July 12, 1919 THE REVOLUTIONARY An: A, Call From Hungary Hungarian Socialists Appeal to the Entente Workers ORKERS of the entente countries!
The masks have fallen from the faces of your governments. They are trying to end this war with the most violent, imperialistic peace that the world has ever seem that same war into which they drove you in the name of democracy, and your burdensome lives in order that the German people should fall under economic oppression, in order that the power and wealth of your capitalists should increase to infinity, and in order that that power, erected on oppression and extortion, on blood and iron, should be let loose over the entire world.
Allyour hopes for a better and happier future to follow as a result of the victory of the Western European nations over the militarism and Imperialism of Germany, were treacherously deceived, all promises given to you were lies in the mouths of your masters who were urging you to bend all your energies to the extreme in order to attain that victory which never had and never could have any other purpose than the erection, on the ruins of German Imperialism, of the world mastery of the bourgeoisie of the entente powers, though the consequences might mean the an nihilation of whole peoples and of all civilization.
But these acts do not constitute the full extent of the crimes of the capitalists. Ever since they finished the war of nations, the capitalists began a new war, a struggle with a new enemy who threatened to deprive them of the fruits of victory. They started to war against the revolution of the international working class, which first broke out in Russia, struck off the chains of Russian Capitalism. and laid the foundation for the supremacy of labor, under which there are neither plunderers nor plundered. Your bourgeoisie united with its worst enemy, the German bourgeoisie, in order that they might together fall on the new working class Russia, take possession of its richest provinces, plunder them, and, as far as possible, destroy the conquests of the revolution and, with the help of the Russian plunderers, establish anew the reign of rapacious exploitation. The German Imperialism, victorious over the Czar army, and driving its followers far into Russia, was then the chief enemy of Soviet Russia. But afterwards, being tied up on the west by hostile armies, Germany could not attack working class Russia with its full force. The attempts of your bourgeoisie in equipping military expeditions into Siberia, Archangel, and the Caucasus expeditions which did not develop on a large scale as merely the effect of independent causes were also directed at using all their strength to form one strong imperialistic ring. Now the situation is different. The war of nations has ended in the complete victory of one group, that of your bourgeoisie. It has driven its rival forever away from the world market and is getting ready to throw all its strength against the enemy which up to now has heroically stood against the onslaughts of the imperialists. It is trying to suppress the international revolution that started in Russia, in spite of the great difficulty and the (Translated by SIDIS)
enormous sacrifice, and recently entered a newstruggle against Hungary. In spite of all the insincere assurances given to your representatives in the parliaments, that no more troops would be sent into Russia, your governments are ready to continue their counterrevolutionary expeditions on a large, scale.
Your governments are now planning to take possession of the heart of the Russian revolution, Petrograd, and the Finnish White Guard, which for a year with the help of imperialist Germany stamped out the Finnish revolution in a sea of blood, is now going to support your governments.
Your bourgeoisie is inciting the Rumanians and Czechs against the revolution of the working class in Hungary, which, for some two months, has taken the power into its own hands and has already nationalized the large estates, banks, factories, and dwellings and has thus given the workers the opportunity of getting out of the clutches of Capitalism. Thus your bourgeoisie is trying to stamp out the second working class island rising out of the trackless ocean of Capitalism.
Comrades, your bourgeoisie declares that Bolshevism has doomed Russia to famine and disorganization and is threatening the whole world with the same misfortune. True, there is terrible famine in Petrograd, the transportation system of the whole country is broken down, industrial life is choked off in most parts. But if, in spite of all efforts, the Bolsheviki are not in a position to organize their production, who should be responsible for that except your own governments who reduce the working class of Russia to want by their ruilitary invasion, who devert the best part of their youth into a struggle with the enemy, who by a blockade and economic isolation have made the work of building up the country on Socialist foundations dificult if not altogether impossible?
Comrades, the Russian and Hungarian workers cannot try for a victory of the revolution either alone or even if the German working class comes to their aid, formerly the strongest part of the international working class, but now weakend by their own bourgeoisie and by the economic ruin of their country. Now, when your bourgeoisie has reached the height of its power and is preparing on its side to catch the whole world in the claws of its militarism, there is only one power that can bring the Russian, Hungarian, and international revolution to victory. And this sole power is yourselves, workers of the Allied countries. On you, comrades, lies the heavy responsibility of the future of the workers revolution, which is at the satne time the future of all humanity; your sacred obligation, your historic problem, must be to lift the terrible burden of Allied Capitalism from the oppressed, hungering peoples, to save the revolutions in the east which are in danger, and to prepare for the victory of Socialism over the whole world, and for this purpose you must overthrow your governments and take the power into your own hands.
Comrades! When German Imperialism, in the heat of a victorious strug le in anua 1918, was preparing to settlegits dominatioyii on Eastern Europe over the fallen body of the Russran revolution, millions of workers in Germany, Austria, and Hungary declared a political strike. It was not then given to them to break he mighty imperial machine, and their uprising was put down by the army. But. the edifice of capitalist Germany began to totter, and they thus took the first step towards the November revolution which did not lead to any Brest Litovsk treaty. They saved the honor of the working class of Germany, Austria,. and Hungary, which had been so basely deceived by its leaders. Now it depends on you, comrades, to do the same. It is not sufficient for your representatives in parliament to refuse to vote credits; their votes will be beaten by the bourgeois majority. It is not sufficient for you to protest at meetin. your Clemenceaus, Lloyd Georges, and rlandos Will take no notice whatever. You must not wait till you can capture a. majority of seats in parhament, for every day that you let pass in vain means death to thousands of workers, the destruction of treasures of civilization, and the Sinking of mankind into a waste of capitalist anarchy. Evey day that you lose in inaction may mean. the ending of the working class revolution. in Russia or Hungary, imposition of capitalist slavery for whole decades, or, if Capitahsm cannot get over its military pohcy of destruction, also the destruction of European cmhzation and a return to barbar15m.
The eyes of the struggling. suffering, and constructmg working class of Eastern Europe are turned towards you. On your revolutionary Will, on your revolutionary strength it de«
pends whether this heroic effort of your fellow workers, struggling also for your freedom, ets results; on this depends your future and of the working class of the whole world. And for you also peace has not brought prosperity and happiness, but great need and heavier slavery. Every victory of your imperialists against the republic of the working class strengthens the reaction and destroys the last remains of that democracy that appeared as the result of your previous great revolutions.
Show your plunderers action: demonstrations and mass strikes, show that you are ready to take up the mass struggle for Socialism, come to the aid of your brother workers, to show yourselves worthy of your revolutionary past. Your revolution will also be difficult and demand sacrifices, you also will not conquer at the first attack, but every step you take in the dirction of revolution will prepare for the final victory.
Long live the republic of the working class!
Long live the revolution in France, England and Italy!
Long live the revolution of the international working classl