Here and. There ALTHOUGH many people are disappointd ed in the work of the Peace Conference, an. particularly in the art la Mr.
Wilson, it ought not to lie fofgoiteegi that he made an important contribution to the cause ofintemationalism. When in 1916 Mr.
Wilson sought re election to the presidential chair, his managers hit upon a slogan that undoubtedly did much towards accomplishing the desired result. He kept us out of war the boardings screamed. And the electorate who thought war was a pretty good thing to be kept out of, not having been bullied by the Espionage Act, the National Security League and the American Defense Society, promptly voted Mr. Wilson into office.
When the Germans had» made 11 minds that if they were beaten in Ifihe tin cal; they would be skinned alive and were preparing to continue fighting at all costs, Mr.
Wilson wrote a note in which he mentioned»
fourteen paints as a basis upon which peace might be concluded. The German le, like the American electorate of 1916, thinking that peace was a very desirable thing, provided it wasn to be accompanied by the skinning process, promptly offered to conclude peace on these same fourteen points.
Today the Germans know exactly what the Americans who voted to be kept out of war felt like in April 1917, while these Americans have a pretty fair idea of how the Germans feel about Signing the peace. And after all what is internationalism but the ability of one people to understand and sympathize with the peoples of other countries?
tit The bourgeois press is ubiliant over it terms the failure of the Mooney striiciil According to reports only a few thousand workers in Seattle, San Francisco, Detroit Chicago and several other large centers have translated. their words into action. The gel; isugiven due credit for the failure. How, a 15m sorosyasthe aerst make it appear: There is a bibliicgl stag t3 the efl ect that if the Lord had been able to find one righteous person he would have saved the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.
It appears that even at the lowest estimate ere are several thousand workers in this country who are willing to undergo the rigors of a strike because they recognize the principle that an injury to one is an injury to all and this would work out at more than one for each city in the United States. At least the idea of striking for something else than a raise in wages has been widely propagated find the, idea that the errors of capitalist Justice. can be corrected in the work shop is gaining ground.
We understand that though Samuel Gompers feels that he has gained a victory, still he is not elated. Perhaps Sammy has heard the famers say that one rotten apple will spoil a whole barrelful. The decision of the Allies that it is im ggssible to make peace with the Hungarian Viet Govemmen is noteworthy only insofar as it helps to clarify the issue between Imperialism and the world proletariat. After the debacle over the Russian question which. ended in the evasion of the entire issue by the semi recognition of Kolchak, which pleased nobody except a few monarchic adventurers, it began to appear that the Entente statesmen Were incapable of handling the situation.
THE Revowrionnv Ace Adrift in the sea of revolution on the leaking craft of democracy, the Allied rulers have concentrated all their energies on trying to keep off the rocks of Soviet recognition only to find themselves caught in the shifting sands of defeated monarchy, consequently they have decided that they will semi officially recognize their position while they turn their eyes towards dry land and pretend that they are quite safe. The rulers of the Entente went to Paris to make peace. Making peace naturally means coming to an understanding with the other nations of the earth. The people of the Entente countries expect that their rulers will arrive at such understanding. This was one of the reasons they made a deal with Kolchak; Kolchak can always be put forward as Russia to the masses who do not examine the situation carefully. But what is going to be done about Hungary? The Allies dare not recognize the Communists and so far no monarchist adventurer has set up a governmen. So the statesmen must go home without recognizing Hungary at a. without coming to any understanding, without doing what they were sent to Paris for, without making peace.
They were unable to deal with Hungary there is no peace. Some of the workers are bound to ask why. Surely there must be a Kolchak in Hungary to befuddle the issue, surely Bela Kun has not shot all the aspirants to the throne? The fourth of July could hardly be called a Glorious Fourth by the super patriots. In Detroit, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, New York, in fact all over the country, the self appointed guardians of the nation safety were all fired up with a heroic sense of duty. They had been armed with nice new guns, bright badges and in some places. they even went to the expense of buying lovely military looking uniforms, lots of the more dutiful, we are credibly informed, stayed up all night polishing the old hand grenades, oiling the. trusty machine guns, and cranking the tanks; all for the purpose of wiping out the hated reds and outbombing the bomb plotters.
Early on the morning of the Fourth the tramp of marching men resounded all over the country. Orders were given, little bands of devoted heroes were marched out to protect the town clock, the village pump, the little red school house and the bosses works. The bursting of a Ford tirecaused countless thousands to grasp their rifles tighter, while the explosion of a giant cracker threw machine gun companies in such a flurry of haste that they invariably jammed the belt. And at the end of the day not a single bomb burst throughout the length and breadth of the country. The reds didn even attempt to set up so much as a village Soviet.
Taking it all in all, the Fourth was a failure from the American Defence Society point of view, and as a result the feeling is stronger than ever against the reds. The revolution didn take place and nobody is satisfied.
Send all editorial and business correspondence to our new address: 43. West 29th Street New York July 12, 1919 I BolsheVikJabs THE Fourth of July has come and gone and as far as we have heard nothing seems to have gone off except the usual number of firecrackers it a good job the newspapers scared the bomb plotters. Or em the papers have erred. It. It scans as if thewhole matter was a put up job to do. the cops out of a holiday.
is: a is And talking about the Fourth of July Tom Mooney is still in jail. i We were talking to an Irishman the other day who said he feel a lot surer of Irish Freedom if the of had got Mooney out of San Quentin. Now that the war is over humanity is becoming sane again, the world is sick of bloodshed 40, 000 people paid enormous sums to see the Toledo prize fight.
9! at England is now demanding that the ex Kaiser be tried for loosing the war. a: Apparently poor old England hopes to keep the war feeling up long enough to get over the present revolutionary period. This is. a bad sign. English diplomacy is losing its cunning else it would know that if trying the ex Kaiser could avert revolution, there is really no need to try him. t According to the newspapers Italy has cut the food prices in half as a result of the riots.
Now the Italians know what to do; if a few riots bring down prices by fifty per cent what Would a revolution do. i It would appear to be about time that the Italian government started another rumpus about Fiume.
a r If the Italians plump for the Soviets will they be German agents? Perhaps they ll just be a bunch of dirty dagos the same as they were before they got the coal. From reading the examination of some of the witnesses in the Henry Ford case it would appear that Clemenceau, Wilson, Jesus Christ and Tolstoy were all the same but then the dead can bring libel suits. Now that the first of July has gone we wonder who will expel the rest of the Socialist Party. a: s It really was a piece of shortsightedness on the part of the old not to have expelled at least half of the remaining quarter of the organization before June 30.
a: a: Bela Kun wife arrived at the Swiss border with a large sum of money the other day but was not allowed to cross the frontier, according to a dispatch from Geneva. We are glad to see the Swiss taking a firm stand against the glob trotting proclivities of the wives of Soviet ministers, but after all perhaps Mrs.
Kun merely wanted to visit Trotzky wife for the purpose of showing that her husband was doing pretty well also.