THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE Saturday, May 17, 1919 The Socialist Party of Italy W0 recent items of news from Italy indicate the character of the Socalist movement there, and the iniminenee of great events.
The frontiers of Italy were closed the other day because of revolutionary disturbances.
And the Italian Socialist Party has emphatically repudiated the Berne Conference of the Great Betrayal, severed all connections with the Second International and its Bureau, and decided to afliliate with the Communist International organized in Russia.
While in its issue of March 21, Ammti, central organ of the Socialist Party, greets the formation of the Left Wing Section of the American Socialist Partv.
When war was declared on August 4, 1914, the Italian Government assumed an official attitude of neutrality while secretly bargaining and intriguing with the Allies. The Socialist Party condemned the war as an imperalistic war, and adhered to the policy of militant Socialism. When the Social Demo cratic Party of Germany, with the turptitude and insolence of a gutter strumpet, sent a delegatiornto Italy, headed by Dr. Suedekum, to urge the Italian Socialist Party to favor Italy participation in the war together with the Central Empires, the Party sternly repudiated the delegation and its monstrous proposal. The Party equally repudiated Jules Guesde, when Guesde, the former revolutionist who had developed into a watch dog of the imperialistic aovemment of France, urged the Socialists to plunge Italy into the war together with the Allies for democracv.
Then the Italian Govemment, havingdriven a satisfactorv bargain with the Allies, declared war against Austria in the name. of humanity and civilization. The Socialist Party declared itself as uncompromisingly against the war. It did more: it translated this opposition into uncompromising pro nntranrla. Government persecution could not stay its activitv. which was based, not upon petty bourgeois pacifism. but upon the basis of Socialism and the prnletarian class struggle.
In the summer of 1917. Italy was on the verge of a revolution. The revolutionary propaganda was about the bear fruit. Then came the military disaster at Caporetto. the invasion of Italy by the Austro Ger man troops. The Government exploited this to crush the potential revolution and inflame people against the Socialists. The bourgeois press blamed the So cialist activitv for the disaster, and demands were made upon the Socialist Party to, in the hour of danger. accept the national defense and its pol icy.
Some of the Socialist leaders. a few, wobbled; but the Party spoke out sternlv and uncompromisingly: in spite of the invasion of Italy, we cannot yield or compromise our activity against the wear and our stni zvle for the Revolution.
This crisis was a test for the partv, and the party met the test in the spirit of militant Socialism. Compare this with the attitude of Algernon Lee Co.
who wished our party to accept the war in order to save the Russian Revolution.
The Bolshevik Revolution inspired the Italian Sorialists. who rallied to its cause. They accepted the Bolshevik proposal for an armistice on all belligerent fronts, and the Bolshevik policv of a revolutionary peace. In December. Comrade Morgari delivered an address in the Italian Parliament. in which. amid boots and interruptions frbin the bourgeois delegates.
he declared that the Socialist Party wanted an immcdiate peace. not only on Bolshevik terms. but by Polshevik methods.
This :u cptnncc of Bolshevik policy and practice inspired the Party to new activity, in spite of new and more intense persecution by the Government. Steadily, the Party as a whole grew more revolutionary; sections of the party in the summer of 1918 condemning certain minor compromises in the Party official policy.
AN APPEAL TO YOU The capitalist class thirsty with hatred in their hearts.
wild with rage, is about to commit. a dastardly foul deed.
Enraged by the demonstrated solidarity of the workN of Scuttle during the general strike and the success of the general strike. it is determined to exact punishment from the workers by victimizing and seizing upon over thirty loyal workers. whose activaties the labor movement. and self sacrifice for the cause of labor, has made them the most hated and dreaded workers in the. yf of the capitalist class; hey are charged with starting a revolution, attemptiuu to overthrow the City government of Seattle, the State and the United States government; conspiracy, criminal anarchy and felony.
Thousands of leaflets. dodgers and propaganda matv for. the organization of the Workers, Soldiers and Sailors Council. and also some articles published in The hurrnmimml Wrekly. which is published by the Press. Board Of the Socialist Party of Washington, alleged to incite the workers to seize the shipyards, am the basis of the prosecution and charges.
The nrrvst was precipitated on the excuse that The lntrnnuimml Weekly. which sold by the thousands of copies on the streets of Seattle on Sunday of the general strike while the capitalist papers were not permitted by the strike. contained the charged articles.
Cmuradesz Rchind the capitalist class of Seattle is lined up the whole capitalist class of America which was trrrorizrd bv the (first) great general strike, the xvovrrnmental zulministration of the City. State and Nation.
behind these comrades we must line all the workers of this nation.
Ilmvards of fifteen years in prison stares in the eyes of these victims of the general strike.
Your moral and financial support for the defense is urgently needed.
Send your contributions to SOCIALIST PARTY, DEFENSE COMMITTEE Libertv Bldg Seattle. Wash.
In the revolutionary street battles in Milan. Turin and other cities. the Italian Socialists received their baptism of deeds. Scores were killed and wounded, and many of the Party militants, including Comrade Serrati, editor of Avnnti. were arrested on the charsre of treason. Comrade Lazzari, secretary of the Party. was also arrested on a charge of treason.
They were sentenced to three and one half years and four and one half years in prison. respectively. and released shortly after the armistice. Compare this with the acts of the American Government.
The Italian Party repudiated equally the SocialDemocratic Mission. headed by Spargo Co. and the of Labor Mission, headed by Gompers Co. The Party has consistently, in its international policv, acted on the basis of the class struggle and revolutionary Socialism.
Since the armistice, the Party has intensified its revolutionary propaganda, which is a propaganda. for roletariztn Dictatorship. It has no parliamentary illusions: it uses its parliamentary activity to promoti the revolutionary mass action of the proletariat.
As against :1 Wilson Peace. the Italian Party. unlike hu majority in the French Socialist Partv. opposes Lenin Peace of Communist revolution. The Party. trooe enough to compel the Government to re0 it. rlziss var prisoners shortly after the armISIIKK.
The fundamental revolutionary integrity. of th»
ltalian Socialist Party is revealed in its attitude to ward the Berne Conference of the Great Betrayr of the social patriots and petty bourgeois Socialist: Before the Conference convened, the pro war Soci: ists of the Entente and the Central Empires were he gotiating terms of agreement on the basis of which they could meet together. The Italian Party, through Ammi, answered: We do not have to discuss agreements with our Socialist Comrades of the Cen tral Empires, in the manner of petty bourgeois shopkeepers: we know in advance the basis on which are willing to confer with the Spartacans and othe of the Austro German Socialists who did not tubando their principles: the basis of unrelenting antagonisn to Capitalism and the Social Revolution. It is only the belrnycrs of Socialism who must discuss terms of agreement.
The Italian arty sent Comrades Jules Catalini, lnzznri and Morgari to Berne. After acquainting itself with the Conference, the delegation. through.
Comrade Catalini. issued this statement: The 0cialist Party of Italy has authorized me to support the Berne Conference if it adheres to the old International spirit. Having observed, since my arrival, that the Congress does not correspond with the point of view of the party to which belong, a point of view that manifested itself during the war in the Zimmerwald and Kienthal conferences, shall not parti pate As a delegate, and shall remain only as a news paper man. Comrades Lazzari wrote in Avam of Februarv 12: The Socialist Party of Italy can not consent to participate in partial conferences of parties or groups which worked hand in glove with the bourgeois governments during the war. and, for a stronger reason. with those upon whose conscience lies the assassination of Karl LiebkneCht and Rosa Luxemburg.
This repudiation of the Rome Conference was immediately followed by the Italian Party repudiation of the International Socialist Bureau and the Old International and complete acceptance :of the new Communist International, through the following resolution. hat the Executive Comitte of the Socialist Party of. Italy withdraw from the International Socialist Bureau and affiliates with and works for the estr lish meut of the Socialist Revolutionary Intematio in! the basis and principles laid down in the n10 of lanuarv by the Russian Communist Comrade.
Il loscuw for the convening, of an International cialist Congress. hc Socialist Party of the United States 17 profit from this revolutionary integrity of the So ist Party of Italy. These two parties alone, of old majoritv Socialist parties. took a stand again the «var. The Italian Party is drawing the logic; conclusions from its against the war policy by at coming the liolslievik Spartacan International: it om the task of the comrades of the American 50 alist Party to act in the same revolutionar manner.
The Italian Government imposes a rigid censor shin. and it is difiicult to know precisely what is go inrv on in Italy. But it is clear that the revolutionary unrest is general and becoming more intense. It is ole Ir. moreover, that in the event of a revolution in Italv. the majority Socialist Party will not oppose Ilw Revolution. and in that way faciliate the conquest of oower hr the proletariat. he revolutionary spirit of holtnlizm Socialist Party is a challenge.
Manifesto of the Communist International but on the other hand constantly draws ever increasing elements of the working people into the immediate control of government.
The Way to ictory.
The revolutionary era compels the proletariat to make use of the means oflbattle which will concentrate its entire energies. namely. mass action, with its logical resultant. direct conflict wth the governmental machinery in open combat. All other methods. such as revolutionary use of bourgeois parliamentarism, will be of onlv secondary significance.
The indispensable condition for successful struggle is separation not only from the direct servitors of Capitalism and enemies of the communist revolution; in which role the Social Democrats of the Right appear, butralso from the Party of the Centre (Kautskiansl.
who desert the proletariat at the critical moment in order to come to terms with its open antagonists. 0n the other hand. there are essential elements of the proletariat. heretofore not within the Socialist Party.
who stand now completely and absolutely on the platforvn of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat in the form (Continued from page of Soviet rule. for example, the corresponding elements among the Syndicalists.
The growth of the revolutionary movement in all lands. the danger of suppression of this revolution through the coalition of capitalistic States, the at. tempts If the Socialist betrayers to unite with one another (in. formation of the Yellow International at heme. and to give their services to the Wilsonian League: finally. the absolute necessity for co ordination of proletzirian action. all these demand the fnrmntion of a real revolutionary and real proletarian Communist International. This International. which subordinates the so Called national interests to the interests of the international revolution, will personify the mutual help of the proletariat of the different cminlrics. for without economic and other mutual helplullicss the proletariat will not be able to organize the new socir bv. 0n the other hand, in contrast with the Yellow luft uzitinnal of the social patriots, the Froletau inn Communist International will support the plundered colonial peoples in their fight against Imperialism. in order to hasten the final collapse of iinnerialistic world system.
The capitalistic criminals asserted at the beginnir of the world war that it was only in defense of the common Fatherland. But soon German Imperialism revealed its real brigand character by its bloody deeds in RuSSia, in the Ukraine and Finland. Now the Entcute states unmask themselves as world desnoilers and murderers of the proletariat. Together with the German bourgeoisie and social Datriots, with hypocritical phrases about peace on their lips. they are trying to throttle the revolution of the European proletariat by means of their war machinery and stupid barbaric co»
lonial soldiery. Indescribable is the White Terror oi the bourgeois cannibals. Incalculable are the sacrifice; of the working class. Their best Liebknecht, Ros: u. cmburg havc they lost. Against this the prole mrizlt must defend itself. defend at any price. Tht Coonnunisl International calls the whole world prole tariat to this final struggle.
Dorm ft It Hm int erfalirtic conspiracy of capital.
Long fro the Intrrnational Republic of the Pro clarion Cummilr.