The Revolutionary Age A Chronicle and Interpretation of International Events Vol. I, No. 34 Saturday, June 7, 1919 Price Cents The Crisis and the Workers HE world is in Crisis. The old society is being Declaration on We ol the Pmlcluriat adrift on the tides of crisis. and they cannot actually shaken to its lwndations, proving itself utterly. and Wm 50cm, solve the enormous problems that press flown upon.
incapable of realizing peace andrha iness for. them. The crisis will drag along. but Smizilism Is: inthe masses of the people. The systemot lgapitalism, of an imperialistic comes to dwend upon the evitable, since Socialism alone can reconstruct society.
with its oppression of the poor by the rich, its despot 3e misery and pm of undeveloped realize work, peace and happiness for the workers of controlrof industry and its enslavement of the wor ers, pkg, Upon this foundation nds the the world. is ofiering the final inescapable proof of its utter jn. mpefigy of Capitalism. Butdihfse 0910 III competence. It MSSQTX 13 the proletariat, nial peoples 81 de in Wit. and their general Reconstruction is the order of the llilyrvlll words.
through revolutionary Soctalism, should complete the revolt in We 3 me of the Wt The old system has clear ly shown its evils to the downfall Capitalism and organize new souety nations. masses. The workers have been hired to expect great peace and plenty for all. The unity 0f the Volt the colonial P909135 things of reconstruction from the promises mach. lurI ing the war. But these. proniiscs are lnil heing realThe workers of the United States again a crisis 11. W COMM ized. Nor are they realized under. lll. lllfi. n(l. llc e a developing industrial crisis that threatens the peace The Left Wing, u showinin partial election returns, the profits 0f the 23P 3hStS WOW. O ld and happiness of our people. has swept the Socialist Party. Early mum indie. the peace and happiness of the ma. be. a complete victory for revolutionary. Socialism, the American Capitalismds utterly cmnpclent on the. of ngtnyplm (whicmhli ailw?;sdl. ruridii 3521p. 0. my the qomnnut 1W» problems of reconstniction as my rnncr rn (Irv. italism) is being incmsedby the demobilization oithe. 2: MG. imgmrgfgfigggm; Cmigress is bankrupt 1t dpdgv. wry real me.
soldiers and by the reorganization of war industry Island, Mamakemucky, Arkansas. Minna ore, Miehi Congress I: the organ Off gliltfllllf :I l lllSl ad to to a peace basis. and Massachusetts. give: the following results: promote e interests pita ism.
The steady employment during the war was due to John Reed. Louis Fraina. Wasen Reconstruction, accordingly. proceeds ml the basis three causes: 1) the mobilization of 3, 000, 000 men mt. fiLfidflmflm rfiEi mmfl of promoting Capitalism, which control: ourdilr. in.
for the army and navy, developing a comparative scar all Leit Wing mmdiduee. moderate: of the R38 dustry has concentrate to the point u. nun it 0mm f mm. Pm m 5 X 65 33 WW; anmnn 23231253233313. 3633. Erinfifv 0 rmer. t. allies 1. itions placed by the Ulmw States government and by Neil. 773: Shil hoofl. 663; Algernon Lee. 565: But this concentration of industry prowles the.
the governments of the Allies. and 3) the fact that the larger nations were actively producing death instead hill: ficxolfimflcnm. O Hara , basis for the socialization of induslr. control and of the means of life allowi the United States to overwhelm beam. Morris Hillqiiit for hum. management ol industry. of the shops. nulls and practically usurp a nionopolyilgof the markets of the clonal Sarto :3. Ineonolete reports from other states 11. 111715:. by the: workers through hell OW mamm world. Our capitalists fully exploited this unusual indicate that the LettWinglhu aeuired substantial hens industrial democracy. opportunit. they made more than 5, ooo, aoo, ooo. PI 10 I IN. PM This 193M demo This does not mean statemulrul or ownership of tits out ofilie war What have the workers to show. 3: moderate: 68 E 3 9 industry. The capitalist state is the organ of the cap ntheDmnainorNauonal ve.
But now that the war is ended (except the small Committee, return: from MinerRhode blend and fills. protect the lhtefCStS OI s 1P 1N5 and war against the workers and peasants of soviet Rug, Muaehumu give the enacting: Louis Fraiiu, crush the workers. State control of lililllsll. moans sia vou1 comrades) 3, 000, 000 men demobiliied from also: Nichol Hm fi Undgren. I472: capitalist control of industry, control of the workers the am. ed forces of the nation must again be absorbed alga. 13. 94011174. 338 m On. by the capitalists and their state. Imlruh inl drumin industry. This is in itself an mentions problem. Macy Lr realisahle imlgI by breakim flu. lnmw nf the But this problem is complicated by the fact that the cgpilalirt smte and of he rnhitalixfr. mlim m it: United States is no longer able to monopolize the Resolved, by moist? Wm branch midkplacmg all industry antic: tllc mulml nf the world markets, the other nations again resuming pro Loml County. ciflgm. raving an aver. war duction and again competing with American manu agent :82: manbera inns loading for die yur 1913, IV facturers. These circumstances produce an industrial that ye film. the feminine referendum motions. to be All these problems are deteriiiinml by. llit, class crisis in two ways: I) by displacing workers with Fan ted a Wham? mm struggle that rages in capitalist snt ir lv vrln rc a few demobilized soldiers, and 2) by lessening the world 33am am the, of an National Mve capitalists own the iridiistrics nu which (ll lIQINlS thedemand upon American production. Commit. in expat therSocialijt Party or life and happiness of the many, livi r art of the The employediare potentially unemployed. Those Micllim mt ll; Pugyoi thelJnited Stiles. state, in War and peace, is (lctcriiiiiicd In the class workers assuredpf steady employment are having. Mung bimymdeom 3111. struggle: to promote the suprcnmry of ilic capitalist wages reduced or threatened with reduction, the em. eidndgd an, mt ii irSoci iite Fwfllg class. against :the working class.
ployers using the bludgeon of unemployment to com 3; restored in. 11 the rights and rivileue: of This class struggle comes from ill incl that the pel aibmission. mefinemsleiidp atthem Socialist Pangtnthe nited Singer. workeil fth cmmajority of the people. uI u lllcnicdfidl The cost of livin. instead of declini with the i W. M, V9 contro o ustry. are an cxprnnrinli , russ. 1e coming of peace, as guns promised. is actunflly soaring amkfigh? mmy m! ! d gw. purpose of the class struggle of the pi nl lurint is to again; and this makes the crisis all the more acute. Slavic Hunar un Federal ham from the i, secure control of industry for ilu anc rs.
The workers. actually or potentially in this crisis. hereby rescinded and annulled. In the shops mills and mines are 1hr workers exhave answered by means of large strikes. The answer Resolved. the action of the. maiority of the ploited. They are explmted by in securing the full of. the employers has been terrorism: terrorism National Executive Win. hl ih Bel! social value of their labor. by being. nlnpi lliul In work against strikers and their representatives, the threat i3;dcigierui: dh:fii dew a fen m for the profit of the capitalist. This cxplnilalion de. and to inflate th.
and actual use of armed force. This terrorism indic me an Refemdmnfifig ffwuun: of th: velops the class struggle. the purpose of which is to ates the tactics Capitalism will use as the crisis devel National Emiive Committee, International Delegate: socialize industry for the proletariat. lus socializaops crush the workers! and International 593M and ullme a National tion of industry requires the conquest of the power The prospect, accordingly, is a prospect of unem mm m MM winded 1 a of the state for its realization. tlic construction oi. ta CM.
ployinent, of lower wages, of more intense tail, of a 13;an Imam :3. I: mm a new workers state. or government, which mll prohigher co si of living. and of terrorism against the of votes elected. in accordance with the National C0511 EQSOCialil? ifldl SETY.
workers should they actually move to alter these ter Party Constitution. Political democracy is of slight Valllt lo the work rible conditions oil misery and oppression. d the hon the Exam ers. There can «be no democracv without industrial Capitalism promised a new world from the war. Exhiigei agygdmmpm mm f democracy the industrial vote liy means of which Instead of a new world. Capitalism ofiers a new three to be elected oi dire: n, threesfor six years thevworkers 51. absolutely direct industry the terror and a new oppression! and. three for nine years; eae directors not being peace and happiness of the workers. subieot to recall lry either. the National Executive Revolutionary Socialism proposics :i new govern, wm wm zme Mm the be ed ment, that shall be industrial in character afiil luncThis crisis and these developments are much more tions. This government, elected directly by the ivorkacute in other nations, directly traceable to the war. ers in the factory and the fanncrs in the Village. shall and the economic tones that produced the war. f 1t the PM. the 0f Cap be the directing source of industrial management. deThe ordinary pucetul competition for the econ: 1231. and Imperialism and the ME 0f rworld priving the capitalists of power, using industry omic. territorial and financial division of the world malism. exclusively forlife and not for profit. This is the developed to a point where military force alone could The break down of Capitalism provides the op obiect «political mass action and proletariaii dictatordecide the issue. Imperialism the financial domin poriunity for the revolt. The war was an admission. ship the means.
aton of the world, the struggle for monopolistic control Capitalism that it could not solve its economic 9::th and theliberty of the world is to gularmitcc the conor the investment market: of the world and undeyel onisms. The war has broken down the industrial quests of the Allies and maintain the supremacy of oped territory determined the war, and imperialism system of Europe. The problems of reconstruction their Imperialism. There can be no peace as long as deter mules the peace. The Peace Conference in Paris and the payment. of Int debts present an issue that Imperialism the cause of modern war :is not crushed is dividing the world territorially, economically and can be solved only by the leuriat either becoming by the revolutionary working class.
financially the Five Gmt Powers. slaves, or overthrow lisrn and establishing Imperialism, in one aspect, means, the subjugation The Hague o, Nations a league against the nations Socialism. The are bnnkntpt; they are and oppression of colonial peoples the prosperity