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Words and Words AUDACITY, again audacity, more audacity that was the motto of Danton. President Wilson has apparently paraphrased this to words, again words. still more words. Of Wilson it may be said as Marx said of Thiers all his vitality seems to have flown to the tip of his tongue. Bourgeois societv has need of words, to disguise its terrib e deeds.
The cascade of words apparently never ends. The president is home and the cascade comes with him. But his words can no longer disguise Wilson deeds.
These deeds are reactionary. Wilson used his 14 Points to argue in favor of the most brutal peace of modern times. Wilson. at Paris, was the screen behind which skulked reaction and international piracy, in all of which he acquiesced. Wilson approves of a League of Nations which strangles the peace and liberty of the world. The Peace Conference, with Wilson at its head, condemned the peoples of Russia and Hungary to starvation and war.
These are the deeds of reaction which answer the words of democracy.
And at home? Reaction dominates. Agents of the government suppress Socialist agitation and try to provoke the workers to acts of futile violence. Congress talks problems press down upon the people, but nothing is done.
Bourgeois society has performed its historic function of organizing production. Words are now its only contribution. The deeds of the Communist Socialist proletariat must answer the words of Capitalism.
Italy Moves THE masses in Italy are stirring that is clear. The depth and width of this movement is still a matter of conjecture. since the Italian government censorship of news is perhaps the most drastic in the world.
As in Russia, in March 1917. this movement of the masses starts as a series of food riots. It is not the actual scarcity of food as it is the terrifically high prices that inflames the people. The wrath of the starving is directed against the prcfiteers: and the gov, ernment, which has protected and encouraged these profiteers, now in order to prevent a revolution, condemns the profiteers and acts against them. The government is using force judiciously and trying to legalize the revolt of the people against the food pirates.
TEE REVOLUTIONARY AGE But the food riots have ceased being isolated, and are becoming a general class movement. In city after city the masses are assuming control of the food, its prices and distribution; in city after city Soviets those organs of the masses revolt are actually functioning. The movement, unless smothered by the trickery of the government, must assume a political character. And the movement is developing. As in Russia, again, the food riots arouse strikes: strikes are on in many cities, and a general strike was declared in Naples on Monday. Socialist, union and Soviet organizations are usurping municipal functions; soldiers are fraternizing with the workers. Peace with Germany was signed: and international Capitalism breathed more freely when a new German revolution did not materialize. Now comes the revolt of the Italian masses which may yet become a revolution.
The world revolution does not, proceed according to mathematical calculations: but it proceeds. An Italian proletarian revolution would assure action in France, Austria and Germany. The revolutionary temper is there. he acts of the Italian masses are all the more significant considering the proposed general strike in Italy; France and England scheduled for July 21 against intervention in Rus sia. International proletarian sdlidarity is becoming a fact.
On to Mexico OR a long time the great American in terests in Mexico have been squealing bloody murder. Their has been a regime of forty per cent dividends tempered by rev olution. In the blessed days of Diaz business men could buy a copper mine, a million acres of cattle land, or a tobacco plantation by slipping a few dollars hard cash into the proper hands. and the Government would arrest enough peons to provide penal labor to work the properties.
Then came Revolution, long deferred and overdue. The Madero movement was financed by American interests, in return for the paWning of the Madero properties: but although the great interests did not dare openly to at front popular opinion by frankly opposing revolution. they abetted the bloody murderer. Huerta, and were aided by the American Ambassador, Fletcher.
Woodrow Wilson only experiment in practical, as opposed to verbal. liberalism.
was his lofty pedagogical moral stand against Huerta. At that time the financial vultures were forced to cringe back, and wait for a more favorable opportunity.
They could afford to wait, meanwhile engaging in individual guerilla sal ies. backing counter revolutions like Orozco and Salazar and the unremitting attempts of the younger Diaz and his ilk, and in the mean while. battling with each other; for behind half the clashes between petty Chieftains lay the gigantic feud of the Standard Oil interests as against the Pearson interests.
Then came the War, the opportunity for all scoundrels. Under cover of the nation desperate needs. the great business pirates seized the United States by the throat. and becoming finally conscious of their identity of interest. began to hunt in packs.
The approach of the end of the War gave the American plutocrats their opportunity.
The munitions factories needed another war: the Army, millions strong, was suddenly released upon a labor market unable to absorb it. creating dangerous hordes of idle men: July 12, 1919 and the closing of foreign markets by Revolution made it of vital importance that American manufacturers have new worlds to exploit.
It was just at this critical time that the Carranza Government adopted the new Mexican Constitution of 1917, which embodied the objects for which the Revolution had been fought: redistribution of landed estates, heavy taxation of foreign concessions and properties, and the, announcement of Mexico right of Eminent Domain over natural resources in other words, Mexico for the Mexicans, instead of for the foreigners.
The United States Government immediately warned the Mexican Government that it would view asan unfriendly act such confiscation of American property. And when the Peace Council assembled in Paris, the American State Department granted passports to a delegation of private oil pirates, whose hand: still run blood from the counterrr uolulion they had just launchedfrom Wall Street. And the diplomats received these gentlemen, at the same time refusing to receive the Mexican delegate.
The great capitalist press has now come out in the open, advocating the subjugation of Mexico. She has been told officially that the capitalist governments of the Allied and Associated Powers will not permit her to either tax or buy back her natural resources; that no laws may be made which interfere with foreign property in Mexico: At the same time there has been formed the Association for the Protection of American Rights in Mexico with an Oil Division, a Minerals Division, a Cattle and Land Division, a Press Division, etc. whose object is frankly to arouse American public opinion to the necessity of destroying the Carranza Government, so that the vultures may gorge themselves upon the Mexican peons, as they have done all through history. page article in the Sunday Times last week gives the game away. Its headline announces in enormous type the damage done to foreign property in Mexico by the Revolution. The figures show that there has been invested in Mexico by Americans some 650, 000, 000 of which about I5o, ooo, ooo is in railroads, 200, 000, 000 in oil, 200, 000, 000 in mines, 50, 000, 000 in cattle and land, and 50, 000, 000 in industrials and public service.
To this 650, 000000 worth of property the Revolution has done 80, 000, 000 worth of damage. But below, in a separate line, occurs this statement. The inveflmenf of 650, 000, 000 has grown in value until in 1910 it was said to be worth 2, ooo, ooo, ooo.
In other words, compare the loss and gain: Value in 1910. 2, ooo. ooo, ooo Gain. 1, 35o, ooo, ooo Damage. 80, 000, 000 Sheer Net Gain. 1, 27o, ooo, ooo The investment figures. of course, are not of today. but of nine years ago. What the increase in value has been since then. can only be guessed at.
But what is a paltry billion or two to the American plunderbund? They want the billions, they want the property tax free. and law free besides, and they want the Mexican Government to pay damages, moreover, before they kick it finally and forever into the pages of capitalist history, and set up an American industrial satrapy in its stead.
Will they be able to do this? We think they will. The Dictatorship of the roletariat is now (the only force which can cope with capitalist Imperialism on the rampage.