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Bundle order: 2: a copy Still They Investigate! E Senate Agricultural committee is to institute a sweeping investigation into the high cost of living. Congress seems to have become investigators of conditions it cannot control It investigates the war, it tries to investigate the President, it investigated Bolshevism, impotence in the face of forces beyond control by a parliamentary body. Investigations are for the purpose either of playing politics or of deceiving the masses. The cost of living is rising because of fundamental economic laws of Capitalism; Bolshevism is becoming ascendant because the workers must organize and struggle to end Capitalism.
The collapse of Capitalism cannot be investigated away; the will of the proletariat to conquer power cannot be crushedby investigations. Let them investigate! We shall organize and direct the hosts of the proletariat in the revolutionary struggle against Capitalism.
Recognlzmg Reactlon HE Allies. it is. reported. are preparing to recognize the govemment of Admiral Kolchak; and Woodrow Wilson, finicky as usual when he is preparing torput something over, is reported willing to recognize Kolchak providing guarantees are given conceruing the calling of a Constituent Assembly.
This recognition, should it materialize, will be simply a diplomatic avowal of an actual fact. The Allies have already recognized the Kolchak dictatorship, by loaning it money, providing it with the guns and the bullets to murder the workers and peasant of the Soviet Republic. Kolchak represents the worst elements of the old regime. He is a Czarist official, and under him the old bureaucracy would come to power again. His government is a brutal, murderous dictatorship against the workers and peasants of Siberia. This is the government that the Allies are to recognize the Allies who have spoken so gloriously about democracy and the self determination of peoples.
But after all, is this prospective recognition not just? reaction recognizing reaction!
Provoking a Crisis HAT. small clique of the conscious bourgeois, which is directing the campaign against Bolshevism and Socialism, has apparently scored another coup. The recent bomb explosions, directed at men active in the campaign against the revolution, is being used to the limit to provoke a crisis.
The policy of this clique is clear. It is, by hook or by crook. to provoke a crisis providing the government with a convenient pretext to crush the militant proletariat by means of blood and iron.
The master class is apprehensive and justly. An economic crisis approaches. is here. The workers are awakening: new and larger, more militant strikes approaching a revolutionary character, are being accepted. by the workers. In spite of the millions spent on the educational campaign against Bolshevism, the Azlncrican vnrkcrs sympathy for the Bolsheviki steadily grows the ideal of the Bolsheviki, workers control of industry. industrial democrat y; being accepted by large inaSSes of our workers. This bodes ill for the master class in the days to come; so it decides to crush this movement now by provoking a premature crisis.
This plot is conscious. There was the powderpuff bomb business prior to May Day, which excited people against the Socialist demonstrations on May Day; there was the plot in New York to seize the government and a similar plot in Chicago, all of which was a fizzle. Then the press and prominent individual gangsters of the bourgeoisie, such as Mayor Ole Hanson, inciting to murder and riot against the Socialists.
The militant proletariat depends upon mass action to accomplish its purposes, nat upon acts of individual violence. The use of individual violence is charfl liE REVOLUTIONARY AGE acteristically petty bourgeois; it is significant that the party of the terrorists in Russia,, the Social Revolutionists, developed into a counter revolutionary force against the Soviet Republic; while the Bolsheviki, who had always opposed individual violence, are the heart and soul of the proletarian revolution. premature crisis is the purpose of the master class, in order to crush the militant workers. We shall not fall into their trap; we shall not play their game.
Neither shall the campaign of terrorism frighten us or make us cease our propaganda. On with the struggle against Capitalism!
The Militant Strike HE general strike in Winnipeg is sweeping Can ada. Toronto is. becoming as much of a storm centre as Winnipeg itself. The significance of this great general strike is not in its demands, which are moderate, but in the fact that it is a general strike, adopting militant means of imposing the will of the workers upon the capitalists and the capitalist state.
The militant strike ends the old passive strikes, and imposes the rule of the Strike Committee in a municipality. This is the case in Winnipeg. The Vancouver, Sun says: Winnipeg today is virtually a lost city, with her telegraph wires silent. her telephone system out of emission and her postal service completely disrupted as the remlt of the strike. The city is practically out of? from communication with themest of Canada and the outside world.
The central strikers cam nines has practically commandeered the telegraph oilioe and only messages pertaining to deaths, the arrival of troop trains aud goverument business are allowed to be transmitted.
The local newspapers were forced to suspend publication on Friday and there scenic to be no possibility of the papers appearing on the streets until the strike is settled. The web prossmen and the stereotypers were among the first to leave their jobs.
The banks have already closed their doors. claiming thdt with the telegraph and mail service dismpted they are unable to do any busineu.
So acute has the bread and milk problem become that the strike committee has allowed several of the bakeries to resume only upon the latter agreeing to operate under the jurisdiction of the strikers. An indignant manager refused and he was told that if he did not accede his bakery would be taken over. by the strike committee and operated by the strikers. The government of Canada is impotent. The parliament talks, while the strikers act. The Montreal Daily Star laments this government impotence: Existing conditions in Winnipeg and other Western cities. by whatever causes produced. are a challenge to the authority of government in Canada. No state can be subject to any self constituted organization. No group of capitalists or workers can be permitted to assume the functions of government and imnos e their authority upon other classes and interests.
if they could do so, the resources of civilization wotlld be exhausted and we would have revolution. government which submits to such domination abdicates its functions and evades its responsibilities.
This conception of the state as neither of the workers nor the capitalists, but as something impartial. is a petty bourgeois fairy tale. It is precisely the purpose nf the militant strike to impose its will upon the state. which is the state of the capitalists. The general strike in Canada is not now a revolution. whatever may happen in the days to come. The demands are for a forty four hour week, recognition of the union. the right of collective bargaining and the reinstatement of idle members, surely moder»
ate demands.
But the strike is revolutionary in its method. And the method is important. The revolutionary Socialist does not yield up the struggle for the betterment of the workers, but uses means that develop the mass action and the mass power of the proletariat. The militant strike is a school of revolutionary practice.
developing the action and class consciousness of the prolhtariat. a preliminary form of the final political strike that will overthrow Capitalism.
In this is the significance of the general strike in Canada. It is a strike that is general. that is showing the workers their power. proving that the power of the state persists only as long as the proletariat allows it to persist. The mass strike is the means for the immediate struggle against Capitalism and the final means for the Social Revolution.
The most encouraging feature of recent labor struggles is the fact of the strike broadening its character.
becoming not only a general strike, but a strike in which the workers consciously try to usurp the funtions of government, in England. in Ireland, in Seattle and Butte, and now in Canada. This impulse of the proletarian masses must be clarified and directed by revolutionary SocTalism into a conscious struggle for the conquest of power.
Working class power manifests itself through the political mass strike. the force of which can coerce the capitalist state. and finally develop the force to end Capitalism. That constitutes the militant tactics of the militant workers. mass action to accomplish proletarian dictatorship.
In the actual mass struggle of the proletariat is the force which revolutionary Socialism must organize and direct, upon this basis we must build.
am. June 7, ms Clear the Decks!
II his article in the New York Call of May 21 three days before the seSsion of the The Socialist Task and Outlook, Morris Hillquit laid down the policy of the moderates concernin the controversy in the Socialist Party: It would be utile to preach reconciliation and union where antagonism runs so high. Let the comrades on both sides do the next best thing. Let them separate. honestly, freely and without rancor. Let each side organize and work in its own way, and make such contribution to the Socialist movement in America as it can. Better a hundred times to have two numerically small Socialist Organizations each homogeneous and harmonious within itself, than to have one big partyrent by dissensions and squabbles, an impotent colossus on feet of clay. The time for action is near. Let us clear thedecks.
Just before the convened, there was a conference of the moderates at Saranac Lake, where Hillquit now is. While Hillquit was not present at its sessions, the carried out his policy. It split the party; it tried to compel the revolutionary Socialists to get out and form a new party, while the moderates retain control of the Socialist Party. This they did, ruthlessly. venomously, infamously, all the while aware that the Left Wing was the majority in the Party.
Abraham Shiplacoff. the moderates master of camouflaged sincerity, said to the editor of The Rat alulionary Age, who was in Chicago observing the modr erates burlesque coup etat: If you are honest, you must admit that it is better to have two small parties, e arh united. than one large party split by factions. The Left Wing is willing to accept your challenge. Shiplacoff, came the quick answer. Count the referendum votes. make them public. and decide who is maiority and minority. If we are in the minor. ty, we ll get out and form a new party; if you are a minority. you get out and either form a new party or join the Labor Party.
But Shiplacofi answer was a refusal, making it clear that his purpose is to retain control of the party.
machinery for the moderates. no matter how much of a minority they are.
The issues in dispute are not simply factional issues.
or issues of personality. They affect the whole future of the party: they are to decide whether the Socialist Party shall reconstruct its policy and practice in accord With evolutionary Socialism. or whether it shall perFist ofl iciallv as a party of lmurgcois liberal social reform, avoiding all actual problems of the Revolution.
These issues are fundamental. and cannot be dodged.
Clear the decks!
The central issue in dispute. which is the heart and soul of all other issues. is whether the Socialist Party shall afliliate witli the Communist International of the proletarian revolution. or whether it shall affiliate with Rome other International of the betrayers of Socialism The Left Wing enthusiastically and unequivocally :u evvts affiliation with the Connnuuist International, the heir of the revolutionary First International. The moderates Right Wing and Centre want affiliation with the yellow International.
Hillquit, in his all article. repudiates the Communist lnternational sm iug that its organizers are dictatorial. Precisely what the bourgeois says about the Bolsheviki! DictatorinL because it excluded Hills. and all the other apologists of moderate petty bourgeois Socialism. The Communist lutemationl would not be the Communist International if it dill not ruthlessly. dictatorially exclude all actual or potential counter revolutionary elements.
Hillquit admits that the Second International broke down under the test of wan a fact which he denied only one year ago. Surely, the revolutionary upsurge in the party has accomplished something! He repudiates Berne. half heartedly another accomplishment for the Left. After repudiati ng the Communist International that historic act at Moscow. providing new energy and enthusiasm to the revolutionary proletariat. Hillquit says: The task of organizmg the Third International is still before us. Slill before Its what a travesty, what a monumental expression of charlatanry and opportunism! In a letter to the outlining the draft of a declaration of principles, which the adopted as its own, Hillquit says conceming his International: It the recognizes the necessity of root: ganizing the Socialist International along more liarmonious and radical lines. The Socialist Party of the United States is not committed to the Berne Conference. which has shown itself retrograde on many vital points and totally devoid of creative force. Nor is it affiliated with the Communist Congress of Moscow.
whose principles and policies seen to be adjusted primarily to countries in active revolution. and whose composition. is so one sided as to render it inldequate for the task of regenerating the organized world movement of Socialism. It should be the aim of the Socialist Party of America to stimulate and hasten the