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Reaction Dominant HE American Government, under the cOntrol of Capitalism, is apparently bent on revealing all the depths of its reactionary character. While the capitalist press lavishes its praise upon the Peace and particularly upon the liberating mission of the government of the United States the acts of the government and the words of the conscious representatives of American Capitalism reveal the purpose to impose reaction and conquer world power for our Imperialism.
The Senate brutally speaks of America interests. Open scorn answers the old slo gans about making the world safefor demo cracy. Ideals have served their purpose power is now the only ideal.
Financiers while the political liberators pose are quietly but systematically mobiliz ing their forces for the conquest of world power and the suppression of the proletariat.
Finance Capital determines the. action of the Peace Conference and of American diplomacy. The infamous assault upon the liberty of Soviet representative Martens is followed by an insolent, brutal answer of the American government to Soviet Commissaire Chicherin protest against the violation of Marten rights.
This proceeds together with ruthless attacks upon Socialist organizations by means of law and legislatures, and the foul slanders of the gutter.
Through all this looms the sinister menace.
of intervention in Mexico to aggrandize American capital.
Reaction is dominant necessarily dominant.
his the characteristic of Capitalism. The oflicial of accepts reaction. The official Socialist Party promotes reaction by its miserable compromising policy. But labor thinks, and prepares to act. Out of reaction issues the forces for the militant class struggle against capitalism.
Another Expulsion HE National Executive Committee of the Socialist Party has expelled the Socialist Party of Massachusetts, comprising about 6, 000 members. The basis for this is the acceptance of the Left Wing Manifesto and Program by the State Convention.
Simultaneously, comes the news that the State Convention of the Socialist Party of Ohio, by a vote of 47 t0 7, has adopted the Left The RevolutiOnary Age THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE Wing Manifesto, and decided to organize a new party on September I, lf all delegates to the Emergency Party Convention on August 30 are not seated. Will National Secretaory Germer expel the Party in Ohio?
The Left Wing does not recognize these expulsions. Our procedure is this: All state and local organizations of the Socialist Party (whether expelled or suspended)
must elect their delegates to the Emergency Convention. Not to do this is to abandon the struggle in the Party, to surrender to the bureaucracy.
These delegates, with their credentials, will appear at the Party Convention as if no expulsions or suspensions had been perpetrated.
If they are seated (through a Left Wing maority within) we shall proceed to reorganize the party on a Communist basis.
If they are not seated, all Left Wing delegates will secede, and organize a new Communist Party.
This s the procedure decided upon by the National Left Wing Conference. Any act that interferes with this procedure strikes directly at. the Left Wing, and revolutionary Socialism.
Expulsions Let them expel. Our task is to secure the revolutionary masses in the SO cialist Party. At» Chicago, the Left Wing may not secure control of the ofilcial party. What of it Again: our task is to secure the revolutionary masses in the Socialist Party for a Party of Communist Socialism.
The WITH all the pomp and ceremony of the Medieval conquerors. the great democracies have dictated their peace terms to the vanquished. No detail that would reveal the true nature of the peace was lacking The old barbaric forms were strictly adhered to, even to the final humiliation of the vanquished.
All the great w6rds, all the heroic phrases, all the high idealism all vanished and the sce ne revealed only the age long Spirit Woe to the vanquished. Never did feudal knight enforce his will upon a beleagured garrison with sterner disregard for the humanities. never were the forces of disease and famine more implacably invoked. Starve or surrender said the barbaric 10rd of old. Starve or said the great democracies.
So the Germans signed, and peace is pro claimed to the world!
Peace peace that is merely an armstice, merely a halt until the new antagonisms, with which the treaty is replete, develop and then new wars. peace that is the final proclamation to the peoples of the world that capitalism knows naught of peace, that Imperialism must batten on continual war. Peace that condemns mankind to incessant bloodshed unless the world. roletariat intervenes, and sweeps away society, that so arrogantly proclaims its bankruptcy.
After five years of war, of the mobilization of the world for destruction, of the concentration of the entire energies of three fourths of the world peoples on the work of feeding the flames of international hatreds; after six months of diplomatic intrigue, of the fencing of the greatest minds of baurgois society, a treaty was signed and the farce of peace is solemnly proclaimed to the thunder of the guns of the twenty two wars raging throughout the world, and the sinister preparations of all for the wars that are developing out of the antagonisms of the treaty that heralds peace.
Even while the statesmen in Paris sign the treaty their colleagues in their respective parliaments lay new plans for the raising of July I919 gigantic armies and the building of huge navies Even while they bend, to affix their signatures their armies leap at the throats of the new republics they, themselves, have called into being in the name of liberty; While their navies draw tighter the starvation knot round and strangling workers and peasants of Russia and Hungary. While they speak of democracy and freedom, they starve three nations and prepare to set against the people of Russia the repreentative of the Czarism these people have overthrown.
Peace is signed, but war is raging.
The representatives of Capitalism have proved themselves incapable of settling the problems confronting society. They have proved incapable of settling the problems that confront themselves. Even the authors of this peace are unable to protect themselves from ach other. The representatives of Capitalism from the vanquished peoples have equally proved themselves incapable. Before the stronger Capitalism they bow in, humiliation, and plant the feet of the conouerors still more firmly upon the necks of their peoples.
There is only one answer to the peace of Versailles. Russia and Hungary have given it in clear and unequivocal tones. Only where he broad masses of the people have taken the power in their own hands is the might of the conquerors impotent. Before the revolutionary workers and peasants, the cajolery of diplomacy and the threats of armed might are alike helpless.
Capitalist Imperialism, by its peace of violence, is bankrupt, is dragging societv into chaos. Like a beacon light the revolutionary soviet republics point the way to world security. Society stands at the parting of the ways to revolutionary Socialism and security, to Capitalist Imperialism and disaster. Correction (Publication Unavoidably Delayed. Editor REVOLUTIONARY AGE. In your issue of May 17, you printed a letter (address not indicated) in which Her man Shuster makes it appear as if, although a member of the he had received no assistance either from the Chicago headquarters of the organization or from the New York Defense Committee of the W; We have been instructed by the membership of the New York branch of the to request you to correct the erroneous impression you have helped to create by printing Shuster letter without first ascertaining the facts.
On receipt of the letter Shuster mentions having sent to Louis Ratnofsky on Feb. 4, the Defense Committee directed a Boston lawyer to call on Shuster, and also made arrangements for his release on bond, but he wrote back that it was too cold and that he preferred to remain where he was.
Furthermore, while Shuster was on Ellis IslandLIast winter, he shared in the jail comforts and other assistance given regularly to the deportees by the New York Defense Committee. Besides this, since his transfer to the Boston Immigration Station, the secretary of the Boston Defense Committee, William ArO not f, who makes his headquarters in your building, has been in frequent touch with him.
We. ask you to publish this rectification of Shuster misstatements, and take this Opportunity to recommend that, in future cases of this sort, out of fairness to your readers as well as to those directly concerned, you investigate the facts before you print an ex parte statement.
NEW YORK DEFENSE COMMITTEE, Per James Doyle, Secretary.