The Left Wing Sweeps Massachusetts T HE State Convention of the Socialist Party of Massachusetts, held at Allston, May 3o, 31 a nd June a complete victory was scored the Left ing. by revolutionary Socialism. On al fundamental issues and resolutions, the Left Wing conan tl ln vote of more than three to one. The conre nion favored a complete reorganization of the party policy and practice in accord with revolutionary Socialism.
The minorily issued a protest against the dectswn of the ourcltlinn to send two delegates to the Left Wing Conicrcin c, june 21, on the ground that this act violalecl. thc party constitution. The. protest :was signed by 43 dclcgates, representing Finnish branches, who withdrew from lll convention. The moderates tried to hold a rump convention of their own, but it was a fizzle: allcr which some of the Finnish delegates returned to the Party Convention. The protest was mark a part of the convention record, with the comment that the party constitution does not forbid conferences of the membership for purposes of agitating within the party for changes in policy and uct ice. This com cutinu marked areal revolution in the Socialist Party of Massachusetts. Last year the Left Wing was in the minority, as in all previous conventions. Ilur in one year the Left has conquered power.
The important resolutions will indicate the yevolu tionary spirit of the Convention. This is the resolution on the ch Wing Manifesto and Program. thrcas. the international Socialist movement is in process of reorganization, accepting a new militant policy and practice in accord withothe revolutionary rcqniir immts of tlic cpocli of the final struggle against Capitalist. and thr a: the new Communist International alone repr ans ci nlntionary Socialism. with whichevery So at Party adhering to fundamental Socialism must aniliatc: he it therefore Rcsoh il. by the Socialist Party of Massachusetts, in convention :xrscmbled, that we accept the Left Wing lilauilesin and Program as a basis for reconstructin the national platform and policy of the Party, anfi align it with thi Socialism of the Bolshevik Spar tacan lntcruational.
Recognizing lllt. necessity of organizing all the cominnnislic or Lcit Ving elements of the Socialist Part) in order to conquer the Party for the revolutionary class struggle, the convention resolved. n ul gc all locals of the party to elect delegates to thc. itionzil Conference of the Left Wing of the. inn ialist :trty, l1ne 2i. on the basis of one dele gatc or cn ry 500 members or less. lru tho nnvention itself elect two delegates to part it iptitc in 10 Left Wing Conference.
Tlic two dclcgatcs elected were John Ballam, editor of tin» w stale organ, The New England Worker, and Muiinn Sprntllc. State Secretary.
Turning to the class struggle in action, the convention iulnptcd hr following resolution on the Winnipeg strike. hc Snvinlist Party of Massachusetts, in convention asscinlilt il. gl ls the general strike of the workers of innipi and Toronto as one of the increasing skirmiulu in tho great struggle of the working class agaimt tiwir hrntzd exploiters and oppressors, the capitalists. nnw heint; waged in all the countries of the world. llii. strikc a school of, revolutionary practice for thc innipt and Toronto workers; but it is of much wider significance as a tremendously important cxamplu tn the workers of Canada and all other counl rics. It gives cncourageinent and invaluable assistance to our comradc wnrkers of Russia, Communist Germany and Hungary; it provides stimulus and inspiratinn to tho mrking class struggle all over the world. ln Winnipeg and orontovstrike proves that the old puwiw slrilu is dead, that it cannot break the power ul lho rapiialisls, and that the strikes of the work r» unrt lnwonic general, adopting more militant (anti. :Igilllhl npilalisiu. It tlviinnnlratcs. moreover, the utter bankruptcy of pilulislii and shows the urgent necessity of the war of tliigiivliolc country using the general. lilu. il iinst decayed Capitalism and its state, in augnr. Iln ignicrnmeut of the industrially organized workers. lllil tniucils. with full control of all ilidnstrics llu rnrlx ing class.
in tmlnrtnili nilll lllis resolution, the convention arlopk vl :i rcsnlnlion unequivocall accepting industrial unionism, which was overwhe mingly defeated in previous conventions, Resolutions: were adopted sending the convention fraternal greetings to Eugene Debs, Big Bill Haywood and all, other class war and political prisoners now in jail; while another resolution calls upon the working class of America to defend their democratic rights by means of united and energetic proletariun mass action liberate the political prisoners of your class by general political strikes and demonstrations; assert your rightis of free h and assemblage by defying the via ent forces the capitalist class! The resolution protesting against intervention in Russta declares that only the resolute action of the workers of the invading countries can end the murderous adventure of the capitalists, by means of revolutionary pressure. The resolution protesting against intervention in Finland and the atrocities o the White Guard government protected by the Allies, sends fraternal greetings to the Communist Party and the massesof Finland.
Turn to the Left!
Local Battle Creek, Michigan, has adopted this motion: That Local Battle Creek :0 on record a: sanetioning the Left Win movement Local Salt Lake ity, Utah, on May 27, adopted the following resolution. Whereas, the Socialist Party of the United States he: ceased to function as a pmletarian revolutionary organization; and. Whereas, political action alone has proven inellicient and must be supported by revolutionary industrial action; therefore be it Resolved. that we, the members of the Salt Lake City loaf of the Socialist Party of the United State: heartily approve and endorse the Manifesto of the Left Wing Section of the Socialist Party of New York City; and be it further Resolved, that we demand that the next convention of the Socialist Party. the principles outlined in the above mentioned Manifesto (the National Platform of the Socialist Party of the United States.
Local Salt lake City further endorsed and accepted TJI: Revolutionary Apr as its oficinl puny Met. split took place at the Convention of the Jewish Federation of the Socialist Party, held in Boston, May 30 June The contention was packed the reactionary minority. About one third the dc ecetea. representating at least 2500 members of the Federation Gooqmemben. seceded and organized the Jewish Communist Federation The German Federation of the Socialist Party, at its Convention in. Rochester last week, endorsed the Left Wing Manifesto; and decidéd that, should the Emergency Convention not accept the Manifesto as the basis for a new platform. to. withdrlw from the Socialist. Pll ty.
The resolution accepting the. 001an International was adopted amidst inspiring enthusiasm. Whereas, the National Executive Committee of the.
Socialist Party in January aligned our Party with the social patniotic international at Berne representing the worst elements of the old International; and Where as, the at its recent session repudiated Berne but equally repudiatedt he Communist International formed at Moscow a miserable dodging of th:i issue characteristic of the compromising centre. an Whereas, the Communist International alone re presents revolutionary Socialism; be it therefore resolved. Le That the State Convention of the Socialist Party of Massachusetts condemns the attitude as treason to international Socialism, the Socialist Party and the working class. hat we demand immediate and un iiivocal withdrawal of the Socialist Party from the ol International and Bureau. That we call upon the membership to affiliate alone with the Communist International of the proletarian revolutitxi.
Having conquefed the power of the party, the Left Wing realized that, to hold and uae this power, new methods of agitation are necessary in accord with the mass character of the proletarinn st 1e. The platform adopted cuts out all the old re orms and petty bourgeois demands and a clear cut class struggle. The following declaration (which is to be. elaborated into a systematic plan of agitation by a committee of three) was adapted in order to cut the party loose from the old petty bourgeois liberal agitation. Besides the usual methods of propaganda in the streets and hall meetings. We recommend to all members of the Socialist movement to give more attention to their own workplaces, the shops, rnills, factories, yards and mines, where you can reachall of your comrade workers. All Socialists in a chop or mill must get together and organize shop committees. Study the conditions of the exploitation of the workers, and find ways to brin it home to them and show th e way out. leaflets that deal with the miserable conditions in a particular sh or mill are of the greatest value as propaganda. down trodden slaves, who as a method of may, 3m :7, scorn Socialism in print, or who are so tired or intimidatedthat they don read Socialist leaflets on gutcral topics, are very much interested in what concerns, theni bodily and can be stirred to action. The next step is a mass meeting in the shop or at the gates. Speakers in overalls can be interchanged between departments or shops in order to avoid detection by bosses, or brought in from the outside. Then comes the strike, which it to this time h?
been outrageously neglected by the ialists, and le almost completely to the labor. fakirs of the of. Socialist activity in the shops means mass action on the part of the uno nized; it means mass action by the membership itsef of unionized shop instead of bargaining with the bosses by union officials. If a fraction of the funds that Socialists collect for the support of strikes were used for organized mass ac. tion, the country would assume a new aspect in a brief time. The strike. in itself in most cases is of more value ropaganda than of material gain.
Meetings and leaflets during strikes are important means of proan mass education that Socialism cannot afford to negleet. Mass education does away with the oldprejudice of won and lost strikes. vaery strike is won if the masses are stirred to action and receive an education in class consciousness and the class wan where lost means simply a temporary retreat and preparation for a new attack against the enemy Capitalism. Sh committees rovide real useful work for every ocialist himsel. and brings into action the proIlemriam masses the regiments of the Social Revolution.
The final resolution adopted by the convention was one severely condemning the for its usurp atory actions at the recent sessions. The National Executive Committee of the Socialist Party, at its session of May 24 30, decided. To expel the Socialist Party of the State of Michigan, for alleged violation of the national plat form and constitution of the party, without giving the Michigan comrades a hearing. To refuse to tabulate and make public the votes on the recent party referendum to elect members of the international delegates and inter: national secretary. To approve the expulsion from the partdy of the Left Wi branches of. Local New York, an the expulsion of Louis Queens, Kings, Buffalo, Rochester, Tonawanda and language branches. To suspend from the party the Russian, Lettish. Polish, Lithuanian, Ukranian, South Slavic and Hungarian Federations of the party, because these Federations are Left Wing. The purpose of these usurpatory actions, which expel at least 40, 000 revolutionary members from the Socialist Party, is to retain control of the Party for the petty bourgeois reformers by means of (a) steal. ing the elections, which have overwhelmingly favored the Left Wing candidates, and (lb) by packing the national Party convention to be held August 30.
so that the moderates and Right Wing shall control the convention. Comrades! The convention of the Socialist Party of Massachusetts protesta vigorousl against the outrageous actions the e majority members of which are traitors to Socialism. We express our solidarity with the expelled comrades. We demand. An immediate reinstatement for the Michigan comrades. :The immediated recall of tlt lhe motion sus din e Langu Fe erations, is sus sion ugviolation of national Party consttgiei tlion, which gives power of suspension or expulsion to the state and local organizations, on which ground rwe refuse to ize this suspension. be immediate tabulation and publication of the votes on the referendum election. We urge the Socialist Party of Michigan not to recognize its ex ulsion, and still function as the Socialist. Party of ichigan. We suggest to the suspended Federations to stay within the party as members of state organizations. We urge that Left Wing delegatesbe elected to the convention of August 30. The revolutionary Socialists are the Socialist Party. Our answer to the brutal, reactionary must be a more intense and uncompromisi struggle to conquer the Par for revolutionary Iliéocialis. for the Communist nternational.
The convention, finally, urges that The Revolutionar Age become the central organ of the national Left ing of the Socialist Party, and recommends to Local Boston placing the A9: at the disposal of the Left Wing Conference.