htlll dly, May 31, 1919 THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE Call to the American Workers OMRADES: At the end of my letter of the 20th. of August, 1918, addressed to the American workers, wrote that we shall find ourselves a beleaguered fortress as long as the rest of the inies of the international Socialist revolution do not ome toaur aid. added that the workers will have break with Gompers. and Renner. Slowly but surer the workers are approaching Communist or Bolsheist tactics.
Less than five months have passed since wrote rese words. It can be said that during this time the.
orld revolution of the proletariat has matured with emendous rapidity. and the workers in various coun ies have gone over to Communism and Bolshevism.
At the time of my writing the above mentioned letter, the 20th of August, 1918, our Bolshevik party was e only one which determinedly fought the old Second Iternational, which lasted from 1889 to 1914, and hioh was shamefully bankrupted during the imperial atic war of 1914 18. Our party was the only one vhich unqualifiedly took the new road, which leads way from Socialism and Social Democracy, contamrated by an alliance with the brigand bourgeoisie, and ward Communism the road which leads away from :tty bourgeois reformism and opportunism, which had impletely permeated and still permeates the oflicial ocial Democracy and Socialist parties. and toward :al proletarian and revolutionary tactics.
Now, on the 12th of January, 1919, we find a great umber of Communist proletarian parties, not only vithin the confines of the. former empire of the Czar, in Lettonia, Finland, Poland, but also in Western. urope in Austria, Hungary, Holland, and finally in.
ermany. When the German. Spartacus League lead y its world renowned and celebrated leaders, by such an supporters of the cause of the laboring class as iebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg. Clara Zetkin and Franz.«lchring finally broke with the Socialist traitors of theScheidemann and Suedekum stamp, these social patriots (Socialist in words but patriotic in action. who forever contaminated themselves by their alliance with the imperialistic brigand bourgeoisie of Germany and with Wilhelm II. when the Spartacus League took the name of the Communist Party of Gerinany, then the foundation was laid for the real proletarian, the real intemationa l, the real revolutionary Third International. The Communist International became a reality. Its formation has not yet been formally established, yet, in fact, the Third International is already acting. It has since been organized, at Moscow, March 6, 1919.
Now, no conscious workingman, and no sincere Socialist, can fail to see what shameful treason against Socialism was perpetrated by those who, in line with the Mensheviks and Social Revolutionists of Russia, with, the Scheidemanns of Germany, with the Renaulels of France and Vanderveldes in Belgium, with the Iendersons and Webbs in England and with Gompers Co. in America, supported their bourgeoisie in he war of 1914 18. This war has completely revealed self as an imperialistic and reactionary war of plundr on the part of Germany, as well as on the part of re English, French, Italian and American capitalists. hey now begin to quarrel among themselves about the ivision of the captured. spoils, about the division of urkey, Russia. of the African and Polynesian colries, of the Balkans, etc. The hypocrisy of phrases tout democracy and the League of Nations is being. pidly exposed when we see that the left bank of the hine is being taken by the French bourgeoisie, when it see that Turkey and parts of Russia (Siberia, Archlgel, Baku, Krasnovodsk. Aschabad, etc. are being ptured by French, British and American capitalists, when we see that the division of the spoils of brigandage makes for increased hostility between Italy and France, between France and England, between Eng land and America, between America and Japan.
Side by side with these cowardly penny wise mongers who are stuffed with the prejudices of bourgeois democracy, side by side with these Socialists, who :terday defended their imperialistic governments.
and who today conne themselves to platonic protests against military intervention in Russia side by side with them we see in the Allied countries an increase the number of those who have chosen the Communst road, or the road of MacLean, Debs. Lorot. Lazzari, Serrati the number of those who understand that only the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the annihilation of bourgeois parliamentary government, only Soviet rule and proletarian dictatorship can put an end to Imperialism and safeguard the victory of Socialism, insure a permanent peace.
Then, on the 20th of August, 1018. the social revolution was still confined within the borders of Russia, and the power of the Soviets. e. the whole state power, in the hands of the Council of the representatives of the workers. soldiers and peasants. seemed. to be (and in fact was) alpurely Russian institution.
Now, on the 12th of January, 1919, we may notice the By Lettin (January 12. Being a New Letter to the orkers of Europe and America Issued in Pamphlet form by The Socialist Publication Society, 243, 5501 Street, Brooklyn, powerful Soviet movement, not only in parts of the former Czar empire, as lLettonia, Poland and Ukraine, btrt also in Western European countries; in neutrals: Switzerland, Holland, Norway. of those that have suffered from war. Austria, Germany. The German revolution, which is particularly important and characteristic, as it takes place in one of the most developed capitalistic countries, at once took the Soviet form.
The whole trend of the development of the German revolution, and, especially, the struggle of the Spartacides, the sincere and only representatives of the proletariat against the alliance of the Scheidemannist and Suedekumist elements, with the bourgeoisie; all this clearly shows the historic aspect of the conditions in Germany.
It is a question of either Soviet power or bourgeois parliamentarism, under whatever name (as a national or constitutional convention) it may appear.
This is the world historic formulation of the question. Now it can be said, and it must the Said, without any exaggeration: the Soviet power is the second world historic step, or stage, in the developement of proletarian dictatorship. The first step was the Paris Commune. Marx analysis of the meaning and im. portance of this Commune in his brochure, The Civil War in France, shows that the Commune gave birth to a new type of state, the proletarian state. Every state at this time, even the most, democratic republic, is nothing but an apparatus of one class for the purpose of suppressing the other classes. The proletarian state is the appartus whereby the proletariat suppresses the bourgeoisie. Such suppression is unavoidable because of the savage, desperate and unscrupulous 0pposition whi ch is evinced by the land owners and capitalists, the whole bourgeoisie and all its supporters, all exploiters. when their downfall begins. when the exploiting of the exploiters begins.
As long as the property of the capitalists and their power is being protected the bourgeois parliament, even the most democratic parliament in the tnost democratic republic, is an apparatus for the suppression of millions of toilers through small groups of exploiters. Socialists who are, fighting for the deliverance of the toilers from exploitation must use the bourgeois parliaments as a tribunal, as one of their bases of propaganda, agitation and organization, as long as our struggle confines itself within the boundaries of the.
bourgeois social order. Now, when world history has placed on the order of the day the question of the destruction of this whole system, the question of the crushing and suppressionof the exploiters and the transition from Capitalism to Socialism vto confine ourself now to bourgeois parliamentarism, to bourgeois democracy, to picture it as democracy in general, to cloak its bourgeois character, to forget that universal suffrage, as long as capitalist property is being protected, is merely acting for the bourgeois stale means shamefully to betray the proletarian. to go over its class enemies, the bourgeoisie, to become a traitor and a renegade.
These two currents within world Socialism, of which the Bolshevik press was already tirelessly speaking as early as 1915, appears before us with particular clarity when illustrated by the bloody struggle and civil war in Germany.
Karl Lidoknecht his name is known by workers in all countries, everywhere, but eSpecially in the Allied countries, for it stands as a symbol for the fidelity of a leader to the interest of the proletariat. and for fidelity to the Socialist revolution: this name is a symbol for the real convinced, devoted. self sacrificing. pitiless struggle against Capitalism: this name is a symbol for the ruthless war against Imperialism not in words but in action, a struggle ready for sacrifice. even when one own country is in the grip of flu. hysteria of imperialistic victories. Together with Lit bknccht and the Spartacides stands everything that hasrenmined pure and really revolutionary amongr the (it mum Socialists. all that is the most conscious within the proletariat, the exploited. in whose heart the spirit of rebellion is rising and giving birth to revolution.
Against Liebkneoht stand the satellites of Scheidemann and Suedekum and the whole gang of despicable servants of the Kaiser and bourgeoisie. They are traitor Socialism. such as Samuel (Rompers. cbh, Reuaudel and Vandervelde. Here we have that upper stratum of the working class which has been bought by the bourgeoisie, and which we. the Bolsheviki. addressing ourselves to the Russian Snedekums. the Mensheviks. used to call the agents of lhr bourgeoisie within the labor movement, and which in America is more appropriately designated by an expression that is magnificent in its expressiveness and striking truthfulness, labor lieutenants of the capitalist class. The newest and most modern form of Socialist treason has found expression in this feature: In all the civilized countries the bourgeoisie, either by colonial exploitation, or by pressing financial profits from formally independent weaker nations. is plundering a population many times as numerous as the population in their own country. Here we have the economic possibility of the super profit for the imperialistic bourgeoisie. And the fact that this bourgeoisie, to some extent, can use this super profit in order to bribe that upper stratum of the proletariat and change it into a reformistic, opportunistic, revolution scared petty bourgeoisie. Between the artacides and the Scheidemanns are finetuating the utskians, the soulmates of Kautsky in name independent, in action the most dependent in everything and in all connections dependent today upon the bourgeoisie and the Scheidemanns and tomorrow on the Spartacides. Sometimes following the first mentioned, sometimes the other ones. People without ideas, without character, without politics, without honor. a living embodiment of Philistine con fusion. In words they recognize the social revolution, but in fact they cannot grasp it when it begins, instead of which, in their renegade manner, they advocate democracy in general, whereas, a: a matter of fact, they are advocates of bourgeois democracy.
In all capitalistic countries, any thinking worker can recognize in this treasonable position, which is analogous conditions of national and historical nature, just these three fundamental tendencies, both among Socialists and Syndicalists; for the imperialistic war and the beginning of the world revolution of the pro letariat, has revealed with the utmost cleamess these ideological political tendencies. a r: The above lines were written before the base and bestial murder of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg was accomplished by the Ebert Scheidemann government. These lackeys of the bourgeoisie entrusted the German White Guards, who were defending the sacred possessions of capital, with the task of lynching Rosa Luxemburg and shooting Karl Liebknecht in the :back, under the manifestly frauduleut pretext that he had sought to escape. Russian Czarism, which choked the revolution of 1905 in blOOd, frequently found it a useful pretext, in shooting down offenders, to accuse them of having attempted to escape. Simultaneously these lackeys vested the White Guards with authority, as if they had been guilty of nothing. since their government, of course, stood above all Parties. One cannot find words to express all the vile, contemptible devices resorted to by these creatures who pretend to be Socialists. Evidently history has chosen a course which is to compel the labor lieutenants of the capitalist class to run the whole gamut of lowdown, bestial, vile actions. The stupid Kautskians, in their paper Die Frriheir, may talk about a judgment seat to consist of representatives of all the Socialist Parties for they continue to call the Scheidemarms, those beadles, and serflike lackeys Socialists. These heroes of Philistine obtuseness and petty bourgeois timidity do not even understand that a court is an organ of state power; but the struggle and the civil war in Germany are precisely concerned with the question of who is to hold this power, either the hourgeoisie whom the Scheidemanns will serve as lackeys and instigators of pogroms. or the Kautskians, the jurists of pure democracy, or the proletariat. which will overthrow the exploiting capitalists and break down their opposition. The best representatives of the proletarian world international, the unforgettable leaders of the proletarian Socialist revolution. have fallen, but their blood admonishes new and ever new masses of workers to desperate struggle. if not for life then for death. This syruggle will lead to victory. 1n the summer of 1917, we in Russia passed through the lulv days. in which the Russian Scheidemnnns. Mensheviks and SocialRevolutionists, were also cloaking the victories of the White Guards over the llolsheviki. by calling them victories of the state power. when the Cossacks in the cities of Perogrnd lynched the worker Veinofi for circulating Bolshevik proclanmtions. We know from experience. how quickly such victories of thebourgeoisie and their slaves cured the unlsses of their llllIsions as to bourgeois democracy. as to universal sufrage, and other such things.
Within the bourgeois governing classes of the Enteute we can now observe a certain hesitation. One section of these circles recognizes that the process of dissolution of the Eutente troops in Russia. where they are aiding the White Gnardsby advancing the blackcst monarchism and feudal landlordism, has already be(Coutimrrd on page sir)