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Saturday, May 31, 1919 THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE A Call to the American Workers ist which unqualitialisema way from the Germany Pal to is The proletarian (Socialist who forever then that he VOMRADES: At the end of my letter of the By Lenin within the labor movement, and which in America is 20th of August, 1918, addressed to the Amerimore appropriately designated by an expression that can workers, wrote that we shall find ourselves (January 12)
is magnificent in its expressiveness and striking trutha beleaguered fortress as long as the rest of the mies of the international Socialist revolution do not Being a New Letter to the Workers of Europe fulness, labor lieutenants of the capitalist class. The ome to our aid. added that the workers will have and America Issued in Pamphlet form by The newest and most modern form of Socialist treason has Socialist Publication Society, 243, 55th Street, found expression in this feature: In all the civilized countries the boursial profits from formally inbreak with Gompers and Renner. Slowly but surethe workers are approaching Communist or BolsheBrooklyn, either by colonial exploitatactics.
dependent weaker nations, Less than five months have passed since wrote powerful, Soviet movement, not only in parts of the many times as numerous as the population in their own is plundering a population jese words. It can be said that during this time the former Czar empire, as Lettonia, Poland and Ukraine, the erken de volution of the proletariat has matured with bowe also in Western European countries in newteralssuper prothese thing the riconoscime possibility of Switzerland, Holland, Norway (of those that have the fact that this bourgeoisie, to some extent, can use ies have gone over to Communism and Bolshevism. suffered from war. Austria, Germany. The German this super profit in order to bribe that upper stratum At the time of my writing the above mentioned letter, revolution, which is particularly important and char of the proletariat and change it into reformistic, op?
portunistic, revolution scared petty bourgeoisie. Bee only one which determinedly fought the old Second capitalistic countries, at once took the Soviet form. tween the Spartacides and the Scheidemanns are fluciternational, which lasted from 1889 to 1914, and The whole trend of the development of the German tuating the Kautskians. the soulmates of Kautsky ın hich was shamefully bankrupted during the imperialin action the most dependent in stic war of 1914 18. Our party was the one cides, the sincere and only representatives of the prod everything and in all connections took the new road, which leads eans Suedekumist elements, with the bourgeoisie; all this upon the bourgeoisie and the Scheidemanns and to Socialism and Social Democracy, contamlated by an alliance with the brigand bourgeoisie, and clearly shows the historic aspect of the conditions in first mentioned, sometimes the other ones. People following ward Communism the road which leads away from without ideas, without character, without politics, withetely permeated and still permeates the official parliamentarism, under whatever nante (as a national fusion. In words they recognize the social revolution, power ocial Democracy and Socialist parties, and toward This is the world historic formulation of the but in fact they cannot grasp it when it begins, instead Now, on the 12th of January, 1919, we find a great tion. Now it can be said, and it must be said, without democracy in general, wher as a matter of fact, vithin the confines of the former empire of the content world is nie step, the stage in your evento per second they are advocates of bourgeois democracy.
in Lettonia, Finland, Poland, but also in Western proletarian dictatorship. The first step was the Paris recognize in this treasonable position, which is anaermany. When the German Spartacus League lead portance of this Commune in his brochure, The Cizil just these three fundamental tendencies, both among y its world renowned and leaders, by such War in France, shows that the Commune gave birth Socialists and Syndicalists. for the imperialistic war supporters of the cause of the laboring class as new type of state, the proletarian state.
iebknecht, Rosa state at this time, even the most democratic very and the beginning of the world revolution of the proRosa Luxemburg, Clara Zetkin letariat, has revealed with the utmost clearness these traitors of the Scheidemann and Suedekum stamp, these social of suppressing the other classes.
patriots in but patriotic in action. state is the appartus whereby the proletariat suppresses The above lines were written before the base and contaminated themselves by their alliance the bourgeoisie. Such suppression is unavoidable be bestial murder of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemwith the imperialistic brigand bourgeoisie of Germany cause of the savage, desperate and unscrupulous op burg was accomplished by the Ebert Scheidemann govtook the name of the Communist Party of Germany, italists, the whole bourgeoisie and all its supporters, the German White Guards, who were defending the the foundation was laid for the real proletariard exploiting of the exploiters begins all exploiters, when their downfall begins, when the sacred possessions of capital, with the task of lynching International. The Communist International became As long as the property of the capitalists and their back, under the Rosa Luxemburg and shooting Karl Liebknecht in the a reality. Its formation has not yet been formally power is being protected the bourgeois parliament, had sought to manifestly fraudulent established, yet, in fact, the Third International is al(Russian which even the most democratic parliament in the most de choked the revolution of 1905 in blood, frequently ready acting. It has since been organized, at Moscow, of millions of toilers through small groups an apparatus for the suppre ploit u found it a useful in shooting down offenders, accuse them of having attempted to escape. Now, no conscious workingman, and no sincere Sofighting for the cleliverance of Simula the toilers from exploitation must use the with authority, as Simultaneously these lackeys vested the White Guards Socialism was perpetrated by those who, in line with parliaments as a tribunal, they had been guilty of bases he Mensheviks and Social Revolutionists of Russia, and agitation of prosince their government, of course, stood above all organization, as with the Scheidemanns of Germany, with the Renauof the lels of France and Vanderveldes in Belgium, with the bourgeois social order. Now, when world history has pretend to be Socialists. Evidently history tenants of contemptible devices resorted to by these creatures who has chosen Tendersons and Webbs in England and with Gompers placed on the order of the day the question of destcourse which is to compel the labor question of the crushthe capitalist class to rưn the whole gamut of lowhele ans af imperialistic and are not completely revealed irerandap is en social emploiters and the transition down, bestial, vile actions. The stupid Kautskians, as an Pund: in their paper Die Freiheit, may talk about a judgment on part of as on to bourgeois democracy, seat. to picture it as lemocracy in general. to cloak its le English, French, Italian and American capitalists.
to representatives of all the Socialist Parties for they continue to call the Scheidemanns, hey now begin to quarrel among themselves about the bourgeois character, to forget that universal suffrage, those beadles, and serflike lackeys Socialists. These heroes of Philistine obtuseness and petty bourgeois urkey, Russia, of the African and Polynesian col merely acting for the bourgeois state means shame timidity do not even understand that a court is.
nies, organ of state power; but the struggle and the civil of democracy and the League of Nations the insemnelmiesbet to the proletarian, to go over to its class war in Germany are precisely concerned with the pidly exposed when we see that the left bank of the renegade.
These two currents within world Socialism, of which geoisie whom the Scheidemanns will serve as lackeys and parts of Russia (Siberia, Arch the Bolshevik press was already tirelessly speaking as e see that Tunovodsk, Aschabad, etc. are being early as 1915, appears before us with particular clarity and instigators of pogroms, or the Kautskians, the British and American capitalists, when illustrated by the bloody struggle and civil war of pure democracy, or the proletariat, which when we see that the division of the spoils of brigand in down their opposition.
will overthrow the exploiting capitalists and break age makes for increased Karl Liebknecht his name is known by workers in France, between France and England, between Eng all countries, everywhere, but especially in the Allied international, the unforgettable leaders of the proletarian Socialist revolution, have fallen, but their blood Side by side with these cowardly penny wise mong a leader to the interest of the proletariat, and for fideldemocracy, side Wat the prejudices lists. Sity to the Socialist revolution: this name is who for the real convinced, devoted, self sacrificing, pitiles desperate struggle, if not for life then for death. This of sterday defended their imperialistic 1917 governments, struggle against Capitalism: this name is a symbol for struggle will ussia Dussel thro. In the sunime. in which Skoblationis contestation the Russian Scheidemanns. Mensheviks Socialand against military intervention in Russia side by. a struggle ready for sacrifice. even when in action, of the lysteria of Revolutionists, were also cloaking the victories of the with Lielkiecht and White Cuards over the Bolsheviki, by calling them st road, or the. the Spartacides stands eve merat has remained Victories of the state power. when the Cossacks in cities of number of those who understand that pure and really revolutionary among the German SoPerograd lynched the worker leinoff for only the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the annihil cialists. all that is the most conscious within the pro cxperience. now quickly such victories of the bourcirculating Rolshevik proclamations. We know from geoisie and viet rule and proletarian dictatorship can put an end and giving birth to revolution.
to to Imperialism and safeguard the victory of Socialism, Against Liebknecht stand the satellites of bourgeois democracy, as to universal sufScheideinsure a permanent peace.
mann and Suedekum and the whole gang of despicable rage, and other such things.
Within the bourgeois governing classes of the EntThen, on the 20th of August, 1918. the social rev servants of the Kaiser and bourgeoisic. They are olution was still confined within the borders of Russia, traitor. Socialism, such as Samuel Ciompers. Ilebis, Section of these circles recognizes that the process of ente we can now observe a certain hesitation. One and the power of the Soviets, e. the whole state Renaudei and Vandervelde. Here we have that upper dissolution of the Entente troops in Russia, where they power, in the hands of the Council of the represent stratum of the working class which has been bought are aiding the White Guards by advancing the blackest atives of the workers, soldiers and peasants, seemed by the bourgeoisie, and which we, the Bolsheviki. addmonarchism and feudal landlordism, has already beto be (and in fact was) a. purely Russian institution. ressing ourselves to the Russian Suedlekulos, the MenNow, on the 12th of January, 1919, we may notice the sheviks, used to call the agents of the bourgeoisie (Continued on page sir)
March 26, 1919. can bourgeois if se!
a Germany, as as well as the part of consist of gel, Baku, in Germany ers who are of stuffed to the July daysia one own with them we see in the Allied countries an increase own country is is in OI is rising, their sions as