delegates to Left Wing Convention will report. All comrades invited.
Admission by Party Card only.
LEFT WRE EXCURSION on the Hudson Saturday, afternoon, July 12 on the Steamship Sirius Ticket in advance. 85c.
On day of trip. 00 Boat leaves Marget St. Dock at 30 Tickets at: 43 West 29th St. New Mir. 113 10th St. 180 Henry St. and 255 Grand St.
Auspices Ist and 2nd Left Wing Branches.
Friday night Mass Meeting on 110th and 5th Av.
Prominent Speakers regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Branch to be held Wednesday, July 16. a: a: All New York State communications should be addressed to Edward Lindgen, 350 Halsey St. Brooklyn, the new state secretary of the Left Wing State Committee. 0: III at All Bronx Left Wing Branches are requested to elect delegates to the Left Wing Central Committee of the Bronx on the basis of one delegate to every twenty members or fraction thereof.
Members of the Left Wing of the 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 8th Assembly Districts, Bronx, are urged to send their names and addresses to the organizer of the Bronx Left Wing, care of the Executive Secretary of the Left Wing, Locals Greater New York. 43 West 29th Street. 5F Those members of the Bronx Picnic Committee who undertook to visit the Branches are requested to send the names of the members elected by the various Branches to this Committee to the Assistant Manager of the Picnic.
Bronx Branch Secretaries should file membership lists immediately with the organizer, Blueglass, 740 FIN 149 th Street. Bronx,