The Revolutionary Ag Chronicle (and. Interpretation of International Events voLLNo. 33 Saturday, May 31, 1919 Price Cents The Great Adventure. HE soul of man is an adventurous soul. The great adventure of humanity, its ascent to the light and its conquest of nature, has developed a soul in which the unity of courage and aspiration issues its defiance to death. The soul of man is in that Great Anventure which is Life.
If you can invoke the spirit or the Great Adventure in man. you loose a forte that is unconquerable. It was this soul, this adventurous yearning for the light and a new world. that was used consciously and calculatingly by the masters of bourgeois society to carry on the war. The soul of man responded; and this response is the great tragedy of the war.
The enthusiasm, the courage, the aspirations of man were mobilized in the war, a war to make the world safe for the old and the dead. Men died and were mangled, suffering the tortures of the damned; children starved, while women cried the cry of death and despair. The strength of man, his will to dare and do, conquered over suffering and death, conuiered in a cause that makes mud of the spirit of the reat Adventure. For the spirit of this Great Adventure in man is life and the love of life; the spirit of this Great Adventure in man is for a new world but this wal was a war to sustain an old world. ol oppression and death; this spirit of the Great Adventure in man is for humanity but the war was a war against humanity.
The Great Adventure became the great tragedy while preparing man for that real Great Adventure which is the Revolution.
Man conquest of nature, his mastery of the earth and the winds, the sea and the sky, is the means of his ascent to light and a new world. This conquest of nature is the Great Adventure, which never ends and which always inspires new conquests.
While distinguished gentlemen in Paris, whose mission in life is to distort the spirit of the Great Adventure to the evil ends of Capitalism, of deathtand oppression, were wreaking their evil will upon the world, aviation ofiered us another symbol of the unconquerable adventurous soul of man.
Into the sky and the winds and over the sea, man.
with a machinebuilt by his, ingenuity arid sustained by courage and aspiration. tried to do that which was never done before to fly in the mysterious air over the terrible depths of the sea. These aviators were to fly through an air way never charted by man; above an ocean, savagely eager to end their adventure in the waters of its being. Mishap was death; hesitation might in a moment end their adventure; the. winds might direct them to disaster and the waters close over them in death. But, alight with the spirit of the Great Adventure, they made their flight, majestic, unafraid.
And the most adventurous of all were those who.
almost met disaster. The Americans had planned it all; they had prepared to balk death of its prey with all the ingenuity of man courses had been charted, ships were everywhere to assist them in case of mishap. The danger was there; but it was lessened. llut the ones who almost met disaster. the British :rs alight with the mystery and the joy of the open :naccs. made no reparations. They had no course :hat ted: they had, no months of preparation behind hem. no ships waiting to assist them against death. lone. with just their machine and their unconquer:hle will and courage. they plunged into the depth of the ocean and the sky. Death awaited them; and the sky and the ocean and the winds conspired with death to accomplish their doom. They almost met death, that death which is the maker of life for those that would come after them, that death which is the final symbol of the spirit of the Great Adventure.
Others shall come, and others shall conquer the depths of the sky and the ocean. and the malignity of the winds. It is the mystery of life that some shall meet death in order that others may inherit and beautify life.
But man conquest of nature is not the end of his Great Adventure. The conquest of nature must finally meet and unite with man conquest of man, with the conquest of society for Man, for life and the joy of life.
Hawker and his unconquerable comrades almost met death in order that man might conquer over nature. At the moment th they met death and conquered, other men, aye, an women and children, too, were actually meeting death in the spirit of the Great Adventure that man might conquer over man, conquer society for Man and for life, for peace and work and happiness.
Just as nature, while producing life oonspires against life, so man. in producing society conspires against man and society. The conspiracy is the conCall for a National Conference of the Left Wing Call for. a National Conference of the Left Wing of the Ameriran Socialist Party. issued by Local BarIun. Lam C. Fraimz. Secretary. Local Cleveland. If. Rut willing, Secretary) and the Left Wing Sc:Iiuu of the Socialist Party of New York Ci ty.
The international situation and the crisis in the American Socialist Party; the sabotage the party bureaucracy has practiced on the emergency national convention; the aligning our party with the social patriots at Berne, with the Congress of the Great Betrayal; the necessity of reconstructing our policy in accord with revolutionary events. all this.
and more, makes it necessary that the revolutionary forces in the Socialist Party get together for counsel and action.
This call is therefore issued. for the holding of a National Conference of the Left Wing of the Ame. rican Socialist Party, to disouss: The crisis in the party, and action thereon; the conquest of the party tor the party, for revolutionary Socialism. The New International; ways and means to prevent the party aligning itself with the international of the social patriots, of the Ebert Sclieidernann gangsters. and the wavering centre; afiiliatio with the Bolshevik Spartacan International alone. Thc formulation of a declaration of principles and purposes of a national scope of the Left Wing of the American Socialist Party. Fonming some sort of a national. council or bureau of ihe Lef Wing, for propaganda, securing of information and spreading information. To express and draw together the revolutionary forces in the party; to consider other means of further ing the callsc of revolutionary. Socialism. This call is issued to locals of the Socialist Party.
branches and Left Wing groups within the party. The test of admission. provisionally, will be acceptance of the Manifesto of the Left Wing of the Socialist Party of Greater New York.
Loft inq locals a rc invited In send delegates of»
Iieiallv Wherr a 10:3! officially refuses to participate, or minority gmnps in the party accepting the if the Le ft Wing: should send delegates.
laiion nne delegate for every 500 members.
or group should send more than four delenrals. branches or groups of less than 500 are entitled to one delegate.
The conference will be held starting Saturday, June it some central city lo he decided after the distribution of delegates is collsidcred.
Loft in lll lll. and Rmnrhm. art! Stud mumumimliuux In lll IIimilirIu Cnhm, 43 West 29th. erm. urk City.
spirncy of the low against the many, of the master against the slave, of the ruler against the ruled the conspiracy of the ages. In our day, it is the conspiracy of the capitalist against the worker, of Capitalism against Socialism The Great Adventure of our generation isnot the conquest of man over nature, but the conquest of man over man. of Socialism over Capitalism, of revolution over oppression and misery.
Consider ihat Great Adventure which is revolutionary Russia. the most magnificent epic of the ages.
After an agonizing war. exhausted and starved by its malevolent fury. the Russian people overthrew the despotism of the Czars. In that act, they asserted their independence of the past. But they were still the slaves of the present 0t Capitalism and Imperialism. The Russian people, abcordingly, upfit by revolnticm, still suffering from war and oppression, determined topush forward their revolution beyond any previous revolution; they determined to overthrow.
the present in order to build the future. And they did.
But the revolutionary masses ot, Russia, in their Great Adventure, met with almost inhuman and insuperable obstacles. Disorganized by four years of war, opposed by the whole world of privilege and oppr ession. they were to build a new worldl Alone, they defied the past and the present; alone, they defied the economic and military powei of international Capitalism Out of agony and téars, out of death and starvation, they clung to their ideal. they tried to. make real that dream of the ages. man conquest of the tyranny of man, realizing a free world an a free humanity.
Some sneered the sneer of the cynic. others vi olently opposed this finest expression of the Great Adventure. Evil men in Russia, evil with the ignorance of the ages. evil with the knowledge that comes to the master of men, united to destroy the new society that was being built in blood and tears. and the ideals, bui1t by the men in the streets and the fields, ordinary men in whom is the uncouth but human magnificence of the Great Adventure. These evil men used bullets, and they used more terrible means; they used starvation, they did all they could to disorganize the economic life of Russia, in order thanthe ideal, of the new society wshould wither, even it it meant condemning a hundred million men, women and children to starvation and death.
But, inspired by the vision of the new life. drunk with the wine of the Great Adventure, the Russian masses made short shrift of these evil men. They might starve and they might sufier, but they would conquer! The Great Adventure was in their blood, flawing out in the unconquerable spirit of the Revolution.
Then the evil men of other nations conspired against the Great Adventure in. Russia. They conspired with slander and deceit, with death and misery. They used bullets. but they, still more. used the coward means. lies and starvation. They blockaded Russia, denied it access to the world, encouraged counterrevolutionary intrigue to demoralize the Soviet Gov; ernment and Soviet industry, they refused to allow food or machinery into Russia, all in a desperate at, tempt to starve out the Soviet Revolution by starving its citizens.
The quick death of an aviator plunging into the nmclstorm of winds and seas is a much easier death than slow starvation. But the Russian people accepted starvation: they refused to act against the Revolution in order to secure food. For eighteen months they have fought the world, they have starved, they have been shot; but they are undaunted, they are determined to realize that finest manifestation of the Great Adventnrc, the conquest of man over man, of death over life, of Socialism over Capitalism.
Life itself Calls to man to engage in this Great Ad venture. Life itself decrees that man must complete his conquest over nature by the conquest of society.
The conquest of life, of tyrany of man over man, is infinitely more diflicult than the conquest of the air.
But it is finer, more necessary, more inspiring.
The weak may balk, and the evil op se. But it is in man himself to engage in this a venture of the Revolution.
Of what avail is it to conquer the oppression of nature, if the oppression of man by man persists? Of what mail is it tosecure the mastery of nature, if the masses do not secure the mastery of industry? Of what nvzvil is it to wring life of nature, if the masters of men condemn the workers to death in industry, in society, in war?
The Great Adventure of the Revolution calls to you. men and women of the proletariat The con. quest of nature complete it by the conqiiest of Socialism over Capitalism!